chapter 18

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My eyes open slowly and I sigh in relief as I remember school being canceled today. I sit up slowly.

I look around and take my time getting up and heading to the shower.

I finish getting dressed throwing on black leggings and a long black sweater. I walk down the stairs into the living room and see Annie.

"Just in time, mom just left with Iris to get her dress." I sit beside her, "So if you want to sneak off you better go now." Annie winks at me.

I laugh at her. "What are you going to say if they ask,"

Annie smiles at me "Well I'll use the last prom excuse you'll be able to use, your finishing decorations."

I shake my head at her. "I'm surprised they haven't noticed yet," Annie shrugs.

"You haven't been glitching as much." Annie states. To which I nod.

Nothing is said until I break the silence.

"Annie." She looks at me as her name falls from my lips.

"Do you think I have a mate?" I ask her while watching her reaction.

Annie smiles at me. "I know you have a mate Navi," My heart skips a beat.

"Look just because you were born different doesn't mean you are worth less than us." Annie chuckles as she continues, "Even the perfect Iris isn't worth more than you."

I smile at her words. I then lick my lips and look at her hesitantly "Annie, If I meet my mate, should I let him go?"

Annie doesn't say anything for a moment. She looks at me "If I had the opportunity to choose my sister. I would still choose you."

I look at her confused at what that has to do with my mate.

"The Goddess pairs us up for a reason Navi, we are meant to be with who we are bonded to. With or without that bond already being there."

I sigh, her words repeating in my mind.

She looks at me once more "I wish you could see you, the way I see you."

There is a honk out side. Annie gives me a quick hug and walks out the door giving me a smile before she closes the door.

I stand up put my shoes on and walk outside. I then feel the tingles rushing through my body and I suddenly see white, and then the castle.

I breath, a small smile on my face from the accomplishment of getting here.

I walk up the long pathway to the door and knock.

The door opens and a guard nods his head at me. I walk in past him, "I'll let Beta Daniel know you are here. He might be a moment he is in a meeting." I nod my head and walk to the hallways.


I find myself back at Zerros picture.

I touch the painting and will myself back into the painting. Nothing happens.

I touch the painting again "Uh, Alcrate tenebrae mortis?" I look at the painting with wonder. I don't understand how I got in last time.

I sigh out as I think back to what I said. I touch the painting again "How did you deal with your demons Zerro?" I gasp as my hand goes through the painting. I stick my head into the painting and then pull my self up in the room.

I look around at all the vanities. I sigh as I walk to a random one and sit down.

I jump and see Tyra pop up. She smiles at me, "Hello Navi."

My eyes widen at how gorgeous she looks. "Darling you are still running from your mate?" Tyra asks.

I nod, "I don't know what to do." I shrug my shoulders feeling hopeless.

"Well I'm not really the one to talk to about mates," Tyra laughs I join her remembering what happened to her.

"You can try and ask Penny, she tried to reject her mate." I nod and stand as Tyra fades away.

I look at the names on the vanities. I find Penny and sit down at her chair.

A woman with red hair and green eyes pops up. She smiles at me, she looks fierce and young.

"Why hi Navi." She smiles at me.

"Why did you reject your mate," I ask quietly which causes her to laugh.

"I was young, to young to be queen, I didn't want to be queen, hell no." She laughs "I didn't want the responsibility."

"Yet he kidnapped you." I state and a sad look goes through her.

"Yes he did, he apologized the rest of his life to me for doing that." Penny looks at me sadly "I don't think you should leave him Navi, but I understand why, if you do."

"They are searching for you Navi," I turn my head to see Zerro in her mirror looking at me.

I nod as I stand and look back at Penny, she gives me a small smile and then she disappears.

I jump out of the painting and walk down the hall.

"Navi," I jump and turn to see Queen Athena, I curtsey causing her to laugh.

"Dear you dont have to curtsey," the Queen giggles as she lightly grabs my arm. "Now why am I always finding you here?" She questions as she loops her arm around mine.

We walk slowly down the hallway.

"Uh, well I really love the paintings."

"Well I'm glad Navi, they are very very old." She gives me a smile as she grabs my hand, "I am so happy to have met such an amazing young lady like yourself," shock fills me as I process her words.

"Oh what? I mean," I shake my head "-No I am so honored to meet you my Queen, all of you actually, thank you for being so nice to me." I say from the bottom of my heart.

I meant every word, the queen had been so kind everytime I had ran into her.

"Navi!" Fraiser sings as he sees me, "Come on we have to get you dressed,"

I raise a brow, "I'm not going tonight remember?" His eyes widen at my words.

The queen looks at me confused "Why not?"

My stomach clenches at having to lie to the queen. "Prom, I have to finish things, I offered to."

The queen nods slowly. "Okay dear, I'm planning on stopping by, I hope to see you there," she gives me a small smile as she walks away, she smiles at Fraiser as she passes him.

Fraiser quickly grabs my arm and drags me down the hall. My eyebrows raise in confusion as we head out of the castle. "Where are we going Fray?"

"To my place to get you ready of course," I sigh, as I let him pull me to his bright blue car. He opens my door and slide in.

"I already have the dress and the mask ready, the masking spray is also there." Fraiser states as he puts the car in drive and takes off. "He won't even know its you!"

My eyes widen at Fraisers words "Fraiser uh what-what are you talking about," causing him to smirk at my words.

He cast me a glance "It means I know your secret your majesty," he chuckles, "Bain maybe niave but not me."

"How did you know?" I ask  turning to him completely.

"I over heard the trackers and their theories, yours is the only one that makes sense so I figured I'd see if I was right and you just confirmed it, so then I told Daniel who filled me in on everything else."

I sigh as I lean back. The trackers were obviously not far from finding out its me.

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