chapter 26

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(Warning: Abusive content)

I blink up at Chadum as he walks in carrying a large mirror. My hands go to my neck, a collar is wrapped around my neck with two metal studs poking harshly in my throat. The room is dark, the floors have blood stains and the white walls show the splatter of blood. My nose crinkles at the stench. Rusty, and spoiled.

I eye the mirror as he carrys it to the side of the room infront of me placing it against the wall. I stare at my reflect.

Crystal eyes stare at me, my face is dirty and I look scared.

"I like having my victims watch themselves break, it speeds up the process," he explains as he looks at me with a friendly smile.

My face goes pale, I look back in the mirror, I'm wearing a thin white dress, my hair falls tangled around me. My lips slightly chapped.

After setting the mirror chadim quickly walks to me.

I suck in a deep breath as Chadum kicks me in the stomach.
For a minute I can't breathe.

"You know it's a good thing you pushed your mate away like that." I try to suck in a breath again but my lungs don't do anything.
"Now I don't have to worry about him looking for you."

"Someone will notice I'm gone." I state desperately. Annie would notice. Annie would attempt to get a hold to Riley and I'm sure Daniel would help. Even though I've hurt Bain. I feel maybe he would look also. My parents probably will automatically assume I'm dead. I'm not sure how long I've been here, but they are probably already planning my funeral.

If I am even getting one.

"I feel like it may, be time to send them some hair of yours. To ruffle up them up" Chadum runs his chin in thought.

"What do you want in all of this." I ask him, looking up at him.

He chuckles. "I want the king to attend our wedding. I want him to know I have his mate."

I shake my head "That's defeats the purpose of them not knowing you took me."

Chadum chuckles as his boots crunch against the cement floors and he walks to me. He grabs my chin. "Oh by this time he will already have forgotten about you." His smile widens, "Navi, I'm going to give you time to fall in love with me. We won't be married till a couple of months," he states with a smile making my eyes widen.

"I won't love you." I whisper making him glare at me.

He takes a clump of my hair. "Yes you will!" He them slams my head into the ground. A whimper escapes from my lips at the impact. Black dots take my vision. I blink my eyes rapidly trying to get it to clear.

"Even if I have to beat it into you." Tears escape me at his words.

I look at myself in the mirror. His hand still wrapped in my hair, keeping my head on the ground. My eyes look helpless, my face is dirty, I look as though I have already given up.

I lift my hand, it shakes with the weight of the chains. I grab Chadums arm and will ice to come through my fingers. He yelps as he takes his arm from me, its covered in ice, I face my palm to him as more ice shoots out.

He dodges it and pulls out a small remote and pushes the button.

Before I can register anything screams fill the air as my body is filled with an electric current. My body shakes and my eyes widen at the surge going through me. I fall to the ground after he pushes the button again making it stop.

My body shakes and twitches. I breath deeply and quickly. Not able to register what just happen.

My hand touches the collar. A shocking collar. A sob racks through my body. He just shocked me, like a pet. "I doubt you will try anything like that again."

He smirks at me. "I'm going to break you, Navi, to make it easier for you to love me."

I shake my head, "I will never ever love you," I whisper, my voice cracking as I hold back another sob.

He delivers a swift kick to my stomach making me lose my breathe again. I cough and dry heave.

The burning in my lungs makes me feel like I'm dying.

The burning in my stomach makes me wish I was, but I know this is just the beginning.

"Navi, will you marry me?" Chadum states as he bends down. On one knee showing me a simple diamond ring. "If you say yes, all of your suffering will end."

"No I will not marry you," I state looking him dead in the eye. The smile falls from his face as he stands.

He crosses his arms and a sigh escapes from his lips. "Fine, so be it," he then turns and walks away and out of the concrete room.

I pull myself up and look in the mirror. Blood is on the side of my face and head, my hair has started to stick to that side. I lift up the dress and see a dark bruise starting to form.

Suddenly the door opens and in walks a man you would see in your nightmares. He is tall, a giant, with muscle, a man you would picture guard a king, his long greasy brown hair is pulled in a ponytail. His face is chubby, he has scars all around his face. His blue eyes look lifeless.

I start hyperventilating as I spot the wooden bat in his hand. My lip trembles as I shake my head.

"Please, please don't," I whisper as I put my hands up. His lifeless expression doesn't change as he stalks to me.

"Please, please, please" I beg, fear consuming me as I start to shake. He lifts the bat and I flinch as my hands come up closer to my face.

I scream in pain as the bat hits my arm throwing me back on my back. The bat comes back down hitting my shoulder. The pain spreads through my body.

"Please, please stop!" I scream as I try to shield my self with my arms. The bat comes across and hits my face. Blood comes from my nose and mouth. I'm now on my stomach, I cry out more as the bat comes down on the lashes I already have.

I pray to the moon goddess, to take me now. Please, allow me to fall asleep and never wake up.

She acts as though she doesn't hear me. I'm still awake and this man is still beating me with a bat. I attempt to crawl away. The chains don't let me get far.

The man eases to a stop, he seems out of breath and I want so bad to ask if he feels good about himself now. The man then turns and walks out with out a word. Very robotically.

I try to even my breathing, but each breath makes me wince.

I close my eyes, willing myself to sleep. With a loud ringing in my ears, I pass out into darkness.


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