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Annie's pov

"Shouldn't I be dead then?" I ask with narrowed eyes causing him to roll his.

"You're still mad about the rejection huh?" He smirks showing his fangs.

"I rejected you." I remind him causing his smirk to widen. He then leans down to my neck making me stiffen.

"Damn you smell good, you know we could go to a roo-"

"You're disgusting." I spit as he moves his head back to look at me.

Then with out warning his lips slam on mine. I go to push him off but he grabs my hands and holds them against my head as his lips force mine to tangle with his.

I gasp as his other hand grabs my ass, taking the opportunity, he forces his tongue in my mouth. My eyes start to water as I start to hyperventilate.

Calm down Annie, Calm down.

I let my body relax as I focus on the energy in my heart. I feel the flame start to ignite.

"Get off of me " I warn causing him to smirk into the kiss. I then breath in deeply through my nose and close my eyes. In seconds my wrist and hands ignite causing a Yelp to come from him as he jumps back.

My hands fall to my side and I catch myself before falling completely.

"You little bitch," he states as he looks down at his burned hands.

My eyebrows raise in both anger and shock. "Me? You forced yourself on me, you're engaged Jadyn."

He rolls his eyes. "Doesn't mean I don't want some ass from my mate, sex with your mate is supposed to be bomb as fuck."

I look at him in disgust. "I would neve-"

He pushes me back against the wall grabbing my chin as our noses brush against each other. "You wanna bet."

My eyes widen in fear as I shake my head frantically.

"Its not rape if it's your mate huh?"

My eyes widen at his words as I turn to take off. He grabs me by my hair and pulls me back, into a room closing the door.

(Warning: violent scene)

"Please don't." I whisper as he turns me around and brings me to him.

"All I hear is please, baby." He whispers as he brings his lips to mine.

I hit at his chest making him laugh in the kiss. I then open my mouth slightly, taking his bottom lip into mine and biting it hard. He pushes me back.

He wipes his mouth and looks at me. With out a second thought he back hands me hard, throwing me to the floor. He then grabs my shoulders and pulls me up and throws me to the bed.

Crawling on top of me he rolls me over so that I am laying on my back.

I take in a deep breath and open my mouth, his hand covers my mouth muffling my screams.

By now I'm crying.

"God your pathetic." He grunts as he grabs my hands again.

Calm down Annie. Calm down.

I relax my body and close my eyes. I start to breath in my nose but his fingers pinches my nose close causing my eyes to shoot open.

"Nah ah not this time." Jayden smirks, he moves my arms under each of his knees. Keeping one hand on my mouth and nose only lose enough for me to barely breath.

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