sequel teaser part 2

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Since you guys love Annie so much and the sequel is told mostly in her point of view. I decided to give you a preview of her pov! The sequel is mostly of Annie and James. It also includes Navi Riley and Daniel but it Is told mostly in Annie's pov!
That is why towards the end the chapters are more so in Annie's pov

Annie pov

I thought I knew what it was like to see someone truly break.

Over the years I had seen Navi break, piece by little piece. I swore to myself after high school she would find her place in the world, she would move and be happy.

Then Navi found her mate. The king. She hid from him, and got caught up in trouble.

I thought she had broken completely the first time she had gotten kidnapped, by Chadum. She came home, scared at every noise, nightmares every night.

Life proved me wrong as she got captured again, this time by Jacy. She came back and I knew for sure she was broken. The suicide attempt confirmed my thoughts.

Again I was proven wrong.

I didn't know anything about being broken. About being destroyed, desecrated, demolished, obliterated.

Until I saw her eyes.

I walked in right after Navi in the throne room. Neither of them saw me.

I don't know how Hannah did it, how she killed the kings and queen and posed them on their thrones. I don't think she did it alone.

But I do know one thing for sure.

I saw Navi truly break. I saw her truly be destroyed as she fell to her knees.

It was terrifying, the moment Navi started laughing. She stood and with out any remorse beheaded Hannah.

Without a flinch she picked up her head, and laughed.


The head still in her hands Navi turns to me a happy-go lucky smile on her face.

"Oh hey Annie! One second I've got to get some guards to clean this mess. Then we need to start funeral arrangements." Navi starts as she then calls over some maids to clean the mess up. She throws Hannah's head to the floor.

Navi walks to me a smile on her face, yet I can't get over her eyes.


"Hey Annie, would you like to be in the council? Actually scratch that, would you like to be head council?"

Well it would make it a lot easier to keep an eye on her.

"Uh yeah."

"Great! Its settled you are head of council. This is going to be fun!" Navi starts as she grabs my arm excitedly.

I try to avoid looking at the dead bodys as men come and gently carry them away.

"Come, we have paper work to do to make it official." Navi states as she starts to walk away.

"Um yeah I'll catch up. I need to change." I state as I point to my night clothes.

"Oh yeah okay silly meet you in the office!" Navi then quickly walks away.


I stand down the hall, around the corner from Navi's office, pacing.

"Is Navi okay?" I turn and see a worried looking Riley and Daniel.

Daniel's eyes are blood shot and puffy from crying. His hair is greasy, probably from running his hands through it to many times since he has found out about Bains and Bains parents death.

"Did we get the bastard that did this?" Daniel growls.

I sigh at Daniel's question, I lick my lips. "Hannah, it was Hannah, hannah is dead."

Daniel curses, "Fuck I wanted to be the one to do it."

"Guys listen listen closely." I state as I again lick my lips trying to figure out to word what I'm about to say.

"Navi found Bain and his parents. Navi is the one that killed Hannah." I state slowly. "She isn't mourning." I state as I run a hand though my hair.

Daniel raises a brow. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, she is smiling and acting like she is planning a get together, not a funeral." I state. "In other words she isn't mourning in a normal way, I think she is bottling it up."

Riley rolls her eyes. "Shit of course she is, she never deals with things in a healthy way. I mean I don't either but still." Riley shrugs.

"Guys Navi killed Hannah and laughed about it. Then offered me head of council position and then skipped away. This is the same Navi that killed Chadum out of self defense and it ruined her!" I explain trying to get them to understand.

"So Navi has gone bat shit crazy is what your telling us?" Riley states tilting her head slightly to the side.

"I'm just saying we need to keep an eye on her." I say.

"Hey guys! What are you talking about?" I jump and turn to see Navi smiling at us.

"Uh nothing?"



I cringe at all of our mixed answers.

A laugh bubbles from Navi's lips. "Guys we are supposed to plan this funeral together! Come on." She waves us back to her office. I turn my head giving Riley and Daniel a pointed look before following Navi.



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