Thirty - six

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I knew that  Nana and I settled the issue earlier that day but I still felt like she had a problem. I maybe took it too far but it was just a lot being in a relationship with Nana. Nana expected so much of me and I'm done trying to keep her, happy walking on eggshells.

For the past few days I've been working my ass off and being a father for Prince. I pulled up to my baby mother's house to see her out front with my son. I couldn't lie she was looking good. Making me think back to why I made her my girlfriend at one point. Trina was thick in all the right places she had her hair in a neat bun. She had her soft baby hairs laid as well. She had her deep cheek dimples showing while laughing with Prince. When she finally made it over to my car I jumped back into reality.
"He has a rash on his stomach I took him to the hospital they gave him some cream. I think it came from when we went to the park the other today. But he has to put that on twice a day. At night and morning." Trina explained.
"Alright I'll stay on top of it.
It's nice to see you back to your old self." I said putting Prince in the car seat.
"Thanks I appreciate that." She let out a big smile, showing off her pretty pearly whites.
"Your birthday is coming up  do you know what you want to do?"
"Nah I think I'll just stay in."
"Nah that's wack."
"I don't have anything planned."
"I'll figure something out."
"I don't want to be around a bunch of people."
"Look I'll do something simple."
"See you in a week."
"You got it." She smiled and walked away. I watched her walk in the house, while closing the door I was admiring her slim thick figure. I then got in and pulled off. Trina's birthday was in two weeks so I had time to put a little something special together for her.

When I arrived home I sat Prince on the floor so he could walk around and then I sat down to check my phone. I saw I had no missed calls or texts from Nana so I guess she was fed up too. That day I was drinking, I started our argument but it was all true feelings.
I placed my phone down and began to watch Tv. Then after putting Prince in the tub and in bed I took a shower and went to bed too.
The next morning I got Prince ready for day care then I got ready as well I made sure to make him cereal to eat while I packed his book bag. I then got a call from Maniac.
"Yerdd!" I greeted my nigga.
"Yo wassup nigga?"
"I'm about drop Prince off at daycare."
"He back with you now?"
"Yeah she keep him for two weeks and then I do, just like old times before."
"That's good that y'all back. But we got to talk business so slide by the block."
"Alright bro."
I hung up and then got Prince and his book bag and walked out the door. After dropping Prince off at daycare I went to the block. I saw Maniac standing with Marco. I knew that whatever this was it was about to piss me off.
"What's this?" I asked Maniac
Mean mugging Marco.
"Look Marco and you need to hash this shit out. Just at least hear him out." Maniac said.
"Nah I'm good call me when it's really about business I got shit to do." I walked away and got in my car and pulled off. I had no time to hear what Marco had to say I was done trying to be friends with people who are disloyal to me.

I then got a call Trina.
"Wassup T?"
I asked.
"I forgot to give you something while you was here can you come over?"She asked.
"Yeah I'll be there in ten I'm not too far I'm in the area."
"Okay great."
I then rerouted and made my way to Trina's house. I soon arrived. I walked up to her door and rung the door bell. She came and opened it. I walked in. I loved the way she decorated her place so far.
"Hey Thanks for  stopping by let me go get it have a seat." I watched how Trina walked to her room. When she came back she sat next to me on the couch and gave me a envelope.
"What's this?" I asked while opening revealing a stacks of cash. I looked at Trina.
"I wanted to start paying you back for the money I got from you to get this house. I've been working on getting my life together for myself." Trina said.
"I can't take this from you. I'm good that money isn't nothing but chump change. Keep your money." I tried to give to her but she wouldn't take it.
"Trina it's all good please take the money. Where did you even get this from?"
"Some from my little savings that I had stashed away from Stripping and from my job that I have now."
"Look I can't take this only because your my sons mother and your still in my family so I can't do that to family."
"Okay." She then took the envelope and she gave me a curious face.
"Something is bothering you isn't it ?"
"How you figure that?"
"I can see that fat ass vein bout to burst on your big ass forehead." We both laughed.
"I know you not talking with that bobble head you got?"
"Boy shut up. My head ain't that big."
"Yeah whatever you say."
"Nah but for real I know you like the back of my hand. I know when something I bothering you. So spill it."
"Look it's just a lot going on with my brother's baby being on the way. My girlfriend Nana and I broke up just a few days ago. I got a business to run. And most of all I got Marco in my face all the time to trying to get in my good grace and make up front the shit that he did."
"Look I know how hard it is to take on such responsibilities but it's what has to be done. You don't have to stress about the baby you know your mother will be the best grandmother for Issac's baby. Facing the fact that she lost hers."
"Your right. She still hurting and going through it. They don't even know who did it get nobody knows nothing but I sear I'll find out who did this, I mean that."
"Look I'm not going to say anything on that but I will say that Prince needs you he can't be a man without his father around so think long and hard about what your going to do. I know your trying to change so that doesn't sound like the best option."
"You got a point but I need my revenge for Issac."
"Also with that girl Nana you guys broke up, why?"
"I came in the house late she was trippin and then we slightly made up and when she came back in the hous I felt like she still felt some type of way so we got into an argument and I told her I wanted to be single." I explained.
"Semaj what do you expect her to feel when you come in made late."
"She needs to trust me."
"Did you cheat or lie to her before?"
"Would trust her or hold at the same level of trust after she did that shit to you?"
"Nah you don't get it."
"Answer the question?"
"My point exactly. You can't do things like that to people and expect them to just take you back and put up with it. That shit right there is the same reason you hurt me. You want people to trust you but your the one breaking people's hearts."

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