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Navi's pov.

5 people.

I've been forced to take the life of 5 people. I've tortured them. Then killed them.

"Navi, my girl, don't look so down. You know I think we make a great team. " I clench my fist as Jacy puts her arm around my shoulder and casually leans against me.

"I'm not a monster like you," I grit out, yet I feel as though I'm wrong.

"Just accept it Navi, it'll make your life much easier." Jacy coos. "Those demons that whisper to you, they are louder aren't they, the trauma you've gone through, has changed you." She looks towards the scattered corpse, the man, she had just made me torture and kill. "Made you more sadistic. I'm just helping it, giving it a little push." She then softly pushes my shoulder.

With a giggle she walks away.

I stare into the lifeless eyes of the dead man. Forever, each of the people I've killed will haunt me.

"Come on Navi." Jacy states as she slides back into view folding her arms across her chest. "What are you waiting for, what are you holding on to, why won't you let the darkness take you, I see it, I see it in you." My features soften.

Darkness? I had darkness in me. I drop my head.

Dark memories I had those but actual darkness? Evil? No.

"No I'm not like you." I say sternly.

Jacy smirks "Aw that's it, hope." Jacy shakes her head. "Tsk, tsk, poor girl still waiting on her happy ending."

A moment goes by.

She looks back at me, "They are gonna get tired Navi, of saving you, of babysitting you. The girl with the heartfelt sob story gets old." Jacy chuckles.

"But the crooked one, always gets the attention, people are around them to enjoy, not to baby sit." I glare at her words. She walks around me in a circle.

She places her hands on my shoulder as her lips get close to my ear. "Navi answer me this. Who do you think would win class favorite, you, or Riley. She is pretty kick ass hug? Not breaking all the time or getting kidnapped, she is the hero everyone loves." Jacy then moves to the other side leaning in towards my other ear. "You're the damsel in distress everyone rolls there eyes at."

My head falls. She was right, this was the second time I had gotten kidnapped in a short period of time. Jacy then moves back infront of me.

"This kingdom already has a band of heroes, why don't you join me, pick a big girl role." I stare at Jacy. Her eyes entice me to give in.

"What does it matter? Even if I say no, you can make me say yes." I whisper. What game was she playing.

"I mean yeah but I figured I'd be nice," Jacy shrugs causing me to tilt my head slightly.

"Follow me, please dear," Jacy states as she walks pass me, with out hesitation I turn and follow her out the door, to another room, another victim, tied and gagged.

"Freeze her blood." I furrow my eyebrows as I look at Jacy confused.

"I can't do that." I whisper.

"Yes you can, freeze her blood, please dear." Automatically my body takes a step to the fearful woman. I put my hand on her arm and concentrate.

The woman takes in a deep breath as she moans in pain.

I let go of her, Jacy walks to the woman and slits her throat. She smirks at me when nothing happens. I look at the open wound, the blood was slush.

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