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I can't believe Maniac had the guts to raise his hand at my best friend. I was livid. Not only with Manic but with Semaj. Even though it was Semaj's business he still could of did more than he did but he didn't. The two of them have still been out of town so far it's going on a week. I tried to not get myself so worked up over it but this was going to be first and last time Tanya will ever let Maniac do something like this.

While laying in the bed with Prince curled up next to me I heard the door open. I jumped up and Prince did too. He had been asking for his daddy since he left. When I picked him up and walked downstairs I seen Semaj sitting on the couch smoking a blunt.

"So you ready to hear my side or you trying to only tell at me about shit that has nothing to do with me?" Semaj asked as he took Prince out my arms and sat back down.
"Tell me what happened?"
"All I know is Manaic and I was supposed to go to Atlanta and while he had me waiting in the car for like an hour I just walked in to tell him to hurry and I found him choking her so I broke it up then we left. I asked him about it and he told me to mind my business so I'm doimg just that. Tanya is a grown ass woman and I'll be damn if I'm the blame for her choice to get with him."
"I'm not blaming you but let's not act like you couldn't of did more. What if it was me?"
"It wouldn't be you because I don't hit females. So don't do that."
"Whatever I'm going to work so let me go get ready."
"You still going to my moms party?"
"Yes I'll be off by then."

I got in the shower then I dried off and got dress. Once I was ready I headed out for work. When I got there it was crowded like usual but then I seen Raven.
"Hey girl haven't heard from you in a while. How's everything going?" Raven asked.
"Things are kinda good."
"I seen on Instagram that you went to prom with Semaj y'all was so cute."
"Thank you but how's the baby situation? Did you tell him?
"Yeah he is happy with me having another one of his big headed babies but lately he's been staying at my place and shit I think he wants to get back together."
I stood in silence before saying anything I was lost for what to say I was sitting between two people who had feelings and a baby by the same person.
"Your total is $550.00."
Raven and I talked about linking up for a girls night and I told her I would think about it. After I got off work at two. I drove straight home to get ready for Tori's party.

I was happy to see her starting to except me but I wasn't in the mood to be around a lot of people. And I damn sure wasn't trying to see Danny.

While in the car I remained quiet. Until Semaj pulled up to his mother's house.
"Nalaysia , what's wrong?"
"Semaj, I got something to tell you but I don't want you to say anything to Maniac or Tanya."
"Did you know Raven was pregnant?"
"No. She is?"
"Yeah and it's Maniac's. She told me that he is happy about it and that he has even been trying to get back with her. Now I haven't figured out how I was going to tell Tanya and I need help. You know that's my best friend."
"Nana leave that shit alone. I don't need you in no drama and I can't afford to go to war with my anymore of my niggas over nothing stupid. Everyone knows Maniac is a hoe and him and Raven will always fuck with each other. Let's just go in here and spend time with my family. No drama."

When we stepped in Tori's house everyone was sitting around drinking and having conversation.

As soon as Tori saw Semaj and I step in she walked over to us.
"Hey Nana it's nice to see you again." Tori greeted with a hug. I smiled and hugged her back.
"Semaj I got someone here for you. Follow me."
Semaj looked towards me then walked behind his mother. When I followed then two to the kitchen I seen Danny standing with Tyrome and Jenny.
"Wassup cuzzo!!" Tyrome greeted with a hug. Semaj and Tyrome looked too much alike. They could of been mistaken for brothers if you didn't know they were cousins.
"Wassup Rome?"
"Nothing out here on some business so I came to see the family. How shit been for you?"
"Man , shit been crazy. Just found out some shit and it got me thinking about how I'm about to move forward."
"What you mean?"
"Long story. We can talk about it some other time."
"That's cool. I see you ain't come alone." Tyrome looked me and smiled.
"Yeah This my babygirl she everywhere with me."
"I see you bro, honestly you look happy so I'm cool with what y'all got going on."
"Yeah I mean she might be a headace sometime but that's only when I've most likely did something wrong. Like I really love this girl."
Hearing Semaj talk about me with Tyrome makes me feel different. I knew Semaj really loved me and that was what I only wanted from him. His love.
"How about you Nana how you feel about my cousin?" Tyrome asked me dragging me out my thoughts.
"Trust me it ain't easy with him but I that if I need him he will be right there in a quick second. He is really the only one I have. That's why I love him." I gave Semaj a kiss then I went back to talking with Tyrome.
"Well y'all seem perfect for each other. How does your mother feel about Nana?"
"She gave her a hard time at first but they came around to each other."
"Yeah we did." I agreed with Semaj , but then I saw Tanya and Maniac walk in together. Tanya had her makeup done perfectly to hide her bruised face.

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