Chapter 11

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I look helplessly at the empty locker willing my clothes to appear. Finally I turn around and look to see if maybe I had forgot to put them up. Deep inside me I know I put them up.

I look under benches and look in unlocked lockers and find them no where. My eyes water as tears threaten to spill from my eyes. I run my fingers through my hair and look down at towel wrapped around me.

A sob escapes my throat as I realize I can't go out in this. I sit on the bench and bury my head in my hands as my leg shakes. Another sob racks my body. Someone stole my clothes. Why must they humiliate me so much. I hear footsteps but I don't move. To embarrassed to see who is about to take my picture. This for sure will end up in the year book.

"Gli-I mean Navi." My eyebrows furrow as I look up hearing Ashleys nervous voice.

I sigh realizing Hannah took my clothes. "What do you want "I reply harshly as I place my head back in my hands.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry." Her whisper barely touches my ears and my head shoots up and I look at her unbelieving of what I'm hearing.

I notice a bag in her hand but I look right back at her eyes to see she is sincere. "I shouldn't have bullied you, none of us should bully you. I mean you have a disability for crying out loud, you aren't a glitch , you are a person with a disability. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't control my powers."  I'm speechless as she walks to me and places the bag of clothes beside me.

"I can't stop Hannah and everyone else, but I can find out what they are doing before they do it and help you recover." Not knowing what to say I nod. "The bag has some of my old clothes, they should fit perfectly we are close to the same size, I know they aren't your style but I didn't know about Hannah's plan until this morning."

Ashley gives me a small hug she then stands. "Luckily everyone is almost gone except for the jocks and band nerds. and Hannah has someone taking your picture so I guess, smile." Ashley gives me a wink as she then turns and walks out. I take the clothes out and quickly put them on. I look in the mirror and cringe.

The nude mini skirt literally stops right under my butt putting my thighs on full display. The black crop top stops right at the end of my rib cage. I sigh as I take out the black flats thanking her silently for at least having flats. I slip them on and throw the plastic bag away.

I grab my empty gym bag and put it over my shoulder and walk out; instantly I hear a camera go off. I look to see a nerd, eyes wide in the middle of taking another photo as he blinks trying to register what I'm in. I roll my eyes as I walk past him. I hear another click and turn to see he has taken a picture of me walking away.

He looks at me eyes wide then suddenly takes off running in the other direction. I groan and turn continuing my walk. I make it to the front doors and see Daniel looking at me like a deer caught in headlights.

I narrow my eyes at him "Stop looking at me like that." He blinks rapidly and then smirks.

"I knew getting Bain to ride with us was a good idea." Now I'm the one looking like a deer in headlights. And as if hearing his name Bain walks up.

I look at him to see him out of his coach uniform and into a pair of dark blue jeans and a soft gray v-neck. His eyes roam my body in surprise. I see him bite his lip as he struggles to look away. My checks redden and I pull at the shirt wishing for it to go down longer.

"We will change you, as much as I like seeing you in that tonight's event is at a museum." Daniel chuckles as he grabs my arm and leads me out I huff as I walk quickly to his truck. I get in the back and Daniel and Bain sit in the front with Daniel driving. Not much is said just Daniel softly humming to the radio as we head to the castle.

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