Chapter 8

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I exit my last class and look for Annie.

After spotting her I walk quickly to Annie making sure not many people are around. "You ready?" Annie ask.

"Actually I have to stay back and help with prom stuff." I mumble.

Annie giggles while shaking her head "Navi you don't have to lie. But don't worry I'll cover for you."

I raise a brow "Wha-"

"Did you forget my best friend is on the prom committee, they aren't doing anything today." She smiles at me.

I make an 'o' with my mouth as she giggles. "Don't worry I will tell them you had to go shopping for the decorations we need last minute. Though prom is Saturday I don't know what excuse you are going to use after."

I shrug "Something will come up, or I can join the debate team, they always have practice and are traveling."

Annie nods "True, will you need a ride home wherever it is you are sneaking off to?"

I shake my head no.

Suddenly Annie smiles widely at me causing me to raise my eyebrows. "What?"

"I'm happy to see you actually living, making friends, it's refreshing." I don't reply having nothing to say as Annie then quickly gives me a hug and we say our goodbyes as we walk off.

"Who was that." I jump and turn to see Daniel.

"That is my older Sister Annie." I reply to which he raises an eyebrow.

"Aren't you a senior?" I sigh.

"Yeah her birthday is late in the year so she had to start off a year behind."

He nods as he takes my arm. "Well lets go."

I climb in his truck and we take off.

We arrive at the same castle the royal ball was held.

"What are we doing here." I ask nervously.

"Well I live here, you'll be getting dressed here, the dinner isn't here, it's at Dons." I nod my head as I examine the castle. "Don't worry Bain won't be here till later." I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding at his words.

He parks the truck and I get out, we head in and I'm met by Frazier. "Ah my beautiful canvas!" Frazier engulfs me in a hug making me giggle.

"Lets go we must hurry!" Frazier drags me down the hall and into a room with a bunch of mirrors. He hands me a bag and pushes me into the nearest changing booth. "Hurry hurry." He simply commands.

I take my clothes off and put the gorgeous simple black dress on.

I admire at how it hugs my curves

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I admire at how it hugs my curves. Smiling at myself I walk out. Frazier gasps and hurries me to sit down. He does my make up, a glittery dark smokey eye with nude lipstick. He puts my hair in a high ponytail and curls the ends of my hair.

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