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"Nana !" Yelled Veronica. Veronica was Nana's mother. They didn't have a good relationship at all. Veronica was nothing but a drug addict. She would sit around the house and get high all day. Nana was ashamed of her mother and resented her for it.
"Nana ! "She yelled again this time Nana appeared from the back room.
"Yes?" Nana stood there with her arms crossed over her chest , looking at her mother with a disgusted face. While her mother scratched. Nana was a pretty petite girl. She had a nice brown complexion. She had braces too. She didnt have much money but she did get state benefits. With the little bit of money her mother would break her off she would buy clothes and shoes. She didnt have name brand but she had the basics.
"Come go to the store."
"I'm doing my homework. Send Ronny."
Ronny was Veronica's boyfriend. Nana didn't claim him as her stepdad or anyhting. She couldn't stand him either. He was nothing but a perv. He would always tell Nana if he didn't already have her mother he would of chosen her.
"Girl what did I just say?"
"Well I'm busy so I can't go I have to finish this work if I dont then my grades will drop."
"Girl I'm not about to repeat myself."
Veronica stood up and began to walk towards Nana who didn't even budge.Finally  Nana walked away to her room to get her jacket to go outside.
"What do you want ?" Nana asked while looking at her mother as if she was nothing.
"Don't get the shit slapped out of you Nana. I want a pack of cigarettes."

Nana rolled her eyes then made her way to the store. Nana's mother wasn't always on drugs. That didn't happend until she met Ronny. Ronny was a drug dealer that got high off his own product. He was nothing but a coke head himself. When he met Veronica he turned her to the same thing. They would get high together and fight each other. Plus Ronny was abusive so the drugs only made it worst.

When Nana arrived at the corner store. Like always there were a group of guys standing around playing dice, smoking , and hollering at girls. She would just sit back and laugh because most of them didn't have a chance.
"Damn Nana why you playing girl? Let me change your life." Tony clowned. Tony was a boy who went to the same high school as Nana. He was tall and lightskin. He could dress too. But he was an asshole.
Nana ignored his comment like always and then walked in the store. When she got to the register she got the cigarettes , then went back home.

"Fuck you ! You out here fucking these young bitches!" Veronica yelled.
Ronny had been out all night and it was six in the morning and he was just now coming home. He was high and so was Veronica.
"Bitch I said I wasn't with no bitches!"
"You a fucking lying ass nigga."

Ronny didn't even repsond since he felt disrespected so within a quick second he slapped Veronica right across her face. She was a light brown complexion so she had his hand print on her face. She fell to the floor holding her face. Ronny walked away into the bedroom.

When Nana work up she was running a little late. She was finally almost out the door when her mother came out the room. She noticed her moms face had a bruise.
"I'm guessing he hit you again." Nana said under her breahte but high enough for her mother to hear her. While putting her books into her bag.
"Nana just mind your business. This has nothing to do with you. I'm a grown woman, I can handle myself."
"You're just sad." Nana was putting on her jacket.
"Excuse me what did you say?"
"I said you're sad. Its the truth you rather get high all day then take care of your daughter. You rather get beat on by a man that wants to fuck your daughter. Your just pitiful." Nana walked out the house before Veronica could respond.
Veronica stood there looking at the foor that had closed behind Nana. She knew Nana was right but she knew she wasn't leaving Ronny.

Meanwhile at school Nana was at the lunch table doing her homework for French class which she had next. When her bestfriend Tanya came and sat down at her table.
Tanya was a short pretty thick girl. She had a nice big botty that all the boys loved. She got around unlike Nana who was still a virgin. Tanya was the complete opposite of Nana. She wore high priced clothes and shoes. She didn't have money herself but she would get it from the dudes she would fuck with. She had a different dude a week. And each of them had money.
"Hey Girl. I didn't see you in first period, where you was at?" Tanya asked drinking her peach Snapple.
"I came late so I missed first period."
"Well you know Riyah right ?"
"Riyah from six street?"
"Yeah , she's having a birthday  party and I'm really trying to go but I don't want to go alone."
"I'm pretty sure you won't be for long knowing you."
"Whats that supposed to mean?"
"You always in some dudes face so I'm pretty sure you're gonna be with someone at the party and you won't be alone."
"Whatever, so your saying you don't want to go?"
"I'm not going sorry I dont really like her and I don't like parties."
"Pleaseeeee Bestie just this once?"
"Tanya no. So stop asking cuz its final."
" Whatever."
For the rest of the day Nana had to deal with aggravating boys fucking with her and girls saying smart shit out the side of their mouths. After school was over Nana walked home. While walking she ran into her neighbor Ms. Alexander.
"Hello Nana." Ms. Alexander waved.
"How was school."
"It was the same as always."
"Well I got a job for you if your willing to take the offer." Nana didn't even hesitate.
"Yeah I'm interested." Nana knew she needed the money. Her mother was taking care of her so she needed take whatever she could get and try to provide for herself."
"Well my daughter Ella opened her own hair shop and she needs a receptionist."
"Alright whats the pay looking like?"
"She said she would do nine an hour. Does that sound okay?"
Nana stood there thinking she was great with the nine an hour. As a matter of fact she was happy with anything rather than depending on her crack-head mother.
"I'll take it , when would I need to see her?"
"Well I told her about you and she said she would love to have you working for her. She said if you want the job to come by Monday after school and you can start then."
"Alright thanks I have your number so I'll call you after I'm done with homework for the address."
"Alright and have a blessed day."
Nana smile and continued to walk home. When she saw Ronny car was gone and she knew she had time to do her homework without his nasty ass staring down on her like a hawk.
When she got into the house she saw her mother laying across the couch all beat up with coke all on her nose and table.
"Mom ! Get up !" Nana yelled. It made her sick to her stomach seeing her mother doing the things she did. Veronica didn't do drug until Nana's father died. His death was how she met Ronny because  Nana's father and him was very close friends.
Coming back down to earth after zoning out she realized her mother was still laying there. She looked as if she was dead.
Nana dropped her bag and walked over to her mother's body slowly. 
It was clear that her mother wasn't responding. Nana just couldnt move she was just stuck.
A moment later Nana called the ambulance and they came to get her mother who still wasn't responding.
When they got to the hospital Nana sat in the room with her mother who laid there with her eyes closed and an ivy in her arm. Veronica had a concussion and she was high off a large amount of coke When the doctor told Nana the news about her mother she boiled inside.

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