chapter 19

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I look at Fraisers little cabin as we pull up the curvy drive way, I open the door as he kills the engine and start walking to the door.

"Someone is eager," Fraiser chuckles.

He takes his key and unlocks the door.

Just as I expected, the inside looks straight out of a magazine, gray wood floors, with a couch a couple shades darker and two accent chairs on each side. The kitchen had a hunters green theme going. A table for four people.

I take my shoes off and hop on the couch, oh yes it's as comfy as it looks.

Fraiser shakes his head, "no we have no time-" he points to the door to his left beside the fireplace. "-shower now," I groan as I stand and stomp to the door. I open it and enter the small guest bathroom, it continues the country theme but holds much elegance to it. I get a towel and start the shower.

* * *

I exit the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me. My eyes widen at the little set up Fraiser had going, he ushers me into the chair and starts to brush and blow dry my hair, he curls it and puts it in an elegant bun, then does my make up.

"Tada!" He then hands me a bag after checking his work. I take the bag and walk to the bathroom.

I put the dress on and gasp.

Blue at the top and fades into white.

"Its gorgoues!" I say as I walk out

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"Its gorgoues!" I say as I walk out.

Fraiser smiles, "I know I've been up for at least 48 hours making it, thank the moon goddess for energy drinks."

I do a spin and giggle. "What about the mask." I ask as I stop to face him he hands me a dark dark blue glittery mask. I put it on and look at him

"How do I look?" I ask him, Fraiser burst into a big smile.

"Like a queen." I roll my eyes at his choice of words.

He looks at his watch and does a small scream, "We need to go now! Already thirty minutes late!," Frasier grabs my arm and again with the dragging. I huff as I try to keep up, thankfully I'm in flats.

* * *

We arrive thirty minutes later to the castle, I hear the music before I even step out of the car.

Fraiser puts his mask on and rushes me up the stairs. Right before we get to the doors he looks at me and makes a couple adjustments before deeming me perfection. His words not mine.

He then slips through the door while sending me a wink. I breath in deeply and then let it out. I open the doors and just like before everyone stops and stares at me. I quickly walk down the stairs and into the crowd.

"Where is Navi," I turn to my right at Bains voice.

"She couldn't make it, had to finish prom stuff." I hear Fraiser reply, a disappointed oh falls from his mouth.

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