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Navis POV

Jacy smirks at me as she walks to Annie, who is tied up in a chair. "Annie dear I need you to wake up." She then sticks a needle in her arm injecting her with a liquid.

"What did you inject her with?" I question causing Jacy to smirk at me. This is killing me, I didn't want her to torture Annie, I didn't want Annie to be apart of this.

"Just something to wake her up that's all. " I eye Jacy to see if I can catch her in a lie, it seems she tells the truth.

Soon Annie stirs before blinking her eyes, she looks at me and then stiffens as she spots Jacy causing Jacy to laugh.

"I promise you don't need to fear me, now your sister on the other hand, you might want to fear her." Jacy smirks as she points to me.

Jacy walks to me and puts a hand on my shoulder, causing me to tense. "Drew bring the cart in why dont-cha." Drew comes in with the cart full of torture devices making Annie's eyes widen, I cast my eyes down and look at the ground.

I couldn't do anything, I was powerless. Jacy was right, I'm just a damsel in distress waiting for everyone to save me. I clench my fist and close my eyes tight. There is only one way to save Annie.

Jacy goes to open her mouth but with a new found determination I look into her eyes and beat her to the punch.

"I'll do it, I'll join you, let Annie go and I'll join you." Jacy smirks at my words.

"Alright, I'll let her go, but first you have to prove your loyalty to me." Jacy states as the smirk on her face grows wider. Jacy grabs a knife as she struts to Annie, she traces the knife lightly on Annie's face causing me to tense up.

"I want you to carve my name on Annie, without me commanding you to." Jacy states with a smile as she looks at Annie. "I've always wanted my name on someone." I look at Annie who begs me not to.

Though I knew Jacys game, she is trying to make me into a monster, if killing my sister is part of that she will make me do it.

So with shakey hands I grab a knife off the cart and walk to Annie.

"Navi do not put that bitches name on my body!" Annie states firmly as she glares at Jacy, who sends her an innocent smile.

"If I don't, I'll have to kill you." I whisper softly. Jacy raises an eyebrow at my statement.

"Look at you, you've caught the cycle. I knew you were smart Navi." Jacy states as she winks at me.

I breath in deeply as I walk to Annie. Then I think, I have one shot, I'm not under here control, and in a instant I turn with the knife in hand and throw it at Jacy.

Jacy's eyes widen but the knife stops mid air. I gasp in shock and turn my head to see Drew with his hand stretched out.

Jacy looks at Drew and smiles widely while clapping her hands together. "Good boy! I'm so proud of you! A good juicy steak is headed your way big boy," she then does finger guns at him making him smile slightly.

Then she looks at me with a disappointed look. "Well now I have to punish you." My eyes widen at her words.

"Navi I want you to take two steps back from your sister, face her and don't move, no matter what please dear." I do as told, taking two steps back, looking at Annie who looks at me. She then looks back at Jacy eyeing her.

Humming, Jacy walks to Annie and with in seconds a knife goes through Annie's abdomen, causing a high pitch scream to come from me and Annie.

"No!" I yell as tears brim my eyes. I can't move all I can do is watch as Jacy then takes the knife out of Annie causing blood to surface more. My lip trembles as I look at Jacy.

"Its your own fault Navi." Jacy shrugs as she puts the blood covered knife down. I then look at Annie as I shake my head.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." I sob. Annie shakes her head, clenching her jaw as she tries to conceal the pain, but I see it in her eyes.

"Its not your fault Navi." As soon as the words leave her mouth a door is bust through, I turn my head back and see Riley and another guy. Riley sticks her hand out towards Jacy. We wait a moment, nothing happens.

Jacy burst out laughing. "Ah another glitch I see. Navi, take care of these two, please dear." My eyes widen as I don't feel the affects of her command. I then look at Riley in confusion, who has the biggest smirk in the room.

Jacy glares at me. "Stop resisting Navi." That causes Rileys smirk to grow.

"She isn't trying to resist, your powers aren't working on her." Riley walks through the door way, she shrugs at her own words. "See, I took your powers away, I'm a taker." My eyes widen at Rileys words.

A taker is extremely rare, the name describes the power. Riley could take your powers, your ability to shift, any abilities you had she could take. She could make your a mere human with just a snap of her fingers. This is why I never knew Rileys second power. It is too dangerous to know. Most takers are killed, because of the power they have is to much, it makes people uncomfortable.

I look to a wide eyed Jacy. Then suddenly I hear a growl, I turn my head and see London with a tall dark black wolf beside him, behind them are multiple wolves.

"You dear are under arrest for kidnapping, abuse of power, and 5 counts of murder," London states formally as Jadyn walks to Jacy and handcuffs her, then gags her. Then he proceeds to lead her away. A couple of wolves also lead Drew away.

I then turn and rush to a bleeding Annie, untying her I try and pick her up. Her eyes slowly start to close. "No Annie, come on don't close your eyes, Annie stay with me." I say firmly as I try to keep calm.

I feel a nudge, I turn my head and see the tall black wolf. The red eyes and sparks tell me its Bain, he then lowers himself down. I nod getting the message as I put an unconscious Annie on his back. I then hop on to make sure she doesn't fall. In a blink of an eye we take off.

Rileys pov.

"What are you going to do with her?" I ask London as we ride in the ranger back to the castle.

"Same thing we always do with people that possess that power; stitch her mouth shut, throw her in a secure prison and throw away the key." London states, I can't help but to notice how he carries himself, perfect posture, elegance, he sort of floats when he walks. It baffles me everytime.

"One of these days we are gonna meet for tea, not for business." I chuckle at his words. Yes everytime I've ran into London, it had to do with work.

We pull up into the castle and I quickly step off walking in the familiar palace, I walk straight to the hospital wing of the castle and immediately find Annie and Navi.

Navi pulls at her earlobes absentmindedly. Thankfully Annie is now awake. Gotta love the healing power of witches.

The witch, known as Adele, wraps Annie's stomach wound. "Now don't move to much and take it easy, it should be healed in a couple days." Adele explains a simple smile on her face as she gently pats her leg.

"I'm ready to go home," I state with a stretch. I look to Navi who looks, emotionless. Physically here, yet not mentally. Seeing her like this makes me want to take Jacy and try out some of my own torture devices on her.

I sigh harshly as I look at Annie. "You good to fly or do you need to stay. "

Annie smiles at me while shaking her head. "I'm good, let me grab my things and we can go." I nod as Annie stands slowly and then walks out of the nurses room.

I look at Navi, I put my hand on her shoulder and let my finger tips lightly squeeze. Navi slowly looks at me. Her crystal blue eyes are clouded with many emotions.

"Come on Navi, it's time to go home." Navi doesn't say anything, she nods and Bain walks around me and wraps an arm around her, leading her out the door.

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