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I felt like the best man walking EARTH. I had my future wife in my life finally. Nalaysia Carter. I knew she had been through a lot so I knew I had to bring my A-Game to make her my wife.
After leaving the doctors appointment I took her to get some food then I dropped her off at the store. I told her I would come by her house later tonight. I drove to my moms house. To talk for a little bit.

I hadn't been at my moms house since a few months ago. So I was excited to see her. I couldn't wait to tell her about Nana.
"Hey Cammy, What brings you to the city?" My mama asked giving me a kiss and a hug.
"I just came to visit you and I came to a friend's Grand Opening."
"That's good. I do miss my son."
"Yeah I miss you too Ma."
"How's my grand baby ? You have to bring her to my house."
"She's good. I left her with Auntie Shaunie at her house."
"Well when you gonna let me hold on to her for a couple of weeks."
"I'll be up her for a couple of months you'll see her then. That's like in another week or so."
"What you talking about."
"I met a lady. And she's pregnant."
"You having another baby and I'm just now hearing about this?"
"No mom relax. She was pregnant when I met her, She is sixteenths weeks."
"Oh really how did you meet this lady?"
"She celebrated her birthday in L.A and I ran into her and I knew just then I had to have her."
"How old is she? What does she do for a living. What is she like?"
"She's eighteen. She owns a store. It was her Grand Opening I went to. She gorgeous and she's funny. She passionate and she's dedicated. She is smart and very respectful and loving. She is sweet and very laid back and mad cool. She's like my best friend in some way." My mom  stood there shocked with what I was saying.
"She is a very young girl. Are you sure this right?"
"Yes mom she is very mature and she holds herself as a woman and very classy."
"I need to meet her before you take this relationship any further."
"Okay how about you come meet her over dinner. I hear she's a good cook, so how about you try it with me?"
"Okay well I'll go for that."
"I'll talk with her about it."
"Good. Now what is the whole baby by another dude thing?"
"She was I a recent relationship that ended and her baby father is like some coward ass nigga nigga and I'm just stepping up for my future stepchild."
"You are taking the responsibilities of another man for a relationship with a girl you met?"
"Mom I just really see that she's been through a lot and I feel like I can be the one to repair her."
"I see that you really care about her but I want you to think about what you are signing up for. Also does she know about your little illegal business that you are doing on the low?"
"Nah I haven't told her about it yet. Why do you have to be the one to bring that up?"
"I don't approve of it and you know it. But also you are talking about a baby that isn't born yet. A innocent baby you have to let her know what she is involving her child in."
"I know I'll have that conversation with her soon."
"Damn you are really a pain in the stomach sometimes."
"That what a mother does. It's only cause I love you and I want to see you happy."
"Oh I see." We both laughed.
After talking with my mom I slid over to
Nalaysia's house. When I got there she had on a black pink sport bra with some black spandex's shorts.

"How was your Mother's house ?" She asked getting in bed and sitting up on the side of me laying down.
"It was cool. She was being aggy like usual."
"Oh that's good."
"I told her about you."
"What? What did she say?"
"She said she wants to meet you."
"And you said what?"
I told her I would ask you to cook dinner for us. So we can try you're cooking. Get to know each other and stuff."
"Wow the pressure is heavy."
"My mom isn't that bad. But she isn't easy to please. She is very over protective over me after losing my dad and only having me. So she just wants to make sure I'm in a great place before anything goes further."
"So it's me proving that I'm a valid candidate for your mom?"
"Don't look at it like my mom is judging you or anything. Just think of it as a regular dinner with just a guest."
"Okay well since your inviting your mom I'm inviting my best friend. She is like my sister."
"Okay I don't see a problem in that. Family is Family."
"Okay well I'm down for the dinner thing."
"Great I'll let her know. We can do this the first night I come to live with you."
"Okay I can't wait to meet you're daughter."
"I know your gonna love her and she will love you too."
"I have that effect on children."
"Whatever Punk."
"I ain't no punk. You a the only punk."
"You crazy if I'm a punk."
"Actions speak louder then words."
"What you trying to say?"
"Im saying either do something or shut up."

With a instant I sat up a began kissing her. Nana made me want her every second we spent together. Her lips were soft and she had the prettiest eyes. Her skin was so smooth with a nice Carmel complexion. She had a slim thick body that made my dick dumb hard.
"Bring that pussy here." I demanded I laid Nana on her back and I pulled off her short and panties. I saw her pretty little pussy and I could hold myself.
"Look at that pretty pussy." I gave her pussy a lick . Her body jumped but I pulled her closer and began to enjoy.
"Oh shit !" Nana moaned loudly.
"You like how Daddy taste on that pretty pussy?"
"Yes Daddy! It feel so good."
"Mmmm. It taste good. This some good ass pussy baby girl." I sucked her clit and made her lose her mind.
"DADDY! I'm gonna squirt! DADDY please!" She tried to force my head away but I had her legs sercured and her hands as well. She began to squirt in my mourh and face and her juices just tasted so good.
"Daddy fuck me!" Nana moaned. She was calling for me and I was ready to answer. I stood up and pulled my brick hard dick out my pants and then took off my pants and inserted my dick in her tight pussy.
"Fuck!" I moaned. Her pussy was tight and so wet I couldn't believe how tight her pussy was around my dick. I eased it in and out of her slowly and she lost her mind.
"Daddy ! This feel so good."
"I know baby. This some wet ass pussy."
"Yes daddy it's your wet ass pussy!"
"Who pussy is it ?" I looked her in her eyes as I played with her pussy going deeper and faster.
"YOUR PUSSY!" She screamed."
"I can't hear you baby, what you say?" I sped up super fast before she could speak. She started shaking and squirting on my dick.
"That dick so good Daddy." She rubbed her clit as I slowly stroked her pussy. Eyeing her biting her soft lips.
"This who dick?"
"This my dick."
"Who dick?" I stroked faster."
"My Dick ! Daddy fuck!" Nana moaned loudly , grabbing  arms as her legs began to shake again.
"What you doing on your dick?"
"I'm coming on my dick daddy!"
"You what?"
"I'm coming on my dick daddy. Fuck me!" She moaned.

After fucking for hours and making Nana come back to back and after I busted two big nuts I cuddled my Baby Girl asleep.  When I woke up I didn't realize her no where next to me so I walked downstairs to see her cooking breakfast. She had on a black lace Victoria Secret bra and panty set. With her black PINK slides.

"Good morning Mr. Sleepyhead." Nana kissed all over my lips and face as I gripped her soft ass cheeks.
"Good morning my Queen. You up early."
"Yeah I got some business to handle at the store. I got five interviews today. One at Ten. So I got up so I can make us breakfast."
"That's sweet baby."
"Come sit so we can eat. I got us some chocolate chip pancakes with some bacon, grits and eggs. I'm drinking water what you want to drink? I got orange juice."
"I'll take some orange juice."
"Okay cool." She sat our plates on the table and then she made her way to pour me a glass of orange juice.
"Thanks baby girl. That good dick got you cooking and shit I see you. Punk." I joked.
"Shut up stupid. I always cook but this is your first time tasting my food. But that dick was good as hell. Can I get some more before I go to work?" Nana eyed me seductively.
""I gotchu baby. But I have something I want to talk with you about."
"What is it Cameron?"
"I want this to be a straight honest relationship. So I'm gonna tell you the full truth. I move work throughout a couple of states. I run a two business as a cover up job to clean the money. If you don't want to deal with that type of lifestyle then I'm cool with you falling back."Nana kinda got a little sad I could see by her body language.
"Cameron I lost my first child behind this street shit. I can't put my future or  family in that same big risk."
"I know. I don't plan on doing this forever I plan on giving that shit up and really cleaning my life up."
"I will hold you down and I will be here for you the best way I could , for anything you need me to do. But this drug shit is over soon. I'm giving you time to finish this shit up. We can't raise a family with a lifestyle like that."
"I gotchu."

After breakfast I held my word and gave Nana the sex she was craving for to lead her into a great day. After sexing on my baby I went back to my hotel to shower and pack my things. I needed to head home to my daughter and get ready for our trip back to my city. It was about be a long time away from home for my daughter but I knew it was a great idea. Plus I had to check on the restaurant and the club before returning back to Nalaysia.

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