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Navi pov

I breath in deeply as I look at my bedroom door. I had just gotten out of the hospital after staying for 4 more days. The bandages were still around my wrist, my wrist were sore. My heart was also sore. The blissful feeling of the life-death experience is wearing off.

I put my hand on the knob and breath out slowly. I then push the door open and walk in. I look around the room with my eyebrows raised.

My bed looks slept in. Clothes are randomly scattered around the room. My desk is cleared of the normal things on it.
I could have sworn I had cleaned my room before.

I shut my bedroom door and walk to my bed. I sit down slowly, touching the comforter like it's the first time.

I jump as a knock sounds on the door.

"Come in." I state loud enough for them to hear me. The door opens and I spot Annie who smiles lightly at me.

She sighs as she shuts the door and walks to me and sits beside me on the bed.

"Hi," she whispers. "Are you okay.?" She ask lightly.

With the question my demons roar the battle cry, attacking my mind, again. The blissfull feeling completely gone, nothing to stop their attack.

"No," I whisper as I shake my head.

I look around my room. I then look towards my bathroom. "Who-who found me?" I whisper the question as I pray it wasn't Annie.

Without hesitation Annie opens her mouth. "Mom did, Riley had knocked the door down right after and took you to the hospital, I followed her in my car." Annie explains as a breath of relief leaves my mouth.

A moment passes us, everything that has happened up to now passes through my mind.

"What now Annie?" I swallow harshly at the question. "I didn't want to come back, I didn't want to be here, a part of me still doesn't. I-I am tired of the trauma, I don't even know who I am anymore and that scares me." A tear escapes me as my lip trembles lightly.

A light smile crosses Annie's face. "That shouldn't scare you Navi, that should excite you."

Annie giggles at my confused face. "You have millions of possibilities on who you can be. You get to find yourself all over again, you get to fall in love with the taste of cake, watch the sunset like it's the first time. Find your favorite color and wear it strictly for a week." Annie explains.

" Finding your self and loving your self is an amazing journey Navi, embrace it with your heart wide open."

I smile weakly at my sisters optimism.

"Come on." Annie stands as she grabs my hand pulling me gently with her.

She walks me out the door, down the steps and outside.

"Get in." She commands as she unlocks her car door. I get in the passenger side as she cranks up the car. She backs out and we take off.


Minutes pass and we soon pull up to a park causing my eyebrows to raise as I look at her. She kills the engine and we hop out of the car, she grabs my hand and gently but swiftly leads me past the park towards a trail.

Annie starts giggling as she starts us on a jog. Her giggle being contagious I start to giggle as well.

Minutes pass and soon a cliff comes into view.

She pulls me up to it and my eyes widen at the view. Land covered by forest stretches on for miles.

Birds chirp down below in the trees. I look at Annie with a smile. "This is amazing.

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