Chapter 9

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Daniel grumbles as Fraiser speaks up. "Come on I'm hungry. We are going to be late."

Fraiser opens the door and we follow him outside to a limo. My eyes widen taking it all in.

"Never rode in one I see," Bain comments.

I look back at it and shrug "No one ever allowed me to. Scared I'd freeze something." Bain doesn't say anything as we climb in, though I see him start to glare at the Limo.

I sit beside Daniel and Fraiser and Bain sits across from us. My heart speeds up at how close I am to Bain, I could play footsie with him. The thought causes a small smile on my face. I then realize I'm staring at Bain until Daniels voice pulls my attention off of him.

"So Navi how many sisters or brothers do you have? I met Annie but do you have anymore?" Daniel asks me making small talk.

I nod. "I have another sister, Iris." I see Bain cringe and I laugh. "I'm guessing you've met her Bain."

I notice Bain tense as his name falls from my lips and I have to resist from tensing myself. He sends me a bit of a forced smile. "Before I met my mate Iris wouldn't leave me alone, I didn't know she was your sister, I never would have guessed." He cringes again making Frazier and Daniel laugh.

"Seems like you really took a liking to her Bain." Frazier chuckles as Daniel agrees. The thought of Iris and Bain together makes my stomach turn and I resist throwing a glare at Frazier for even suggesting it.

Bain rolls his eyes at both of them but his eyes quickly find mine again and I feel enchanted.

"I'm just lucky she isn't my mate." Bain sighs in relief. "No offense Navi."

I laugh at him "No offense taken, at least you aren't related to her, all my life I've heard about her being your mate. I'm glad for the first time she didn't get what she wanted." I almost sigh in relief as my voice doesn't come out shaky after hearing him say my name. I want him to say it again so bad.

We again stare into each other's eyes. "How do you plan to find your mate."

A sigh escapes his lips. "We are going to hold another masquerade ball hopefully she will show and I can get to the bottom of her running. Maybe she is in trouble and that's why she ran."

I nod again and I turn to see Daniel giving me a look I roll my eyes as the limo comes to a stop. We all step out and Daniel loops his arm around my waist leading me towards the stairs. Suddenly we both hear a growl.

I turn confused as does Daniel and see Frazier giving Bain a weird look.

"Dude you just, growled? Is something wrong?" Frazier ask him looking on guard as he looks around but keeps landing back to Bain.

Bain blushes "I-I really don't know. My wolf suddenly went on guard."

My eyebrows raise and I look to Daniel who is smirking but tryin to hide it, though failing miserably. He makes eye contact with me and I give him a pointed look. He shrugs his shoulders and turns as he continues to lead me with his hand on my waist. We walk through the doors and I see dozens of people. I admire all the gorgeous simple black dresses.

Quiet conversations past through groups of people as I take it all in as Daniel continues to lead me through them. I sigh in relief not recognizing anyone.

I turn my head as I hear a familiar voice. I turn and see Don on stage. "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for coming to my feast in Honor of the late Queen Zerro." He pauses as a chorus of "Rest in Peace the Queen." Passes over the crowd.

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