chapter 22

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I open my eyes and blink rapidly as I slowly sit up. I guess I fell asleep on the floor. I stretch trying to help my aching bones. I stand and trudge to the bathroom, I get in the shower wash my face and do my regular routine.

I sigh as I feel a slight pressure on my lungs and a small ache in my elbows. I step out of the shower grabbing the counter. I jump as the counter freezes under my touch. I curse under my breath and grab my towel. I wrap it around my body. I look into my mirror at myself. I take my tooth brush and paste and brush my teeth.

I then walk out of the bathroom and lay on my bed with my towel still wrapped around me.

I sigh at the demons in my mind, playing their games. My body suddenly feels sad. If that makes sense. I stare at my ceiling.

Why would the moon goddess pair me with Bain. Why would she pair me with anyone. Why even let me be born.

If someone would have told me a year ago I was the kings mate, that he would have be burdened with me. I would have kil-

I close my eyes tight as if that would block the negative thoughts drowning me.

I finally get off the bed and put on black leggings and a black shirt. I brush my hair and blow dry it. I put on jogging shoes and walk out of my room. The house is quiet as I walk through. I walk out the front door and start jogging, my pace quickens and soon I am sprinting. Sprinting as if I could out run my inner demons.

I jump as suddenly a dark brown wolf comes up beside me matching my pace. I slow down to a stop and turn towards it.

Looking into the familiar blue eyes his name falls from my lips in amazement "Daniel," I run my fingers through his fur. He then turns and trots into the woods. A couple minutes later he comes out with blue gym shorts and a black sleeveless shirt.

"Navi what the hell?" Daniel looks at me confused "What happened last night? You kiss him and leave?"

I shake my head and take a step back "I can't do this anymore." I state as I rock side to side on my heels.

Daniel runs a hand through his hair. "Why? Why cant you just be with him?"

"I can't burden him with myself." Daniel shakes his head at my answer.

"He obviously doesn't think your a burden Navi," Daniel's voice is firm, he means business.

"That's only because of the mate bond, he didn't care about me before, no one did." I state "the mate bond is the only reason he is interested."

Daniel clenches his fist "He doesn't even know about the mate bond Navi! He is falling for you, with out the mate bond."

Chadum passes through my mind, if I were to be with Bain, it would give him more motive to take me. I couldnt put Bain through that pain.

"I would just be a weakness," I say with sternly.

Daniel glares at my response "Dammit Navi do you really hate yourself that much? I mean come on!"

I don't say anything for a moment, he continues "Do you really think you deserve to be alone in this world."

I look Daniel straight in the eye and with out any remorse I state. "Yes"

Daniel shakes his head at me as he sighs.

A minute goes by as we stare at each other. "Let's get lunch," I don't say anything as we walk on the side walk in silence.

* * *

"Did Iris dance with him?" I ask as Daniel and I walk, no destination in mind, I think he just knew, I needed him.

Daniel smirks "Why are you jealous? For someone who claims they cant be with him you sure sound jealous?"

I groan at Daniel. "Anyone but Iris." He chuckles at my words "I do want him, but I shouldn't have him."

"Yet the moon goddess paired you with him." Daniel states giving me a pointed look."

I laugh "I think it's a cruel joke on her part, I'm hoping he has a second chance mate so he doesn't have to deal with me," I state as a sharp pang goes through my chest, along with the constant pressure on my chest, I almost winced.

"So did they dance?" I ask needing to know.

He looks at me with a smile "You can rest your pretty little face Nav, they didnt dance," I cant help but let a smile break on my face.

Daniel laughs at my reaction.

It's dark now, I'm not sure what time it is, I had been sending silent thank yous to Dan all day. I needed him to talk to. Thankfully Bain only came up in the conversation if I brought him up.

"Oh Damn, Navy its 11:30. You have school tomorrow," I groan at Daniel's words, we then start heading to my house, by the time we get home its 12.

I say my goodbyes and head to my house, I open the door and walk in, "Navi Bennet," my eyes widen at my fathers voice, I turn and see my father glaring at me, fist clenched.

"Father!" I yell as I dodge a vase being thrown at me. I look at my father to see his hands a blaze.

He throws a fireball at me and I throw out my hand and freeze it. He glares at me " first I find out you were with a beta! Then I find out you danced and kissed the king! Why are you trying to embarrass this family! What have we done to deserve this."

He sends another fire ball my way I stretch out my hand again willing ice to come out but nothing happens. The fire ball hits my hand and I quickly bring it to my chest yelping in pain. I examine my red hand. Then look at my father. I see my sisters behind him, Iris is smirking at me and Annie looks worried. I'm shaking.

"Da-" Annie is cut off by my mother who sends her a glare.

"Navi why do you have to embarrass us. We just ask you to stay hidden." My mother says softly.

I send a glare "you want me to stay hidden? Like a monster? I'm not a monster, you are!" I say pointing a finger at them.

My fathers eyes widen "What family attacks their own child! For no reason!" I exclaim.

My father glares at me "You disobeyed your mother! " He strikes me, his ring cuts into my cheek. I grab my stinging cheek as my dad takes a belt. I make a dash to the stairs but my father catches my foot making me fall. I hit my lip on the stairs. I suddenly feel stinging on my back. The sound of the belt hitting my back sounds through the house.

Minutes pass, though it feels longer, my father stops, his breathing heavy "I better not hear any more of you hanging out with the beta or the alpha," I don't move as I hear his footsteps go up the stairs, I hear two other pair of footsteps follow shortly after.

I lean my head against one of the steps as a sob rocks through my body.


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