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Annie's pov

We stop at a small clearing in the woods. Jadyn gives orders to the wolves as they take of in different directions in groups of 5.

Jadyn then looks at me and points north. "Let's go this way."

Go alone on a path with my mate who made it obvious he didn't want me?

Its gonna be a negative ghost rider.

I point west. "I'm going this way," I then hold up my walkie talkie "I'll let you know if I find anything," I state with a small smile. I then turn and walk off into the woods before he can protest.


I wipe the little bit of sweat off my forehead aside while breathing out a small sigh.

"You see anything? Over." I jump at Jaydns voice on the walkie talkie.

I grab the walkie from my pants and push the button. "No, over."

I sigh as I walk a couple steps through the woods as the walkie talkie goes silent.

I then freeze as I squint my eyes as I spot something in the distance. I tilt my head as I slowly move closer. My eyes widen as I get closer

A mans body impaled by two large icicles.

Chadum. This must be Chadum.

I take my walkie talk and push the button. "Got a dead body, pretty sure its Chadums. Over." I release the button as I walk past the body going forward  into thick woods.

"What?Cshhhhhh. Can't Cshhhhhhhhh. What.Cshhhhhhhh."

I push the button on the walkie talkie. "I said found a dead body. Over."

I realise the button and wait a moment.

"CshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhCshhhhhhhhhhh" I groan as I then turn the walkie talkie off and walk further in the woods. My eyes widen as I spot a building in the distance.

I pick up my pace as I run towards the building. I gracefully jump over branches as I quickly navigate my way through the thick trees. I get to the door and quickly yet gently pull it open to get a peek inside.

Nobody insight, I squeeze in and let the door shut. I go to the first door on the right and open it and peek in. My eyes widen as I see Navi, her back is facing me and she is on her knees. I quietly squeeze into the room and let the door close behind me.

"Navi!" I whisper shout as relief floods through me as I quickly start making my way towards her.

I slow down as I hear her sniffle. "No, Annie, please leave. Now, please go." My eyebrows scrunch up in confusion.

"What? No Navi come on we can get out of here." Navi shakes her head at my words and I realize she is shaking and sweating. I can't see her face but she looks in pain.

She takes a painful deep breath in as she shakes her head again. "She knew you were coming, they have sensors." My eyes widen at Navi, she is struggling, like she is fighting.

"Annie Go! Run Annie before I hurt you!!' Navi yells at me but I shake my head.

"Navi I'm not leaving you. Please come with me." I plead her as my voice shakes.

Navis hands go into her hair and a scream leaves her mouth, a pain filled scream. I flinch as it echoes. Then slowly, painfully Navi stands and turns toward me.

I gasp at her appearance. Her face is red and blotchy, her eyes are puffy. The thing that worries me the most, blood is coming from her nose and eyes.

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