Chapter 12

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I look at him as he studies me .

"No why does it matter." My voice comes out shaky as I make sure there is enough space between us.

My stomach hurts and I start to feel as though I can't breathe. My ears grow hot at the thought of him starting to figure it out. It is starting to freak me out. I gulp as he sighs. "Well who ever he is he sure is lucky to have you." Bain speaks making my eyes widen. I stop in my tracks and look at him. He does the same and furrows his eyebrows.

"I-I might not have a mate." I choke out. Really I wanted so bad to tell him I was his. Though my anxiety was telling me no and like the slave I was to it I was obeying.

Bain's eyes widen "What? Why." He goes to comfort me but stops mid step.

"I wasn't supposed to be born, my parents sinned by having me so I'm not supposed to have a mate." I then pause looking at the king himself who is in fact my mate.

I guess the moon goddess is funny like that.

"At least that was what I was always told."

I shrug at the sad look he gives me, I turn and start walking away. "Plus who would want me as a mate, I can't even control the powers I have. No one likes me." I feel him walking beside me.

"I like you." My head shoots to him. I tilt my head and smile.

"Only because Daniel has made you and Frazier spend time with me. If I was your mate you wouldn't want me." I speak truthfully, Bain would have never hung out with me, Daniel wouldn't have even kept me around, the only reason he did is because I am Bain's mate.

We get to a set of stairs and I hold onto the railing. "Navi anyone would be lucky to be your mate." I look at Bain with a confused look as he continues. "You are beautiful Navi, inside and out. With or with out your powers or the control of your powers, you have a kind heart. My mother even adores you. Most of the women at the past few balls said how much they adore you." I blush at his words.

"Infact I was wanting to know, after you graduate I'd like for you to work in the palace. Name anything you'd want to do and the job is yours." My eyes widen at Bain's words and I'm speechless. I nod my head for him to know I'm interested and he sends me a smile.

I see Daniel as we hit the last step. "Are you two ready?" I nod as Bain says yes. We walk out and into another limo.

It drives us and we arrive at the Remington Museum. The museum housing the history of all past royal family's. Being a History freak I'm having to reframe myself from jumping around like a little child. We step out of the limo and Daniel leads me to the entrance, Bain trailing behind us as he finishes speaking to the driver. I gasp as we enter and the first thing I see is the portrait of King Lance and Queen Primrose, I pass the picture of Kyan and Zerro and go to the next one in awe. A grown Atticus stands proudly with his mate, Ophelia, next to him.

"You must love history Navi." I turn around and smile at Queen Athena. I nod to her as I turn back and move on to the next king and queen. Scout and Bernadette.

You can always spot whose the born heir. All Remington's since Zerro have Red eyes and dark black hair. "Yes your majesty, I know them all and their back story. I know Kyan died when Atticus was around the age of 12 and Neverah raised him from then on. I know Atticus's mate had trouble gettin pregnant the first few years before she had Scout." I say as I move to the next king and Queen.

The Queen looks at me in Awe and I see a few people moving along with me smiling. "Bernadette was killed by rogues after Atlas was born. Scouts sister, Kit comes along with her mate and helps raise Atlas, Scout loses his self and Atlas never sees him. Kit commits suicide after years of trying to have a child and feeling ashamed for not being able to provide a child. Atlas meets his mate Millicent at the age of 17." I state as I look at the beautiful Blonde Queen.

I walk to the next one a small crowd following me and I notice Bain and Daniel watching me.

"They then have twins Tyrant and Tyra. Years past and at the younge age of 15. Tyra and her mother Millicent are found poisoned. This makes a big impact on Tyrant. And when he does become king he is the most ruthless king. Killing people for any wrong doing. He meets his mate Aleese and they have 5 children. The youngest being Tyra who he named after his sister. And at age 7 a revolution starts and Tyrant and Aleese and the four children are murdered in front of everyone. Tyra the only one surviving thanks to a former maid named Ally.."

I look at the picture of a young Tyra with her four brothers and her parents. I walk to the next picture of just Tyra a young adult who stands tall and confident. " She brings her up like a peasant girl but also tries her best to stay to her royal roots. She teaches Tyra how to be a good leader and how to fight. How to use her innocent features to her advantage. For 10 years the wolf kingdom fails, no one to lead them they slowly fall apart until Tyra comes and kills the group of people trying to take over. She restores the Remington Royal blood line and rules over her kingdom." I say proudly looking at her in awe.

"Gosh Navi you know so much about them. As a Queen it's my duty to know their history but I've never known someone, other than teachers, know so much about them." I smile at her words as I look at the line of Queens and Kings.

"History fascinates me. Not having friends helps out in being able to learn it." I say with a laugh and Queen Athena gives me a sympathetic smile. She the then turns as Hannah walks up to her.

"Queen Athena May I speak to you." Hannah bows her head with her question. Athena nods her head as she sends me one last glance and walks with Hannah.

I look at Daniel and Bain and see them deep in conversation. I turn and continue walking looking at the rest of the Kings and Queens.

"Well it's nice running into you Velna. Or should I say Navi." My eyes widen at the familiar voice and turn to see the man from the cabin.

I take a step back from the man and he smirks "Now pretty bird I won't bite." He looks around seeing everyone in their own world. "You know it's really hard to track someone down when they give a fake name. It's also very rude." He chuckles casually.

He takes a step towards me his eyes staring deep into mine and I see the swirls of honey in his brown eyes. The small wrinkles that dance around his face. "What do you want." I whisper as I lift my chin hoping to come off more confident. He smiles and my confidence falls at his sentence.

"Oh darling. When I undressed you that night, I saw exactly what I wanted." I swallow harshly as I tense while his eyes run down my body and I feel exposed. "I want you. I want the kings mate."

I feel like I can't breath as my eyes widen. "Don't worry dear it's not the time." He looks around quickly and then looks back at me "Don't worry though, I won't make you wait much longer." He then winks at me and steps away as he pretends to admire the paintings. I watch him disappear in the crowd feeling as though I can't move.

I jump and turn to see Frazier "You look lovely Navi." I smile at him as I try to force the thought of Chadum wanting me to the back of my mind.

"Thank you." I say as I let out a breath. Daniel walks up as he smiles at me.

"You really impressed Athena she won't shut up about you through the mind link." Daniel states as Bain nods in agreement.

"She really admires you." Bain states as I see him studying me.

"I don't know what to say." I whisper. Really I don't. The thought of Chadum wanting me was still in my mind and I couldn't push it back.

"It's okay I'd be speechless to." Daniel chuckles. "I'm sure this kind of attention isn't something your used to."

I shrug my shoulders at Daniels words feeling my stomach twist. "None of this is something I'm used to." I catch Daniels eyes and he raises his eyebrows.

I look away not wanting him to worry and we continue down the portraits of the Kings and Queens looking at them a silently.


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