Forty- six

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"Bruh that was the worst shopping I've had to do." I said to Danny placing my bags on the floor and taking a seat on the couch.
"Girl don't let that hoe mess up your shit. She ain't worth a damn thing. It will be a matter of time before he will get rid of her too." Danny replied sitting next to me.
"Yeah whatever."
"Well I got a early birthday for you."
"What is that besides the other gifts you already got me?"
"This is a trip to L.A."
"Your turning eighteen and your about to be a business owner so it will be stressful you need a vacation and a celebration."
"You are really going crazy with these gifts. First the money and then the shopping spree and now this trip?"
"Yes. I want you to enjoy every moment you have left to yourself. Your about to be a mom. Plus I don't want to see you sad so I'm taking this time to make you happy."
"Well thank you soo much Danny. I really appreciate you taking the time out to worry about me."
"I think it would be a nice girls trip as well."
"What you mean?"
"I was thinking we invite Raven , Kennedy and we have a girls time you can even ask Tanya if she wants to go."
"Well I will and that is a great idea I have not seen Kennedy in a while. I'll be sure to buy get her a few things for the baby too I bet he got
so big."
"Yeah I seen him like two weeks ago if he doesn't look like Issac then I must be blind." We both laughed.
"Oh wow that's great how is she though?
"She is strong she is working and she is raising her son very well."
"Wow she must be going through it a lot."
"Yeah being young and with a baby plus without the father it's tragic."
"Yeah she still in school?"
"Yeah she goes to a school for moms I heard."
Wow that's good. Invite the girls cause we are going to L.A."

After talking with Danny I went to lay down for an nap then when I woke up I gave Tanya a call.
"Hey best friend is everything good?" Tanya asked.
"Yeah I ran into Semaj and his happy family."
"Wow how did that go?"
"Horrible. Danny wanted to take me shopping as a early birthday gift but it went downhill when we saw them in footlocker."
"Damn he really think she is better than you?"
"Yeah he makes no damn sense."
"Well I know there is trouble in the streets it had Maniac come in here with blood all over him but it wasn't his."
"Yeah they been having side talks behind my back and shit I guess someone got hurt while they are out one night but I know Maniac not trying to waste time with his family."
"Well I was calling to see if you wanted to go to L.A for my birthday trip that Danny is taking me on? It's like a girls trip."
"I would love to but I just had the baby so right now isn't the time to travel."
"Okay I understand but after you heal and get situated we will go on a trip."
"I love you bestie."
"I love more."
I hung up and went back to sleep some more. When I woke up the next morning I got ready to go do some work at the store. I was texting Danny and she said she would meet me there to help me out. I was really happy that I had someone like Danny helping me with everything during the pregnancy.


"Hey Danny." I smiled walking in seeing her doing paper work."
"Hey babes how as your sleep ? It was great knowing we are going to L.A. Yes and we leave in the morning so be ready and packed. I have a list of things I want us to do. Oh and Kennedy said she will be going. She leaving the baby with Tori."
"Oh great I called Tanya she said this wouldn't be the best time to travel with her just having a baby."
"It's cool we still finna turn up."
"Periodt Pooh."
"Facts just finishing up some last minute things before we head out."
"I'm so ready I really needed this vacation."
"Yeah. I knew it would be a great gift."
"Yeah you out did yourself this time."

After working a store we went home to begin doing our packing. I stopped to get pizza and then I went home. I packed my bags after eating and went to bed. The next morning I got up by eight and was dressed and ready to go by nine. I got a text from Danny to meet her at the airport by ten so I had a little time to stop and get food then meet her.

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