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Navi's pov

It's dark, I look around but nothing but abyss. I look down, I'm in a white gown, my eyes widen as my skin is perfectly smooth, no scars or bruises.

I run a hand through my hair. Its long again. "Hello?" I ask into the abyss.

I then turn and jump at the wide eyed person standing infront of me.

The scythe in their hand let's me know it's a reaper. I tilt my head at their appearance. Half of them looks demonic, the other half is Angelic. Her head is completely bald, her eyes are different colors, one being dark green, on the demonic side. Then the angelic side, her eye is light green.

She looks at me in surprise, she then looks at her wrist at a silver watch, in confusion then looks back at me. "You're early."

I shrug my shoulder. So I guess I'm dead. "I'm dead?" The grim reaper smiles at me.

"I'm Bora, and no not exactly, you're in between death and life."

I nod at her words. I felt bliss, pure bliss, the demons were silent and I embraced it. "So were do I go?" I ask accepting this with open arms.

Bora tilts her head slightly, then from her dark robe her hand extends. "Come," her voice is like a melody. I grab her tiny hand. I smile at the pixie features Bora has, she wasn't scary like I imagined a reaper.


Annie's pov




My head in my hands as I listen to the machine monitoring Navis heart. I can't bare to look at her hooked up to the breathing machine.

It's been 24 hours since I had found Navi in the tub. I can't get the image of her lifeless body in the pink water out of my head.

My face is red and blotchy. My throat hurts from crying for hours. Daniel and Riley are talking to the doctors. Bain is in here with me, holding Navi's hand as he talks to her. He tells her about the things they will do when she wakes up.

My head lifts at the arguing coming from outside the room. My eyebrows furrow. I look to Bain who is too busy paying attention to Navi to notice.

I stand on weak and shaky legs as I walk out of the room. I see my parents arguing with a nurse. I walk up and start listening to the conversation.

"Just take her off the machine, I'm not wasting my hard earned money on keeping a corpse breathing." I freeze at my mothers words. The nurses eyes widen as well.

"Mam, your daughter has a chance at recover-" the nurse tries to explain.

"Yeah well it's been 24 hours and I don't see any results so take her off so I can start funeral arrangements." My fathers cold voice makes my blood freeze.

"But sir-" the nurse tries again only to have my sister interrupt as she looks at her nails.

"Hurry up and just give us the paper work to take her off the machine." My eye twitches at my sisters words.

I flick both of my wrist causing dark red fire to engulf around my hands and arms. The fire feeds off my anger  as I walk up to them slowly, my feet burning.

Their eyes snap to me. They look shocked as they see me engulfed inflames.

"Miss- " the nurse starts but stops when I look at her. She shakes slightly.

"You are not taking my sister off that machine." I state roughly in a voice that doesn't sound like my own.

I then look at my family who looks at me with wide eyes. "And you, I should burn you all to a crisp." I glare at them, my father opens his mouth to speak and I quickly raise my hand to him letting a fireball race to him, the force flings him back a couple feet.

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