To Fall

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Hello to my readers,

I feel I should first apologize. I know a lot of you were very mad of the ending of Glitch. The only thing I can say is this is all part of a bigger picture.
Seriously, this is just a puzzle piece.

To Fall is going to be the answer to any questions from Glitch. I know a lot of you will not read it because of the ending of this one. I promise I do have books coming soon with happy endings.

But I do hope maybe after recovering from Glitch you will reconsider and read To Fall.

To Fall follows Annie and James relationship while Annie figures out the situation with Navi. Plus to fall has a lot more romance in it sooo 😁

'To Fall' is out now.

For those wanting to wait until it is completed to read I plan to have To Fall finished by November, maybe even as early as October but life happens so itll probably be more towards November

With that being said.

I thank you all for reading and voting for my book. Thank you for commenting, I have laughed, smiled and cried at your comments. Thank you for giving my characters a chance and dealing with their shenanigans lol.
Thank you for going on this journey with me.

Thank you.

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