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My long hair whips around my face, my arms lazily infront of me.


Except I dont have a weird feeling in my stomach. In fact I don't feel anything.

I open my eyes.


I'm falling and I can't seem to move, I don't think I'm breathing.

Suddenly a force hits my back and I cry out, though I don't really feel pain.


I blink and I'm back in the concrete room.

I slowly sit up. The room seems to spin. I lift my hand, I move like I'm moving through water.

Suddenly the door opens. A man steps through. My eyes widen, I don't see a face, but my gut tells me its Chadum. I stand, again slowly like I'm moving through water. I turn, I'm no longer in a concrete room. I'm in a hallway.

A muffled yell goes through and I look back to see Chadum running toward me with an axe.

I push my legs to move but its like I'm not reacting fast enough, my body is delayed.

Fear. It Shoots through me as I realize I'm not moving as fast as I know I can.

I can't feel my body properly and I can't move my body normally.

I open my mouth to scream as I continue to try and run quickly.


"Navi!" My eyes shoot open at the name. Daniel holds my shoulders giving me a gentle shake. His eyebrows are scrunched together. I'm sweating, breathing heavily.

"You had a nightmare." I blink at his explanation. 

I look around taking the scene in. I'm in the hospital. The monitor with my vitals is going off slightly,  showing I'm in distress. The room is dark, my eyes go back to Daniel, he looks as if he just woke up. Green shirt is wrinkled, hair is messy. His face looks tired.

"When can I go home." I whisper, searching his eyes. I feel like I need to go home, I'm uncomfortable here, it doesn't feel right.

"They want to do a mental evaluation on you." Daniel looks at the wounds on me as he softly states the next sentence. "You went through a traumatic experience."

I nod my head. "I-I," I breath in deeply, let out a shaky breath.  "It doesn't seem real, any of it, I feel I'm dreaming and I'll wake up and be surrounded by concrete again." I find myself running my finger tips over the bed sheets, making sure this is real.

"Navi." Daniel states softly as he sits on the bed, he swallows as he prepares his nexts words. "What happened to Chadum? Where were you kept?"

I shake my head. "I'm not ready." Daniel nods. He pats my leg and then he stands up and walks out of the room scratching the back of his neck. I lay back down and close my eyes. Sleep never really finds me.

My body feels heavy, but I can vaguely hear the monitor beside me, the air conditioning humming through the room.

I try to fall deeper into sleep but my body doesnt allow it. So I pay attention to the humming of the air condition.


The nurse that opens the door looks surprise as she sees me awake. She sends me a smile. "Morning Navi, you sleep well?"

"Well, someone chased me in my dreams with a chainsaw. That was nice," I chuckle as she gives me a grimace of a smile.

"Sorry Navi, I'm sure you have PTSD. I'm not a doctor so I can't exactly confirm that but, the trauma you went through, it won't surprise me."

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