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Navi's pov

With it being more people Bain calls a limo and we all pile in. I get a sense of deja vu as Bain sits across from me. I admire him as he talks to Daniel.

I know sooner or later we would have to talk. I didn't know where we stand, last we talked he said he would reject me when he got the strength to. I honestly don't know if I will survive this rejection, but this time I won't avoid it.

Bain was right, I should not have taken that choice from him, it was selfish of me. So this time he calls the shots, if rejection is his call then so be it.

I breath out as I look away from Bain. I feel everyone's glances at me. I know they are worried, I know instead of going to a club they want to ask what happened. I'm grateful that tonight they give me what I want. I need the denial right now.

I know they want to know where Chadum is, I know I'm being selfish by not telling them I ki-

I swallow harshly as I bury the thought.

How can I say it out loud when I can hardly say it in my head? I'm a monster. I can't seem to tell them that.

Though I will, I will tell them, I've learned my lesson with secrets. I just need time, I just don't think they will give me the time I need.

I breath a sigh as we pull up, the music is loud from the club, I feel the rhythm in my body. We climb out of the limo as the beat of the music beats up through my feet harshly.

Immediately I'm drawn to it, the though of self medicating with alcohol entices me. So I make the first step as I go to the brick building with the light up sign reading "Brew."

I hear the others quickly follow me. Having Bain with us we get into the club quickly and Fraiser immediately starts flirting with a guy, next thing I know, the guy is buying him a drink. Meanwhile Annie spots a couple of her friends. I notice Annie eyes me as she makes sure she doesn't go to far from me as she mingles with her friends. Riley whispers to Daniel who then whispers to Bain.

Bain clears his throat and I look at him, my eyebrows slightly raised. "Do you want anything specific?"

"Alcoholic." Is all that leaves my mouth. He shrugs his shoulders but nods.

Minutes go by as I watch the people around me. Most are typsy as the night is still kinda young, Bain comes to me and hands me a drink, I immediately take a swig and smile at the pineapple tangy drink.

I then take Bains hand and lead him to the dance floor, the others follow me lead. Bain and I dance, we don't say anything, ignoring our problem as the alcohol intake helps us forget for a moment we even have problems.

My third drink I'm feeling typsy, a small flirtatious giggle leaves my lips as I let my question fight through the loud music to Bains ears. "Can I have another." A smirk takes over Bains features as he leans down to my earlobe.

"Can I have you in return?" I blush at his husky words, I bite my lip.

"Maybe," I tease back as I put my hand lightly on my chest.

He gives me a wink as he simply states "I'll be back." With that he goes through the crowd smoothly.

A drunken hand soon touches my arm. I turn and politely smile to the man holding my arm. "Hey." He states with a drunken smile and a sloppy wink. Green eyes clumsy look down my body. His brown hair is nicely pushed back, not a hair out of place, he is scrawny, but tall.

"Hi," I try to be nice, but my stomach churns at the way he looks at me.

"You sure are pretty." He looks me up and down and I ease my arm out of his hand, maybe I could slowly back away.

"What's your name pretty girl." He slurs the words and I again shrug him off with a smile as I turn to walk away.

He grabs my arm tighter, not enough to leave a bruise, but enough to let me know he won't leave until I give him my name.

"Let me guess, your name is Macy, you look like a Macy."

My blood seems to stop pumping through my body and my body stiffens at the words. My eyes widen and the hairs on my arms and neck stick up.

He must work for Chadum, he didn't look like one of the abusers. Chadum must have told him maybe. Incase I escaped, in case I got away. He told someone in case he died to make sure I was killed to. It had to be.

Without a second thought I turn harshly and extend my hand towards the guy. Ice comes out with out a thought capturing the guy in place. Ice covers his body, leaving his head out.

"Who are you! What do you want! Leave me alone!" I shout at the guy who now looks freaked out.

"What the hell is your problem!" I glare as he pretends to not know that I know that Chadum sent him to kill me!.

"My problem!! You are here to kill me! I know it! Chadum sent you! I'm not Macy!" I shout, by now a crowd is forming and I'm shaking, sweating, hyperventilating.

"I just wanted to bone, damn!" The guy yells.

I shake my head at him. My chest burns. Suddenly soft hands touch gently on my shoulders. I flinch, turn my head and see Bain. He watches me closely.

"What is wrong Navi?" Bain ask me calmly. I see him eye the situation, but his focus is mostly on me.

I point to the man that is frozen in the ice. "He is trying to kill me!! Chadum sent him! Bain, Chadum sent him!" I cry out, he has to believe me. "Chadum believed I was his mate reincarnated, his mates name was Macy." I ramble helplessly. "He called me Macy Bain, he knows, Bain!"

I see Riley come up beside me, her hand goes to my shoulder. "Hey it's okay, we will take him in and question him," she talks to me slowly and carefully.

They think I'm crazy.

With a small squeeze Riley walks away to the man, Daniel and Riley, with the help of some others move the man out of the club.

I'm not crazy, Chadum said if he couldn't have me in this life he would in the next. Now he is waiting for me. Waiting for the people he hired to kill me.

I breath frantically. Bain pulls at my arms, making me put them by my sides and I feel the pain in my earlobes. I was pulling at them again.

"Come on Navi." Slowly Bain leads me out of the club, into the limo, I feel myself start to rock back and forth in the seat. Again my hands are at my earlobes.

I'm uncomfortable, everything is wrong, they think I'm crazy I'm not crazy.

I feel the blood pumping in my ears and I close my eyes tightly. I feel Bain wrap an arm around me. He hums in my ear softly.

I beg the moon goddess to let me pass out, let darkness take me like in the books I've read, but she doesn't. She ignores my pleads once again.

Annie quickly climbs into the limo, giving Bain a nervous look. I hear them whisper but only pick up certain words.



My eyes widen. They are going to attack me? What's going on?

"Navi I need you to breath, your having an anxiety attack. Close your eyes and listen to my voice." I do as he says.

"Navi it's okay, we are going home, we are going to let you take a nice calm bath, we are leaving, you are not in danger anymore " he repeats the words over and over and somewhere in the ride I slowly fall into a slumber.


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