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Its been a month since Nana broke up with me. At first I was up to fix the relationship, but now it kinda meant nothing to me anymore. I was blowing up her phone like daily. I mean calls, texts and long paragraphs saying how sorry I was. She still didn't give in. So now I guess it's up to me to just move on.

As I sit on the couch in my mother's house my mother comes sit and join me.
"Semaj are you okay?" She asked.
"Yeah its just been alot on my mind." I said trying not to tell her about whats really on my mind.
"I know when something is bothering you. So what is is?"
"I was dating this girl Nana and shit been rocky. Thats all."
"Dating? How come I've never met her?"
My mother wadnt the super cool mom. She could be hard to please.
"I just wasnt ready for y'all to meet."
"Well I think I should know the girl thats got my son looking like he lost his best friend."
"Mom its nothing."
"Well what happened?"
"I was cheating and lying. She got tieed of it and left. Ive been trying to get her back but it seems to be really over."
"Do you love her?"
"Are you sure, love is a strong word?"
"Ma she is better than anything that I've had in the past. Like I would marry her."
"So if you feel like that then why are you doing her wrong. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Your father did the same shit."
"Dont compare me to that nigga." One thing I hated was being compared to my father. I didn't know my father. I had always blamed him for my problems. He was the reason I did everything I could to be a good father to my son.
"Sorry but its the truth you are acting like him. That's. why I left his ass sadly it was after I had two kids that I noticed I needed to leave his ass."
My mother walk into the kitchen. I got up and followed her.
"Look mom I got some business to take care of. I'll come get Prince tomorrow." I said giving her a hug and kiss goodbye.
When I left my mother's house I went home. I had already been texting this girl I met at the mall one day. Her name was Erica. So I decided to invite her over.
Nana was clearly done with me, so I wasnt about to sit around and trip about it.

When Erica arrived I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She was short and super thick. She had red hair and it was down to her big butt. It had to be At least thirty inches. Then she had the most prettiest smile. Everytime she would smile or even talk her dimples would show. She ahd tattoos was fire too. She was a big ten in my eyes.
"So you got a son?" She asked looking at my pictures in my living room.
"Yeah. His name is Prince."
"Okay thats cool."
"You smoke?"
"Alright so we about to smoke and order some food and chill alright?"

So far Erica was giving me a good vibe. After we ate and watched a movie we fell asleep on my couch. When I woke up she was still sleep so I went to the bathroom.

When I came out I seen her putting on her shoes and her getting her things to go.
"Where you going?" I asked.
"I have to hurry home I can't be late for work."
"Alright just text me when you get home."
I hugged her and then she left. I was alone once again. Sadly the only one I could think about was Nana. Even though I kept fucking her over. She seemed to be the only one I knew was legit. She was my baby girl.

I decided to shower and get dress. I had to go get a hair cut and handle some business before I go get Prince.
Once I was out the shower I dried off then slipped into some boxers. I wore my black Champion sweat suit with my black Uggs. I grabbed my car keys then I left.
When I got to the barber shop I seen my boy Maniac getting a shape up. I tapped him and everyone in the shop and sat in Rell's chair. Rell was the only one I let cut my hair since I was like six.
"How you been Semaj?" Rell asked.
"Good. I can't complain I'm still alive and my son good so I guess I'm straight."
"Thats good. You still with Nana?"
"Nah Bro shit complicated."
"I know y'all gonna fiure it out."
"Yeah I hope so."

While sitting in the chair texting Erica I heard the door chime open. I look up to see it was a drug dealer named Tyreek. He was cool we didn't have beef but I just never really spoke to him. I couldn't lie he was getting money. Not more than me but he was eating good.
After he came in he took a seat across from me in this guy Tony's chair.
"Wassup Rell?" Tyreek asked.
"Hey Reek. How you been boy?"
"You know maintianing and trying to stay out of drama."
"That's good."
"You missed my birthday party that my wife threw for me."
"Yeah I know had business to handle. But my girl in the car in the phone when she done I told her to bring your gift."
"Thanks Man."
"As a matter of fact here she come right now."
We all turned our heads to see who was coming in. I was mad when I seen Nana walking in with a fucking blue box in her hand. I couldn't believe this hoe ass bitch would move on to Tyreek. I was livid.
"Nana?" Rell asked. He was just as shocked as evryone else. Even Maniac.
"Hey Rell. Hey everyone and her you go birthday boy. Happy belated birthday." She said with a smile. She looked at me then she walked over to Tyreek.

I couldn't believe this bitch. After everything I was starting to see she was just a huge mistake.

She sat over by Tyreek while he got his hair cut. Then we we both got finshed at the same time. As we was walking out I caught Nana staring at me. I gave her a disgusted look then I got in my car and drove off.

Later that night I found myself laying in the bed with Erica watching tv. I was only thinking about how I gave this girl everything any girl could ask for and she up and did the shit she did.
"Semaj are you okay?" Erica asked bringing me back to reality.
"I just got some shit on my mind."
"Well I don't think I'm a super hero or anything. But I'm a good listener." She smiled. Them I smiled.
"Okay so I had a girlfriend and her name was Nana. She was only sixteen when we started dating. I fell in love with her because she was different. She wasn't about my money she was about my heart. Well at least I thought she was until today when I seen her in the barber shop with this nigga named Tyreek."
"Damn so did you guys break up because she cheated?"
"No I was cheating and lying to her and she just left me. But I've been trying to make it right for a month now but she has been ignoring me until I seem her today. It just pissed me off how she could just walk away from our bond just that easy that goes to show that she never cared from the beginning."
"Semaj I hear what your saying. But understand her point. You cheated and lied to her just way too many times and maybe she feels like it was just time she found someone else."
Everything Erica was saying was hitting me like a brick to the face. I knew I loved Nana and I had a fucked up way of showing it. But I still was hurt to see her move on. Especially with Tyreek.
After chilling with Erica for little bit longer she left for a late shift at her job and I left to go get my son. I just wanted to be around some love and I knew my son would give it to me.

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