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Tonight was my big day. My trip was amazing. I was still pissed with Semaj but I was happy I met Cam. He was everything a woman can ask for. He makes me feel all nice inside and out. I made sure to keep in contact with him after we left L.A.
"So what you doing right now?" I asked Cam on the phone while I was cleaning the house.
"Just finishing up some unpacking. Are you ready for tonight?"
"Yes I am. I'm a little nervous."
"Nalaysia you got this. I know everyone will love it and you got me I'll help you along the way. You're in good hands for sure." Cam's words brought such warmth to my body. Cam was becoming more and more of what I wanted , he was just right for me.
"Thanks Cameron. I'm glad your my friend."
"I am too." We both laughed.

After talking with Cameron on the phone, I went to prepare for my Grand Opening for  "Fashion Exclusives". I was more than ever ready. It was time to grind. Since it was my Grand Opening, I decided to go with something simple but sexy. I wore a white tube top revealing my baby bump. I chose the black high waiste slacks and I wore some white Red Bottoms. My hair had been done earlier this morning in thirty inch side part sew-in. I had did a nice natural face for my makeup. I wore the black Gucci clutch I brought. I gave my outfit one last look before heading out the door. I admired my small baby bump. I could wait to meet my bundle of joy.

When I pulled up to the store I seen tons of people outside waiting in a big crowd. I was so blown away , that this many people were interested in my store. I felt like my city really had my back, it was no better feeling.

When I got out I seen people recording and taking pictures, I felt like a celebrity or something. I never felt so important than at this moment. I spotted Danny waiting the entrance. I looked around at the decorations and everything was on point from the flowers to the Grand Opening banner. I was pleased.

I gave Danny a hug and then I turned to the crowd. I grabbed the microphone and began my speech.
"Hello everyone that came out tonight. I'm happy to say that my city definitely has my back. The idea of me owning my own store came to me when I was ten years old and now to be only eight years later have that dream come true it really moves me. I'm more than ready to welcome you guys to the one and only Fashion Exclusives. I turned to cut the red ribbon. And I opened the door. Everyone followed me inside. I looked up at the ceiling and I saw the center chandelier that I requested. I felt like I was in a wonderland. This night couldn't get any better.

"Nana!" Kennedy comes cheering walking over to give me a hug. I smile and hug her back.
"What girl? You screaming my name like your crazy."
"Girl I just want to say you did your thing with this store. This is a dope location and the prices are affordable. You really got something good going."
"Yeah I plan on maybe opening up more stores all across the map."
"Then do that."
"Did you invite Semaj or Trina?"
"Kennedy why the hell would I invite them bitches to my Grand Opening? That's a dumb question."
"Well I only asked cuz they're here."
"What ?" I turned to to see Semaj walking in holding hands with Trina. I didn't think to see him but I knew they had nothing better to do but aggravate me.
I walked over to them greeting people. They looked like a happy ghetto couple. I couldn't stand when Semaj tried to flex with that bum ass bitch.

"Semaj I really can't argue with you and your baby mother. Tonight is more important. What y'all doing here?" I asked. They eyed me up and down but I held me shit.
"We came to support you. I did help fund this business I would like to see what you did with the time and money. You did good to be honest."
"Semaj that is very nice of you to make yourself feel better  by bringing that up. I'll pay you back every dime. So that you can quit rubbing shut in my face."
"Nana you are my baby mother I did that out of support no need to pay me back just hold shit down."
"I got this just stay out my face."

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