Chapter 25

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I open my eyes slowly. I go to move my arm but it feels heavy and a loud noise follows my movements making me wince. It hurts to breath, my throat hurts.

"Ah! You are finally waking up, I thought you were dead," my eyes snap open as my blood runs cold at the voice.



Rileys POV

Banging on the door I finally stop as I hear it open, I glare at the bitch in front of me.

"Oh God not you!" Iris states, I smirk at the disgusted look on her face. Good the bitch still hates me. I should stop by more often, sometimes I believe she gets to comfortable when I leave for long periods of time.

"Oh Iris you know you missed me."I state crossing my arms. A smirk on my face as her eyes narrow at me.

She rolls her eyes and groans. "What the hell do you want."

I roll my eyes at her, "Same reason I normally stop by, where is Navi." I try looking around the house from where I am but she blocks my view, she asks like I come for pie or to check up on her.

Before she can say anything she is pushed to the side by a worried looking Annie.

"Annie?" I ask wondering if the girl who just pushed her sister to the other side of the house is really the girl that normally doesn't do that. The girl was not at all weak but  confrontation was not her thing.

"She has been gone for three days." She states quickly, her eyes looking at me pleading.

"Not the first time." I state causing Annie to throw me a glare. We both know the habits of Navi, I'm sure she isn't to far.

"She also found her mate," her words cause my eyes to widen. Navi found her mate? Well that's great! Now she could get away.

"No wonder she isn't around," I giggle. Though I still felt like something was wrong.

"You know that's not true, you stopped by for a reason." I nod at Annie's accusation.

One of my powers is hints of the future. Literally just hints. Sometimes I get a name, others a picture, sometimes a voice. This time, a scream, Navi's scream.

I cross my arms. "A scream, I heard her scream," a scared look takes over Annie's expression.

"Her mate is the king, you need to talk to him maybe he will help." Annie states as she grabs my arm "You have to find my sister."

Navi is the king's mate, well look at my girl go.

"Alright alright I'll stop by," I flip my hair over my shoulder.

"Keep me updated," I nod at Annie's request and then turn and walk away, I climb into my black sports car and race to the castle.

*    *    *

I knock on the castle door and a man in all black opens the door. His green eyes pierce into mine.

"I need to speak to someone in charge. It's about the kings mate," I state in a professional manner. I then show him my card.

Thankful to my job for the easy access.

The guard nods and let's me in. "Let me go get the beta." I nod looking around as the guard walks away.

Marble floors, not a lot of furniture. Almost like a doctor's office, except more formal. There are many doors and staircase probably leading to more homey feeling rooms. I look at the white walls, they hold a couple pictures of sunsets but nothing big.

It is one big fancy waiting room.

Suddenly I hear a throat being cleared. I turn towards the sound and catch the ocean staring into my hazel eyes. Looking into his deep blue orbs I felt like I was in the ocean. I catch sight of his beauty mark under his eye. His dark brown hair is pushed back, it looks like his hand has ran through his hair multiple times.

"I'm beta Daniel," he offers me his hand and I eagerly take it. A firm shake. Then tingles creep up my arm. His eyes widen. His grip on my hand  tightens as he brings me to his chest.

"Mine," my lips slightly part at his words. Normally I had something smart to say but this time, I am speechless. Utterly speechless. We stare into each others eyes for what feels like a decade before the sound of someone clearing their throat breaks the eye contact.

I quickly step away from Daniel and look towards the man. I hear a small growl from Daniel obviously not liking the distance.

I breath in deeply hoping to calm my heart but I breath in the cinnamon roll scent of my mate. My heart skips a beat, I love cinnamon rolls.

Red eyes stare into mine and I bow my head to the king. "King Bain," I address as I put my hand out, "I'm Riley."

He takes my hand and gives me a firm shake. "Ah the famous Assassin, I've heard many things about you, I've been wanting you to work for the royals but you are a hard woman to get a hold of." I smirk, loving the way he brushes my ego.

"I have to be hard to find Alpha King, I have enemies." I feel something brush against my hand and look to see the beta has moved himself to be right beside me. His hand brushing mine. My smirk widens as I grab his hand in mine and hear him take in a sharp breath. Oh I cant wait for his reaction when we are tangled up in each other.

Bain nods in understanding as he then looks at Daniel in amusement. "Daniel are you okay?" I look towards my mate to see him blushing. He nods quickly and I look back at Bain.

"Now we need to go ahead and speak on why I am here." I say getting serious. Bain nods his head and gestures me to follow him.

"I hate to be rude but I dont have time to have a meeting, we must speak now." I state. Bain looks at me confused.

"I'm looking for Navi Bennet." I hear both men gasp. "I hear you're her mate."

Bain looks as though he could kill me. He takes a step towards me and a deadly whisper falls from his lips "You can not kill her."

I laugh at his assumption. "I'm not here to kill her, she is missing. Hasn't been home in three days." A worried look crosses Bains face, I look to see Daniel who is also worried.

"What do you mean missing?" Daniel ask hurriedly.

"I mean missing, no one has seen her, she hasn't been home." Bain growls at me, running a hand through his hair, he suddenly looks like he is mind linking someone.

"I just got trackers to look for her scent," he suddenly states as he looks back at me.

I nod "great, while they do that we can go look at her hotspots." I state as I turn and head towards the door.

"Hotspots?" I turn at Daniel's confused voice. Bain also looks confused. I roll my eyes at them.

"You must not have known her that well. Her hotspots," I state seriously  as I look at them "The places she has attempted suicide." At my words both of their faces turn white, causing me again to roll my eyes. They quickly hurry after me as we walk out and into my car.


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