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It had been a week since my Grand opening and I was loving life. I was growing in sales and I was extremely proud of myself. All my hard work was finally paying off. I hadn't heard from Semaj and I was actually not looking forward to ever hearing from him. Today was a big day for me. I was picking Cameron up from the airport. He was finally coming to stay in the city with me for the rest of my pregnancy I was happy and nothing could kill my joy. Well at least I thought. Then in walked in Tori.
"Hey Danny." Tori greeted as she gave Danny a hug Danny smiled at first.
"Hey my favorite Aunt. What brings you by the store?" Danny asked the million dollar question I was trying to figure out.
"I came to talk with Nana." She focused her attention on me and I instantly felt like it was about to be something big.
"Well come into my office so we can talk." I walked her to my office. She took a seat and I did too. Once seated we began.
"So..?" I said.
"Semaj told me everything." She started. "I'm not saying I agree with him but I'm just saying it's a lot that's happened."
"Look the truth is I'm having your son's baby. He knows that and I know that. Your son's problem is that he can't take responsibility for nothing, he can't and he won't. The fact that he is the main reason why this relationship failed. He caused the damaged that I can't repair. For him to disrespect me like that has me at a whole different level of done. Semaj will never get his shit together. I'm good with taking care of my child. I got support from
family and friends. Your son is who he is and that's what's going on." I explained. Tori nodded her head to assure me she was listening but I knew she wasn't even I understanding where I was coming from.
"Nana, Semaj is lost. He needs guidance. I tried to but our relationship is rocky sometimes too. I'm asking that you take that in and not give up on him."
"I'm done. Nothing anyone can say that can change how I feel."
"What about the baby?"
"What about it? He wants to ask for a DNA test like I'm the one creeping. Not that I have a problem with giving him one cause I don't. But he won't be allowed to disrespect me like I'm not one of the ones holding him down. When Trina left him to be a single dad  I held him close and catered to him. Now I'm a Bitch, hoe, slut and everything in the book?"
"So you are not worried on how the baby will be with the father side of the family?"
"If Semaj wants to be a dead beat then that's his business. I refuse to sit here and beg a man to take care of his kid."
"Well I really don't know what else there is to do."
"Not to be rude, but what was the reason for coming here? Did you think you coming here was gonna put us back together?"
"Hoping for a resolution."
"I'm going to set this straight Semaj is a wrap for me. If he wants to be a man and finally come around for our child then I'll be happy with that. But a relationship isn't what I want from him. Simple so have whatever conversation you need to have with him but make sure you make that right there very clear to him."
"Okay understandable."
"Okay well if you don't mind I have a few things I need to do so let me walk you out so I can't get going."
I walked Tori out and then drove to the airport. I was glad to finally see Cameron's after only being apart for a week. I was sitting by my car wait for him to walk out. When I seen his tall sexy ass I ran over to him hugging and kissing all over him. He smelled so good I couldn't let go. He held me tight and it made me feel safe and happy all at once. We eventually got in the car and pulled off.

"Damn you miss me that much baby girl?" Cameron's asked kissing me on my lips while I was driving.
"Yeah I missed you like crazy."
"How's business?"
"Business is good. Just moving at my own pace."
"I feel you. How's the bundle of joy?"
"The bundle of joy is great. I woke up today and saw my face breaking out bad so I didn't wear any makeup or anything but I don't know if it's the makeup or the pregnancy."
"You don't need that makeup anyways
You look good without it."
"Yeah whatever."
"I'm serious but where are you driving me to?"
"My house so you can unpack
And everything while I work at the store. I got business to handle so I can't sit and chat with you but I got you when I come home."
"Alright well if that's the case drop me off at the crib and I'll just catch the Uber to the dealer ship to pick up my car."
I did as requested. Once I dropped Cam off I went back to the store. I had a nice bunch of people shopping around the store while I was interviewing people and handling paper work. Once the place was closed . I had my workers clean and then I shut the place down and went home.

When I got him I saw that food was made. I couldn't believe that Cameron cooked me some food. I was so blessed to have him in my life.
"Hey my Queen." Cameron gave a nice warm hug me from the back and then kissed me on my cheek.
"Did you cook dinner?"
"Yeah I made you some fried chicken and yellow rice. Something simple for dinner."
"Awww well it's a really great meal. I love friend chicken."
"Yeah I know I had to make sure my baby was good."
"How was your day ? What you do while I was away?"
"I went to get my car then I went to my mom house. I then called my aunt who has my daughter."
"Oh yeah what happen to you bringing her I was hoping to meet her."
"My aunt is coming here tomorrow so she will be here tomorrow."
"I'm excited."
"Yeah you can have some practice for the new baby."
"Yeah well I'm looking forward to it."
"How rude of me ? How was your day?"
"It was okay. Semaj's mother came by the store to talk with me to about Semaj and the baby."
"How did that conversation go?"
"It went the same. I told her Semaj and me don't have a chance ever again. Semaj has disrespected me and treated me like shit. I told her that he can be a father but it's never gonna happen."
"Baby just don't even work yourself up about that shit no more . You got me I'm gonna make sure the baby and you are good."
"I know and I'm so thankful for that."

After dinner Cameron's have a nice bubble bath and a full body message and cuddled me to sleep."


For the next three weeks I did pretty much of the same. With Cameron's daughter with us on a daily. It was like a nice little family. My baby bump was showing on my little petite body. I was happy with everything and how it was going for me ? I still hadn't heard from Semaj or Tori during that time. I wasn't even worried. I knew my baby was gonna be good.

"Hey Mom." I kissed my mom on her cheek. It was the big day I couldn't wait to see. My mom was having a Graduation Ceremony. She was finally sober and she looked great. Like her past good self. I couldn't have been more happy. While at the ceremony my dad was present but I couldn't bare to look his way. I was still upset with my dad and I hadn't talk to him since the Grand Opening. I had heard my mom tell me that my dad dropped the job with Semaj to not lose his relationship with his daughter again. But honestly the damage was already done.

Once everything was over My mom was finally free to go. She was happy and filled with so much joy. I was just blown away about it and it made me happy as well. I wanted my mom to stay with me in my house so I drove her to my house. Cameron was there cooking and having some time alone with his daughter.
"Well it's a pleasure to finally meet the man that snatched my daughter off her feet." My mom said. We both giggled.
"I really like him he has a lot of respect for women like a real man." Mister said. I was instantly anger that he had the nerve to speak on my relationship like I ever asked for opinion.  But my mom wanted to invite my dad over too. So I let him come with us to my house.

"Nana can I talk to you?" Mister asked
Low key tapping my arm to get my attention from everyone else.
"About what? Once again how you made a choice to put your family in a bad place and I figured you would know that since the same shit happened last time. Some shit like that happens that means don't do it again. But you did. I babe nothing to talk about." I got up and walked away to the kitchen to get something to eat.

It made me sad that I was fussing with my dad but it was something I didn't ask to do. It just came out the blue . But I was just more worried about the good things like the fact that my mother wa finally sober again. So it was time to make the best moments of the time being.

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