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I had been busy with the baby all by myself. Maniac has been gone for days. I was stressing over a lot of shit. I was starting to see time after time that I made some bad choices as far as being with Maniac. I called Nana over to vent. Seeing her looking cute and happy made me feel so happy for her.
" I see you're showing now? You are how far along now?"
"Yeah , I'm twenty weeks now."
"Do you know the gender yet?"
"Having a gender reveal party so I'll find out soon."
"I hope I got a invite."
"Yeah why would think you wouldn't?"
"I don't know we've been on bad terms lately."
"Your my best friend, no matter what we always bounce back."
"That's true."
"Tanya I'm tired of arguing with you, I want what's best for you and your son but you too stuck but no your own way to see that. I'm done so whatever you want to do with yourself I'm not going to stand in your way anymore."
"I know but no one walks in my shoes so they won't know why I do what I do."
"I can understand that."
"I wanted to see you to also talk about something I've been working on."
"What's up?"
"I've been stashing some money away from Maniac because I'm thinking about leaving him."
"Wow what made you want to finally leave his ass?"
"I'm tired of him acting like he doesn't have a good woman. I laid down and had his child and decided to take him back and marry him but he still hasn't changed I'm done forcing something that will never be."
"Well what's your plan?"
"I need help I don't have a plan."
"Look you can focus on you and your son first finding a place close enough so he can still see his father and a place far enough for you get away from Maniac."
"I know I've been looking at two bedroom houses and I found a great one and I'm looking at it tomorrow. I'm tired of Maniac controlling means treating me like shit, as well."
"Finally you see yourself for what you deserve."
"I'm also looking for a trip to Miami for my birthday."
"Wow who's all invited?"
"I want to invite everyone even Raven I want it to be a fun girls trip. I missed L.A , so I have to go all out in Miami."
"Well I'll tell the ladies and I'll let you know what they say."
"Great keep me posted."

After Nana left Maniac came home and he didn't even say a word to me. I was sick and tired of Maniac treating me however he wanted to. I finally spoke my mind.
"I really hope my son doesn't turn out like you. I hope he knows what a real man is. I hope he knows that his dad wasn't the proper example." I stood there with my arms on my hip. I watched Maniac pack a bag.
"Bitch! I gave you a better life than what you had. I'm the best nigga you ever had. I even gave you a son. You so ungrateful it's sad. I should of left you like the bum ass bitch that you was."
His word pour out like hot lava and it was melting my skin away. I felt practically dead. The words hit me me like bullets. I was finally seeing him for who he really was.
"I never asked you for shit but for respect, honesty and loyalty. You broke all that shit I put my trust in you and you put your hands on me. I really can't believe I'm going through this with someone who I'm supposed to marry."
"I only asked you to marry me because if I get arrested you can't testify, legally you married to me. You ain't as special as you think. You just another regular bitch I tried to bring some life to." Maniac grabbed his bag he walked out the door. I stood in the middle of our room. My heartbeat was racing my blood was boiling. I wanted to make him eat the words he shot at me. I pulled out a black duffel bag and began packing some of my clothes. I pulled out more suitcases and packed all my things. Then I went to Major's room where he was sound asleep and opened his closet and packed up his clothes and things as well. I took a small break to roll a blunt and then I went back to my business. I got all our things into my car or at least the important stuff we needed. I knew I would need to make a second trip. I got Major out the bed and I got him dressed. He eventually woke up but after a bottle he was right back asleep , then I drove to my mother's house.

After a few knocks she came to answer the door. Surprised to see me there with my son and almost everything I practically owned.
"Tanya what is going on?" We sat down in the living room and began to talk.
"Mom I'm fine. Maniac deserves whatever life serves his ass. I can't have my son around him. I am looking at a house tomorrow and I'll be maybe moving in this weekend. I can finally leave his ass. I'll have everything in my name and it will be legit. I'm done being mistreated it's time I boss up on his ass not just me but for my son he needs me." I explained
"Baby I will take care of him until you get everything together. Just be careful Tanya. Maniac is crazy."
"But a bitch that's fed up is even more crazy."

I was sitting on my bed in my room smoking a blunt thinking about everything. I wasn't about to just allow the rest of my life to be turned upside down because of I'm loving a man that didn't love me back. I was finally done with Maniac. It's time he see the REAL ME.

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