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I've been working extremely hard on my store. Hoping it would take my mind off the fact that Semaj slept with Trina. But it didn't I couldn't believe he did something like that. Out of everything he did this one hit home for me.Not only did that show he didn't care about my feelings , it showed the position at which our relationship stood. It was OVER

"Girl you okay?" Tanya asked turning off the hospital TV, to focus on me.
"A little tired I've been running around lately."
"Are you sure you've been more to yourself a lot."
"Yeah I'm fine it's just been busy."
"How's the store coming along?"
It's good. The grand opening is in two weeks I'm excited."
"I'm proud of you."
"Thanks so when is my Godson gonna be here? What are the doctors saying?"
"He's closer. I'm only 8 centimeters. I'm hoping it's today that he comes."
"Me too I'm so ready to meet him."
"Are you really Okay? I know when there is something wrong or bothering you."
"Yes."I lied. " I have just been really busy so I'm tired but I'm fine trust me ." I smiled. It was a pleasing smile but deep down it was all an act.
At this point I realized that I gave people my heart and I put trust in them but they all failed me. I was done telling true feelings and it all falls on deaf ears.
After a few more hours with Tanya I went to my dads house. I didn't want to be by myself with the thoughts of my pains running through my mind.

"Hey Nana what brings you by?" My dads asked bring me a bottle of water and taking a seat next to me.
"Just wanted to see you."
"Is there something bothering you?"
"What's the problem?"
"Semaj is fucking his baby mother while he is begging me daily to be a family. He has once again made me look like a damn fool. I really love him but right now it's looking really bad for us , fuck that for me."
"Look love can make you feel crazy things and it can attract some crazy people. Semaj is clearly driving you crazy so why don't you just focus on your store and your baby? Also let's not forget about school. Your doing too good for you to stress yourself about Semaj. He is just missing out on something really good."
"Dad I can't shake these feelings. I still get that safe loving vibe when he is around. He has this spell over me. I don't want to be without him. I want a family with him too. But he just can't get it together."
"So until he can get it together how about you focus on the better things."
"Thanks so much Dad."
"No problem Nana."
"Have you got in touch with mom?"
"No but I was thinking me and you take a trip to the rehab the day after tomorrow to visit her. Like a surprise visit?"
"I would be sort of interested."
"So can you be available around two?"
"Your really ready to. Fix things with your mom?"
"Yes. I just don't know if I fully forgive her yet."
"That's normal to feel. Your trust with her will never be same after what y'all relationship has been through. But the first step to fix this problem is to talk about it. I also heard that group discussions often help with the recovery."
"Okay. Well I'll be ready then ,I'll see you then."
"I'll be by your house at two to pick you up."
"Okay I'll be there ready on time."
I left my fathers house then went home to shower and get ready for bed. As I slid in the bed I rubbed my belly just thinking about being a mom and how happy I was that I had a second chance at my hopes and dreams. I was officially three months pregnant and I was only six months away from meeting my precious miracle baby.
I wiped a tear that came sliding down and I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep. The next morning I wore a royal blue strapless romper , with my royal blue Champion slides. I had my hair straight. I was dressed and ready to go work at the store.
I unpacked more boxes and I actually ended up filling all the shelves and racks. I had shoes and clothes everywhere in the store. My store was almost ready for everyone be to see. With most of the store ready I went home to finish up some essays I had to turn into to class in the morning. After two essay I ate some cereal and cookies and just when I was about to lay down my phone started ringing. It was Tanya.
"Ouch! Oh My God! Best friend he's coming. Can you please hurry here Maniac is not answering my calls or texts."
"Alright T, I'm on my way, be there soon."
I was only ten minutes away from the hospital so I hurried to get there. I couldn't believe that Maniac was ignoring Tanya at the absolute wrong time. But then at the same time I wasn't too surprised because he was just that much of a jerk."

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