chapter 1

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11 years later.

" Navi !" My eyes snap open as my mother's high pitched voice reach my ears. I blink as I throw the covers off and sit up rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I wish I could go back to sleep and not get up.

I stand and walk down the stairs of the attic to the second floor. Walking across the hall to the other staircase then down into the kitchen. "Yeah mom?" I ask avoiding eye contact.

"Your first day of school is today hurry up and get dressed or your sister will leave with out you." She yells but Annie smiles.

"Its okay mom I'm in no hurry" my mother glares at her hushing her up instantly. I send a small thank you with my eyes.

Annie is the only one nice to me. We aren't close but civil to each other. I have learned that, because I am a glitch, I am not wanted.

I nod as I run back up stairs into the attic that I called my room. I slip on a black tank top with a black sweater. I put on dark blue jeans with my ugg boots. Looking in the mirror I brush my long blonde hair then gathering it and twisting it up and placing a clip in it. I turn on my heels and enter the bathroom.

I brush my teeth and apply mascara to my naturally long lashes, I turn and step towards the exit as I glitch and teleport to the living room.

"Ready?" Annie asked.

I nod as I look around trying to gather what happen. I don't speak as we then walk out as I shake my head and head towards the car. It is our first day at school and I am extremely nervous. Being a glitch causes me to get bullied. And into a lot of trouble.

The fact that my teachers knew my parents didn't care that much about me meant they could let their anger out on me. Like one time, my teacher was going through a bad divorce and I glitched and teleported out of class. When I walked in he wrote me up for skipping.

I was grounded for a month.

Annie sighs "calm down or you'll glitch worse Navi." We pull into the school ,Wood way high, home of the bears I nod as I step out after she parks. People stand around the front of the school talking, all in their groups. Calming down wouldn't do much, my glitching has its own mind.

Ignoring the stares and laughs and pointing fingers I walk inside the school as my sister walks to her friends. I quietly walk to my locker and grab my things, the bell rings as I walk to my first class.... English 4. Walking in I sit towards the back, students come wandering in keeping conversation with their friends as the teacher, Mrs. Alkin , walks in calling everyone's attention.

"The king has finally decided to throw a ball to hopefully find his mate. Here are the flyers so you can learn more about the dance" she says as she hands them out to everyone. I grab one as I look down and read the fancy writting.

Masquerade ball
Saturday starting at 8 pm
Grand music hall.

I raise a brow, I knew that the Alpha king wanted a mate but to throw a ball? His wolf must be restless.

You see there are five kingdoms. The one I live in is Red Stone Kingdom, mostly wolves and power humans live here. A few other creatures live here but wolves dominate so there is a wolf king. Alpha King Bain Alexander Remington . His father, Former Alpha king Theodore Asphin Remington , and his mother, Former Luna Queen Athena Bralen Remington , stepped down from the throne a few years ago.

The next kingdom is Pure Blood kingdom. Vampires and witches mainly live there, the king is Acan and he is unmated but is a very nice guy. His parents king Xyan and the queen Lilian had stepped down a few years ago. Alpha king Bain and King Acan were both 21 becoming kings at the age of 17. They both hold the title of most powerful kingdoms.

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