chapter 27

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The throbbing of my body pulls me from the darkness. I open my eyes and shiver. The room is cold. I slowly sit up and wrap my arms around my body.

I swallow harshly as I realize I'm now only in white boy short panties and a sports bra. Looking in the mirror I'm covered in bruises, blood is caked on one side of my face.

The door opens, a woman steps in, like the man before her, she looks lifeless. She is tall and slender, thin blonde hair and blue eyes like the man before. Scars cover her body. Just like the man before.

She has scissors in her hands. My eyes widen as she walks to me. "Please don't, please." I plead with her. Suddenly she has my hair and in seconds it falls around me. She holds a chunk of it in her hands.

"No!" I scream. No no no. My hair. It now dances above my shoulders in a uneven cut. "No," I whine looking down as I pick up the clumps of my hair.

"Why!" I shout at her. She looks at me with no expression. Which makes me angry, and with a sudden burst of energy I throw myself at her. I claw at her, she flinches and then throws me across the room, my back hitting the wall, I cry out in pain. But I stay there and cry in mourning of my hair.

My beautiful blonde hair. It was the one thing my mother ever complimented me on.

The one thing my sister was jealous of. It was my hair, something that I could control so easily. I run my fingers through my hair, crying as I feel the length gone.

I look up at the woman. "How could you." I whisper.

She doesnt answer, she just stares at me.

"How could you!" I scream at her, spit falls from my mouth at the force I put into the words. I couldnt process the feelings going through me. The floor just beneath me turns to ice.

I look in the mirror. My eyes are bloodshot, my face is red, my hair, is shorter on one side than the other. Blood stil covers half of my forehead and temple and some of my cheek. My lips are chapped.

Suddenly I realise, I'm thirsty, and hungry. I'm nauseous at how hungry I am. My stomach churns and growls.

The lady turns and walks away out of the door.

I scream. I start hyperventilating.

No I cant. I'm breaking to easily. This is what he wants. No. I'm not doing this. It is just hair. It's okay. I take in a deep breath. I have to keep my cool. I'm okay.

Suddenly the woman comes back with a slice of bread and a small glass of water. She hands me both and I scarf down the food and the drink. She takes the glass back and walks out the door again.

Silence. I could hear my heart beat. Maybe I couldnt. But it is so quiet I wouldn't be surprised if I could.

I stare at the wall. For what seems like forever.

Why do I feel like I am losing my mind. How long have I been here. There isn't any windows. Only a small light on the ceiling makes the room dimly lit. I dont think I've been here long, yet there are no clocks in here. I dont know what time it is and that alone freaks me out. I look around at the concrete walls. The floors. All concrete. How could I breathe. Is that a stupid question.

I shake my head. What is wrong with me.

The walls ripple. I shake my head. Concrete doesn't move. On it's own. Yet like water a wave goes through the walls. So smooth, like water. Is water smooth? I blink slowly as the wall does so again. I look at the concrete floor. It does the same. It ripples beside me and I find my hand slapping on the ground trying to catch it but, I miss.

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