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(This story is not for the faint of heart and starts off slow )

"Iris!" Velna called her oldest child as she sat on the couch with her beloved husband, Brett Bennett . He talked to his boss and co workers who had gathered to celebrate the promotion he had been rewarded.

Now he needed to prove he had the perfect family.

Iris, at age eight, stepped down in a lovely pink dress that made her brown hair stand out. She looked just like her father. Her orange eyes surrounded by thick eyelashes were full of life, her skin was perfectly sun kissed from playing outside with her sister. Her posture perfect as she walked towards her father. He picked her up and set her on his knee.

"Oh this is your oldest let's see her powers!" Exclaimed his boss with a kind smile on his face.

Iris snapped her fingers and all the candles in the house lit up. Then in a blink of an eye she disappeared and the company gasped in admiration. Both parents smiled proudly as their daughter reappeared. "What about your second child?" One man asked.

Velna nodded "Annie!" She called. Annie stepped down from the steps In a blue dress. Her short crazy curly hair matching the color of her sisters was a shade darker. Her eyes were a dark red her chubby cheeks had a natural blush as her naturally tan skin glowed. But her ,not to thick, but chubby short body made her second favorite to her parents.

She was seven years old and stuck in her older sisters shadow. She resembled her mother but her mother wouldn't claim the resemblance because she was two sizes to big. She walked towards her sister and her father placed her on his other knee. She demonstrated her powers by turning the fireplace on then going invisible then showing her self. They all clapped as the little girl blushed.

Brett's best friend then spoke up "what about your third daughter?" He said with a knowing tone.

His boss raised his eyebrows "I didn't know you had three daughters" he spoke with confusion, his coworkers shared the same look as Brett's best friend, Carter , crossed his arms .

No one at his work knew of the third child. It was rare for a Two power family to have three kids. That's why the third had a glitch. Brett was sure that if his boss found out he ,a two powered human, had three children. His career could be ended. He glared at his best friend "ah right" he said.

"Call her" he said harshly to his wife.

She looked hesitant but lifted her head towards the stair well. " Navi get dressed and come down stairs!" She called out.

A giggle was heard and Navi came downstairs a smile plastered on her face showing her perfect teeth. The six year old had a black sundress on and her snow blonde hair met just a little passed her shoulders. Her crystal ice blue eyes held an oblivious life to them as she gazed at her parents with excitement.

She never got the chance to meet a lot of people. Her petite frame gave her full innocent appearance as she skipped to her mother. Her mother put a fake smile on her face as she picked her up and sat her on the couch. The little girl giggled as Iris rolled her eyes at her little sister. "Well show us your powers darling" her fathers boss said with a smile. She nodded.

She outstretched her hand towards the fireplace as ice came out but it missed the fire completely . She froze the wall and photos surrounding the fire place. People gasped but the oblivious girl just dug herself deeper. She teleported across the room. And as she walked toward her father she teleported again right in front of her fathers boss. She walked right into him causing her to fall backwards on her back.

A laugh escaped a few of her fathers coworkers lips. Navi smiled thinking they were laughing with her when really they were laughing at her. Her father's boss glared at him as he said "you best be glad I am a nice man or you would be fired!!" Angrily He turned and walked out along with the other men.

All but Carter.

Brett glared at his best friend "why would you do that!" He yelled.

Carter glared back while pointing at Navi " that is your daughter you treat her as if she is nothing!" Poor Navi sat watching till her mother told her to go to her room. She stood up and ran upstairs.

After that day Carter came around less but when he did it was only for the mistake, the glitch, only for Navi.

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