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"Annie Bananie, Annie Bananie, I'm coming to get you!" I skip and sing as I look for my big sister. I hear a slight giggle behind the couch. My smile widens as I run as fast as my legs can take me. I peek around the couch and spot a smiling Annie.

"Bananie I found you!" I state loudly causing Annie's eye to widen.

"Shhh Navi, you know mom doesn't like when you call me that. Or when I play with you." Annie states in a whisper I nod my head.

"Annie why won't they let me play with you?" I ask as I get on my knees infront of  her. I never understood why grown ups did things, Annie always explained it to me thankfully.

"Because Navi, you're a princess, I'm merely a commoner, those two don't mix," Annie explains like it's that simple.

I furrow my brows. "Well then I don't want to be a princess." I proclaim as I cross my arms determined to play with my sister.

"No you have to! If your not then Iris will be a princess, and she isn't nice enough like you are," Annie insists as she moves to her knees.

"Your right," I state as I put my hand on my chin. "She is more like an evil witch." I exclaim causing Annie to shush me.

"Well then, I Princess Navi, uh, point you Annie Bananie as guard of the princess!" I whisper yell causing Annie to giggle.

"Navi your so funny," Annie states shaking her head at me.

"Hey Annie? When will I get my powers like you?" I ask playing with my hands. My question causes Annie to chew at her finger nails.

Annie had just discovered last week she could turn invisible. Iris already had both of her powers, mine had yet to show.

"Soon, you're the youngest so of course yours will come last, don't worry though, the more you stress the longer it'll take for them to pop up." Annie explains, I nod at her words.

"Yeah that sounds about right. I'm just excited, I hope I have powers like yours. I wanna be just like you!" I exclaim. Annie blushes at my words.

It was true, I strived to be like my big sister.

"Just be yourself Navi," Annie states not knowing what to say, she wasn't good at taking compliments.

"Annie! What are you doing! Why aren't you playing with Iris?" I flinch at mothers yelling. I look at Annie who's eyes are wide.

"I'm coming mom! I-I was cleaning my room." Annie shouts as she stands quickly pulling me with her.

"Hurry we have to get you back into your room!" She grabs my hand and drags me up the stairs. She grabs the door knob and pushes it open. I walk in and turn and look at her with a pout.

"When can we play again Annie?" Annie gives me a sad smile. "Soon I promise."

She then gives me a bigger smile. "You are a princess we have to keep you safe in this room so bad dragons don't get you!" I nod

"But Annie what about you?" Annie puffs out her chest.

"I'm a guard remember, I've got to fight the dragons off." I nod my head with a weary smile. Annie then shuts the door, I hear the click of the lock and then the patter of her feet as she walks away.

I sigh as I hear Iris giggling as Annie goes to play with her. I turn and walk to my small makeshift doll house. I grab the doll Annie got for christmas that she snuck to my room and the other doll that Annie stole from Iris and gave to me.

I then change their clothes, Annie had given me some of her doll clothes.

The door opens and I jump throwing my dolls under a blanket as I turn to look who came in.

"Navi, where you downstairs forcing Annie to play with you?" My mother taps her foot with her arms crossed looking at me with a disappointed look.

"But mommy Annie wants to play with me, she said so herself." I whine trying to defend myself.

My mother sighs as she comes and sits infront of me cross legged. "Navi don't you know why we keep you locked up here?"

I shake my head no, keeping what Annie told me to myself.

"Because, we are a two powered family, it is against the rules to have more than two children, the moon goddess would punish us as well as the king, do you want Annie and all of us to die," My eyes widen at her statement and I quickly shake my head no.

"Navi I know you love Annie, but Annie doesn't love you." I give my mother a confused look as my lip trembles.

"But Annie-"

"Annie lied," my mother interrupts. "Annie is just too nice to tell you, Annie doesn't love you, Annie knows that you are putting our family in danger, just by being alive, she doesn't like you because she knows with you around she can't have a normal life, constantly having to lie to her friends that you're just her cousin. Always in danger trying to keep you a secret." Tears fall down my cheeks at my mothers words.

"Why don't you leave Annie alone so she doesn't have to lie. If you love her enough you will leave her alone." My mother states softly. I nod my head as tears pour down my face.

My four year old heart was broken, I loved my big sister very much, yet I just put her in danger.

"Okay mommy, I'll stay up here and leave Annie alone. "

My mother smiles approvingly.  She stands up and leaves my room.

I sniffle as I gather the dolls and their clothes, I take the pick and pick the lock and sneak to my sisters room, I leave the dolls and their clothes and go back to my room locking it back.

After that Annie and I rarely spoke, she always tried being nice and speak to me, but I didn't want her having to lie and pretend she loved me, so I shut her out.

Then I was truly alone. Always alone in my room. Waiting for Riley, my now only friend, to visit.


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