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Major Ali Davis was finally here. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. My son was perfect. I was so happy. Now that I'm a soon to be wife I'm on a even bigger high. I didn't expect Maniac to finally to pop the question. The strong feeling to say "yes" made me find just a little more trust , faith and hope in our relationship. So now it's the world against us.

After two days in the hospital the doctors checked on Major and I and then released. We didn't get released until around seven o'clock. Maniac was there to pick us up to bring us home. He drove me back out house and I instantly felt warm and safe. I carried my wallet and phone while Maniac carried our son in the car seat and his baby bag too. I was finally loving how Maniac was being a family man. But I was wondering how long was this gonna last?

"Baby you hungry?" Maniac asked. As he joined me in the bed and kissed my neck.
"Yeah baby I've been craving some Chinese. Some chicken shrimp fried rice."
"Damn baby you must be hungry hungry." Maniac laughed and so did I. I really missed my baby.
"Yeah nigga that hospital food was nasty I've been craving some real food."
"You really are my fiancé." Maniac kissed my lips. Then stared in my eyes.
"Yes now I hope you really stick to your word. Hold me down and I'll hold you down."
"Baby I got you. I can't let you go, you way too good for me to just let you move on to someone else. Also you gave me my son. I love you baby. I'm gonna get it right this time."
"I love you too baby." I kissed him and then he held me in his arms. After our little lovey couple moment Manaic ordered our food and I washed the baby up and fed him. He instantly fell asleep.

"He really is finally here, and already trying to take my side of the bed?" Maniac laughed as he  laid on the other side of the bed next to Major.
"He's so perfect. I couldn't be more happier than right now."
"Baby me neither."

After we ate we fell asleep but I was up soon after to change the Major's diaper but then I was right back out. The next morning when I woke up I made sure the baby was cleaned and fed before I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then I walked down stairs. I seen Semaj and Maniac talking in the living room. I then seen Trina come walking out my kitchen to sit next to Semaj. I lost it.
"What the hell is wrong with you Maniac?" I asked.
"Baby what you talking about?"
"You gonna invite this hoe ass bitch into my house knowing how I'm coming about my Bestfriend?"
"Baby I didn't think it was that deep they was both just leaving anyways. Calm down."
"Whatever get that bitch out of my house. Now!" I walked in the kitchen then returned with my baby in one hand and a water in the other hand. I pulled the baby car seat next to the couch then I laid him in the car seat to sleep while I focused back on Trina and Semaj.
"Baby chill Semaj the homie." Maniac tried to talk to me but I stared down Trina trying to hold back my rage.
"Semaj is the homie but this bitch isn't. I don't give a fuck if she only came in to use the bathroom get her out our house now Maniac."
"Look bro I'll just holler at you later cause Tanya trippin." Semaj stood Then Trina did too. Maniac walked them out then came back to sit next to me.
"Baby why you was coming like that?"
"Nana is my Bestfriend. I'll be damn if I'll sit here and let that hoe ass bitch sit on my couch and shit, while she's the reason my friend is hurting right now. She better be lucky my son was here if not I would of knocked her head off."
"Baby you really crazy but I have to respect that. You hungry?"
"Yeah I want some fish and grits."
"Alright I gotchu."
After breakfast Maniac went out to handle business and I took the time to adore my baby boy. I also did some cleaning and online shopping then Nana came to see me.
"Hey Mama." Nana came in with a huge smile on her face and sat on the couch. But it was something really different about her. She had a glow that was hard to miss.
"I see you are glowing that baby bump little but showing and shit." I joked.
"Girl please I just got a goodnight rest and I'm honestly stress free."
"That's good to hear."
"Yeah I see Major is sleep. What you do to my Godson?"
"Nothing he's not rally much of a fuss. He eats sleeps and he'll wake up from time to time but not often."
"That's good."
"Now how's my Godchild?"
"Oh everything is great."
"How's the store coming along?"
"It's great I'm just excited for the grand opening in two weeks."
"That's good."
"But you won't believe who I spoke to."
"Your mom?"
"Wow that's why you all stress free and shit. You out here handling business."
"Relax but yeah. My dad talked me into it and finally I excepted. I saw her and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She was looking great."
"That's good that she is taking this rehabilitation serious."
"Yeah I told her I would give her another chance at being my mom or whatever."
"That's good too. Your child is going to need his grandma and grandpa."
"Them two can't get along for shit but they both are in my life with a chance at a relationship with me."
"You finally did it. I bet it feels good."
"Yeah it does."
"Now you can bring your precious miracle baby in this world with both of his or her grandparents. Now you have to work on opening this store. And finishing school."
"That's the plan I'm no longer wasting time. I'm making sure I'm looking out for me and my baby. Motherhood is something I always wanted to be apart of, growing up with a broken relationship with my mother was the reason. I can't afford to waste no more
"Well you got people behind you so trust me your gonna accomplish everything and more."

After talking with Nana she left to get some rest. I was only alone to take care of the baby until around ten when Maniac came in. I laid the baby on the bed then walked out to see him. He was sitting on the stool covered in blood. I panicked.
"Baby I had to make moves and shit went bad. I can't really say how right now."
"You need to say something. Your covered in blood. Is it yours? Is it someone else's?"
"It's not mine."
"Maniac you better start talking. You coming in here with someone else's blood on your body and tracking in our house where your fiancé and newborn son stay. Who does shit like that? Start talking Now!"
Maniac looked up at me in his eyes I seen that he was far gone. He had blood on him and it wasn't like him to be speechless. So whatever happened must of really did a number on him. As his lady and his partner for life, I took him upstairs to the bathroom. I ran him a hot bath and then I made sure he got cleaned up. After his bath Maniac was a little better then.
"Baby I'm really sorry." Maniac said not trying to make eye contact. I felt his pain but I didn't know where he was really going.
"Baby I know you are but I gotchu."
"I'm glad I really met you ,my queen . But I know I've did my wrong and I really did something bad this time. I really think this is the one ghost to haut me. I know this will blow up a lot of things for us. I just need to know that regardless of what happens you will stay down for me."
"Baby I'm down for life."
"I love you Tanya."
"I love you too Daddy." I placed a kiss on his lips then I made my way to bed and he followed. He cradled me to sleep I woke up to the baby crying but then I saw Maniac go to see what was wrong.
"Hey man. What's wrong ? You hungry? Oh no you used the bathroom. Daddy got you." Manaic talked to the baby just getting cries and whimpering in return but still making out what's bothering him. He changed the baby's diaper and then he handed him over to me to breast feed him.
"Good morning baby girl?" Maniac kissed me then walked in the bathroom.
"Good morning." I said back blushing.
"My son just needed his dads touch and love and he was gonna be just fine."
"I hear you. I see you know how to understand him I guess your previous kids was a practice."
"Yeah I would say that." We both laughed.

After breakfast Maniac took Major and I shopping. I brought a few outfits and then I brought Major some matching outfits with his father. I was enjoying the family time we were having but it was extremely hard to focus on the good when the man I love and that's the father of my child might be going away for some time. I wasn't too sure of how I was going to go about things but I knew I had to keep my word and hold him down.

"Baby you good?" Maniac asked. I was looking off into a daze when he brought me back to reality.
"Yeah I'm good just thinking." I laid down next to him on the bed facing him. One look in his eyes could make you melt. Well damn it sure did make me.
"About what ?" Maniac caressed my face.
"You. I'm trying to figure out how am I supposed to handle everything while your away. I'll have to get a job and make the money for our son to eat it's just a lot."
"Baby you will never have to work as long as I'm here on this earth. I have all that in place. You just have to keep doing what you do. Take care of our son. Make sure business gets done and stay out of trouble."
"That's all?"
"Yes I need you to be here for me as well. I just need you to continue to do what you've been doing so far. Nothing changes except for the fact that I won't be here for a little while."
"Baby you mean the world to me and I can't afford to go through this again. I can't put our family through that. So let this be the last time something like this ever happens again. I want you out."
"Baby I'm out from this point forward I'm stepping up to my mistakes and I'm working on making a better man of myself."
"You better really be telling me the truth."
"I am I swear."
We kissed then hugged. I really was going to lose my fiancé. I was torn inside.

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