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I sit here blowing smoke into the air trying to get my mind right. Semaj came over here accusing my brother about something he doesn't know about. I know my little brother could be careless or wild. But I know he would never be a theft.

Kamoni came over to comfort me. I didn't even look her way I just kept my head straight. Kamoni was my ride or die forreal. I did her wrong in the past and I've been trying to get her back since. But things are still touch and go.
Kamoni life is going great she got her own clothing store. She got a nice little condo for herself and shes doing more for herself then before. She actually is happy. And it hurts to see that she can be happy without me.

"Baby are you Okay?" Kamoni asked rubbing my arm. I turned and looked at her before I said anything.
"I don't know. Semaj is my best friend since we were kids and now he is accusing my brother of stealing from him."
"Ty honestly just talk to Baby and see what's going on. Because you have to see it from Semaj's point of view. He gave the package to him and all of a sudden it didn't get delivered. Something doesnt add up."
"So you taking his side?"
"Ty don't do that. It's not about sides, its about right or wrong and honestly neither one of you know what happened or what to do but you need to talk to Baby. Fast."
"I know , but that nigga hasn't been picking up his phone."
"Well do you want me to go do a pop up at his crib?"
"Nah I got this."
"Okay. Well I'm going to Atlanta for a few days. My sister is having a girls trip so just hit my phone."

After Kamoni Left I took a shower then dressed to go to the club. I needed to go clear my head.

When I arrived I seen Maniac. I was not too sure what Semaj had told him but he was my homie too.
"Yo Maniac wassup bro?" I said dapping him up.
"Wassup bro?"
"I see you in this bitch too."
"Yeah I haven't been out in a while so I said why not?"
"I feel you."
"I was going to tell Semaj to pull up."
"Nah don't do I don't want to be in the same room as him right now."
"So y'all niggas really not speaking?"
"Hell yeah that nigga accusing my brother of some shit. Like who does that to their "BOYS!"."

It wasn't about Baby anymore it was about Semaj and I .Our relationship was always up and down. We both wanted to be the Alpha.

"Semaj always been about his money so you know if whatever someone is doing or did is effecting his bread you know how he be coming. Maybe Baby did steal the money or maybe be didn't we won't know until we get Baby to say so."

"I hear you but I'm gonna hit you up later , about to go push up on some bitches."
"Okay hit my phone."

I lowkey was feeling like Everyone was siding with Semaj. And that was fucking my head up. No one didn't give a shit about what the hell I had to say.

After another hour or two I ended up leaving. I drove home and called it a night.

The next morning I woke up and called up Baby. It was time to hear the truth. But of course Baby didnt anwsered. I tried three more times but still no answer.

I was goung from worried about him to being mad about him. He was ignorimg my calls and and he simply has gone MIA on everybody leaving everyone wlse to argue over his carless mistakes.

Instead of focusing on that anymore I was more focus on Semaj. I pulled up on the block hoping to see him. When I pulled up I seen him standing there with Nana and Maniac and Raven Maniac's baby mother.

Raven is the mother of both of Maniacs kids. They have Kari who's one and King who's three. Maniac and her were crazy for each other but shit just didn't work anymore. So They went different ways so I was surprised to see her here.

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