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Annie's pov

My heart soars as we glide on the dance floor, as if the world around us didn't exist.

My heart beats loudly, I try to talk myself into following Rileys advice.

Live a little.

I've never gone after what I wanted. I've always gone after what other people wanted for me, or nothing at all.

But damn, do I want James.

With that though I back away while taking James hand in mine, he gives me a confused look and with the thoughts going through my mind I blush.

I lead him out of the ballroom and into the hall.

"Annie where are we going?" He chuckles as I wonder through the hallways.

"I thought I'd give you a tour?" I curse myself as I realize my sentence comes out as a question.

I feel a tug on my hand causing me to stop and turn to James.

"Don't lie to me, be honest." He states with a smile.

"I want to kiss you." The words tumble out of my mouth clumsily. James eyes widen at my confession a smirk on his lips.

"Already falling for me I see." James winks making me blush.

"Yeah, I mean, unless you're not falling for me then, then totally no. Like totes ew," I shrug trying to make my words come off casually and cool. James chuckles at my words as he scoops a hand aroun my waist and pulls me to him.

He looks into my eyes before looking down to my lips and with out wasting another second his lips crash onto mine. Our lips tangle together as he pushes me against the wall.

At that moment I understood what people mean when they say home is not a place.

Navis pov (right as the party started)

"Look I have the dress!" Fraiser sings as he walks into Bains and my room, putting the dress up.

He helps me put the dress on, careful to make sure I don't mess up my make up and hair.

I smile at myself in the mirror

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I smile at myself in the mirror.

"Thank you." I say to Fraiser thankful to have someone like him.

The past two weeks have been the best weeks of my life. Bain has helped me adjust to being queen. I'm so happy with him, we have become attached to the hip. Next week we are going up to the cabin in the mountains for a whole weekend.

I haven't heard from my inner demons, they are silent. I don't have nightmares anymore, I'm in constant bliss.

"Come on Navi it's time to party!" Fraiser states as he takes a shot, causing me to giggle. I open the door and see Bain. Lust crosses through Bains eyes causing me to blush at his heated gaze.

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