before you read.

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This story starts off pretty slow.
It's also  not for the faint of heart.

My characters are going to piss you off at some point, I want them as realistic as can be so they have flaws.
I'm serious they are gonna piss you off. Your probably gonna be like "why did the flippity flop did you do that." And face palm through out the story.

This story has a sequel but also has a point where you can stop for those that don't like sequels. . Everything in this book has been planned for the sequel, things that don't make sense here is explained in the sequel. There is a big picture to it all.

This story also has typos. I plan to come back when the sequel is finished and fix them.

I know not everyone is going to like this story, that's fine, I know not everyone will.

If you don't like this story please just stop reading it.
Don't comment something mean.
If your comment starts of with "not to be mean or harsh,"
"No offense"
Then its probably going to be one of those things and just do us both a favor and stop reading.

If not and you do comment something rude I'll delete it. No one has time for negativity.

That being said I'm fine with constructive criticism. This book could use some editing but still.
Being rude and constructive criticism are two different things.

Also if you have already read this book please do not come back and spoil it for others. I will delete your comment.

Other than that thank you for giving my book a chance and I hope you enjoy! 😁❤


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