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"Damn."" I moaned. I was trying to not enjoy such pleasure but it was becoming so hard.

After I was done climaxing. I rose up to make eye contact with Ty. I knew us messing around wouldn't be a good look but I was at the point of not resisting anymore.
"Ty we can't hide this from everyone." I said getting my things together to shower.
"Who said I was hiding?" Ty asked getting dress.
"You know everyone is gonna have something to say about me and you being together."
"So let them talk I'm not about to hide the shit I do."
"Well let me get ready to go to work." I said kissing him one last time before disapearing into the bathroom.

Ty and I have been seeing each other for these past few weeks and it's been amazing if you ask me. I was very known around the city and so was Ty. The last thing I needed was everyone judging me for being with Ty or having something to say about Ty being with me.

After I got ready for work I headed out while driving to work I got a call from Leon.
"What do you want Leon?" I asked.
"I need you to come get Sasha something came up."
"How if I'm on my way to work I can't you better figure something out because your stuck with her for the week we already discussed this."
"La La come on I can't take her with me."
"Then leave her with your mother cuz I can't bring her to work with me."
"My mother is at work too."
"What the hell do you want me to do if I'm at work. Bye." I hung up.

I wasn't trying to seem like I didn't want to have anything to do with Sasha. I love my child but Leon never does his part and this time I'm not going for that bullshit again.

I continued to head to work I worked at as a receptionist for a clothing store. It was in Manhattan New York. I hated my job. I worked with a bunch of up tight ass people who think they are better than me. I only worked a few hours during the day and then I wpuld go dance at the strip club.

When I got to work I clocked in and began to work my shift. As I was fixing the clothes on the shelves my boss Maria came over to me.
"Lania, Corey said he asked you to work the register and you told him no, is that true?"
"No that isn't true. He didn't come to me about anything."
"Well let's not forget who is at a higher position next time."
"First off let's not forget I will trash this fucking place don't just try to disrespect me in my face." I shouted as customers eyed me.

"Is there a problem?" Corey asked coming from the register and over to us.
"Well if Lania doesn't get it together it will." Maria replied.
"Corey why would you tell her I told you I wasn't working the register?"
"Umm.... Ummm." Corey studdered.
"Lania I'm only gonna ask you once to take a walk or face repercusions."
"Repercussions for What? Every time I come to this job y'all pick the little shit to try and fire me."
"Lania this is a business not a party if you don't lower your voice." Corey stepped in.
"You can go to hell."
"That's it your fired." Maria stated marching away.

I stood there in disbelief at the same time I held it together long enough to get my things together and leave I drove home and when I pulled up I seen Ty's car parked out front.

"Hey baby you home from work early." Ty kissed me and gripped my ass.
"I got fired." I said flopping on to the couch and going for the blunt in the ashtray.
"What you mean?"
"I got into with my boss and mangaer and they fired me."
"So now What?"
"I just have to bust my ass at the club until I find a better one."
"Look you know if you or Sasha need anything you can count on me cuz we both know that Leon broke ass ain't shit."
"Let's not talk about him."
"You right." Ty began kissing my neck and rubbing his hands all over my body. I just enjoyed my blunt as he did all the work.

Once he got me undress I laid across the couch with my legs opened wide as Ty got down on his knees to please me. He started with kissed along my thighs then worked his way to my clit where he place his touge ans he made me squirm and moan.
"Fuck!" I moaned.
"You taste so good baby."
"I know I do."

After a couple more mintes I came but it was over. After that followed some well needed sex. It helped me to be more calm but I knew it was only going to get more out of hand.

Ty stayed for a bit longer than he left to meet up with Baby. I just laid in the bed watching until I decided to reach out to Nana.

Nana and I didn't really talk as much since her and Semaj got back together.
"Wassup Girl." Nana said sounding excited to hear from me.
"Nothing just laying down. You should come over so we can catch up."
"Yeah give me fifteen mintes I got to get Prince ready is it fine that I bring him over?"
"Girl you know he's welcome here too."
"Okay Well see you soon."

When Nana and Prince arrived I sat in the livingroom with them.
"So how's everythings with Semaj?"
"Things are good. His mother and I have a good relationship. His family loves me. Except for Danny. And we are about to be parents soon."
"Get out of here? For real?"
"Yeah I'm pregnant I went to the doctors today and they told me I'm six weeks."
"Omg y'all are going to be great parents I'm happy for you. I know Tanya was happy as hell."
"Well we aren't speaking. She feels like I'm being a hater on her and Maniac dating."
"She has always been a hard-head. Do she know he still fucking with his baby mother and she pregnant right now too?"
"Yeah I told her but she is still lusting ovet this nigga."
"She gonna have to learn on her own."
"Well just be happy that you about to be an aunty."
"How do you feel?"
"I feel great I lnow I got people behind me just in case I need help and I know I am going to kick ass as a mom."
"That's good well I called you here cuz I wanted to vent a little."
"What's wrong?"
"I got fired today?"
"Damn what happened?"
"I got into it with my boss and manager."
"Damn So now you just working just the club?"
"Yeah and it's back to being hard cuz you know Leon ain't shit."
"Look if you need anything you know I got You."
I know thanks."
"Well I heard around the streets that you fucking with Ty please tell me that ain't true."
"If it is true then what?"
"Look if you are then I can only be happy with it cuz it's not my choice or life. But anyways I got an idea and I want to share it with you."
"Well I have been saving my little money up to start my own baby botiuqe. I think it would be dope. It's a store to shop for baby clothes. The idea came when my bestfriend got pregnant but now that I'm pregnant I think it's great."
"That's dope but when do you plan on putting this plan into effect?"
"Well I'm meeting with a real estate agent tomorrow to look at a few spots and I'm excited."
"Wow well you know if you want my support you got it."
"Well I want you to work for me. I know I'm gonna need employee's so what do you say?"
"Girl I would be honored."

I truely was honored that Nana thought about me. One door closed and another opened. I was excited for what was to come.

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