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Sitting in the car waiting for Maniac to come outside. We were supposed to be heading out of town gor a couple of days but he was taking mad long to come outside so I figured to just go see what was taking him so long.

When I walked in his house I seen him holding Tanya by her neck with two hands as she was kicking and screaming.
"Yo bro you trippin!" I ran over to pull Maniac off of her. Tanya fell to the floor hold her neck crying.

She had a black eye and a bruise on her neck. She sat on the floor crying. I looked down at her stomach she was showing even more than when I seen her at the prom.

"This bitch got me fucked up!" Manaic hollered.
"That'ss a female and she pregnant you trippin let's hurry up and get out of here we got business to go handle."
"Let's go then."

When we got to airport Nana called me.
"Wassup baby?" I answered.
"First of I didn't let him do shit."
"You could of did more than tell him y'all had business to take care of. You ain't shit just like him." Then the phone clicked. I was pissed off that Nana called me on that bullshit.

As we sat in airport waiting for our flight to go to Atlanta i looked over at Manaic.
"Maniac What the fuck is your problem?" I asked.
"Bro ain't shit wrong with me it's these bitches. She was hitting on me and punching me about her going through my phone and seeing some picture of me and my baby mother laying down together. So I had to lay hands on her." Maniac explained.
"Bro she's pregant are you serious?"
"Look you handle your bitches how you do and I'll handle mine how I do."

I didn't say nothing else. This wouldn't be the first time I had to break up a fight between Manaic and his girlfriend. He did the same thing to females in the past.

Once we landed in Atlanta I checked my phone to see if Nana had reached out to me , but she didn't. I knew Nana would be mad but I didn't want it to crowd her mind with her carrying the baby.

I just got in the shower than I went to bed.


The next morning I went to meet up with an old friend of mine named Kayla. Kayla and I used to work the streets together back when she was stripping and selling drugs. We fucked around a few times before but it was years ago. Now she called me and said it was ergent to speak with her.

When I got to her house I seen her sitting on porch woth her daughter. I was surprised when I found out she had a daughter. Kayla always spoke about how she didn't want to be a mom.

"Wassup Kayla?" I greeted.
"Wassup Semaj , it's been a while since I seen you." Kayla stood to give me a hug.
"I see baby girl got bigger since I last seen her."
"Yeah Milan say "Hi"."
Milan just waved.
"Look I know you a busy man do let's go inside to talk." Kayla guided me into her house where we took a seat in the living room.
"So wassup kay?"
"Well you know Honcho?"
"Yeah that Spanish nigga you used to mess with."
"Yeah did you know that he is Milan's father?"
"Nah I didn't know. Everyone told me that you wasn't sure."
"Well he is and the DNA test proved it. So Honcho and his brother Manny stopped by the club that I work at now and came to me talking about Ty. They said that Ty is planning to take over the streets. Now I know that you and him got beef so I thought it was a little suspect for Baby to be out here in Atlanta."
"So these niggas want to go to war?"
"Semaj I look at you like a brother but if these niggas is looking for me to be on some hoe shit with you that's a wrap. But I will say this you better watch your back."
"I appreciate you coming to me about this shit. But what you doing tonight?"
"Nothing right now I'm waiting for Milan's God mother to come get her after that im free."
"Well you should come out with me. Maniac is out here too."
"Okay most def."
"You know it's been a while since we hung out."
"Yeah I'll just hit your phone what club y'all going to?"
"Magic City."
"Okay see you tonight."

After leaving Kayla's house I had to come to the realization that my own friends isn't really my friend. I never intended to go to war with Ty or Baby but since niggas want to move funny I'm ready for anything coming next.

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