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I wad enjoying my vacation. So far I was happy again. I got my man back and I was safe at last. I always knew Semaj was the one for me. I mean since day one.

As I stood  in the bathroom mirror blow drying my hair with the towel wrapped around my wet body when Semaj came and wrapped his arms around my waist.
Something about this mans touch would have me on cloud 9. He was just that special to me.
"Why you so fucking gorgeous?" Semaj asked kissing my neck.
"I was born like that."
"Well hurry up I want you to meet my cousin."
"Meet you're cousin?"
"Yes my cousin Tyrome is in Miami with his wife Jenny so I want you to meet them. Since we are serious and they are my family."
Semaj and I talked about our family but we never had much family so I never thought about meeting family. I was nervous. I knew Semaj was all that I wanted but meeting his family was alot to deal with. I had already met Danny and so far I'm disgusted with his family.
"Okay well I'm almost finished let me fo this little bit right here then I'll get dress."
"Alright thanks baby girl."
When I was done I slipped into a black sundress that showed off my curvea and it hugged my waist. I wore my black red bottoms that I brought a little while ago and I was heading out the door when I got a call from Tanya.
"Wassup best friend?"
"Girl you wont believe what just happened."
"What happened?"
"Wayne just beat your mother almost to death on the block talking about how she owed him money and she is beat real bad but Chrissy drove her to the hospital someone said she stopped breathing."
"Well I'm in Miami right now what can I do?"
"Nana don't act like that. At the end of the day that's your mother. You only got one."
"Tanya I'll call you later."
When I got downstairs to the car and seen Semaj , I got in.
"Is there something wrong?"
"It's just my mother up to her normal self. Let just go."
When we pulled up to an restaurant then walked over to a couple seated out front.
Tyrome looked just like Semaj they both had that Pretty boy swag. Tyrome was like six feet with long braids and a fresh shape up. He was wearing a Nike shirt with some ripped jeans. While his wife had on a yellow sundress with Steve Madden sandals. She was a pretty brownskin. She was like 5'5 and she was pretty with dimples and she was thick as hell.
"Hey y'all we a little late but we made it. Tyrome and Jenny this is Nana, my girlfriend." Semaj said taking a seat introducing me to the two.
"Well it's nice to finally meet you Semaj talks about you all the time." Jenny said giving me a smile.
"Oh really? It's nice to finally meet you guys too."
"So how did you guys meet?" Tyrome asked.
"He and I saw each other around a lot where I used to live. He one day asked for my number and we just kept in contact." I replied.
"Okay that's cool."
"Tell us about you." Jenny said.
"Well I graduate high school this year I'm seventeen I live with Semaj but I haven't been living with him for the past month because we had break up but that's over. I work at kicks USA."
"You still in school? Your seventeen?" Tyrome asked.
"Yes. ".
"Semaj she a little young." Jenny said.
"Look we good and thats all that matters." Semaj said.
"Well at least she got her own amd shes very pretty."
"Thanks You." I said.

We got to know each other more and they turned out to actually like me. Tyrome told me about how he's a rapper. He told me about how him and Jenny met. I couldn't believe they had been together for ten years but married for five. After spending time with them I exchanged number switch Jenny , then Semaj and I headed back to the hotel.
"You good bae?" Semaj asked rolling a blunt.
"Yeah I'm just thinking about my mother."
"What happened now?"
"She owed Wayne some money I guess and he beat her and now she in the hospital."
"Damn well that's karma."
"She deserves what come to her but she still my mother and I still care about her even though I don't want to."
"Baby we can go see her when we get back to the city right now you need to focus on getting back to yourself."
"Your right."
"I know I am Daddy is always right."
"Shut up ugly."
"I love you baby girl"
"I love you too babes."

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