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I walk down the streets of Harlem trying to stay lowkey from those who I know and still handle business. Then I came arcoss a lady who looked familiar. She was all beat up and she had her hair all over the place. She had on dirty clothes and you tell that she was doing some type of drug. As I looked closer and closer I noticed immediately who it was. Veronica.

I walked over to her sitting on the bench scratching and sat down next to her. Not saying anything. Honestly not knowing what to say.

"Hey V." I said. She rose her head and looked at me. She couldn't recongize me maybe because of my new hair cut or maybe the tattoos.
"Who you nigga and how you know me?
"Its me."
She took a closer look before saying anything else.
"Yeah don't tell anyone that you saw me either. But what happened to you?"
"Is it really you? I thought you were dead. What you mean what happened? You happened you did this to me and Nana. Where have you been this whole time ? We thought you were dead."

"Look I can't explain that to you right now but I love y'all and I'll see you guys soon." I got up and walked away. I got in my car that parked in a alleyway and drove off.

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