Forty- five

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This that nigga right there." I pointed to a group of dudes leaving the club. It was Maniac and I out collecting debt. It was time that niggas pay for the shit they did. I had my eye on one dude named Chris aka Mulla.
"So what we doing?"
"We are going to collect either he pay or we have no choice but to lay his ass down."
"Bet. What the plan?"
"Well he going in the club so let's get in there and see what's going on."
"He owes us and now we gonna go get what's ours?"
"Exactly he's taking out of my kids mouths and I can't let that happen."
"Let's get this money."
We both got out the car and walked in the club behind Mulla. It was time that he paid his debt.
When we got in the club we got in our section like always then we enjoyed a few drinks and lap dances until I began to feel a little buzz. I began to walk over to Mulla and soon Maniac followed.
When I arrived at Mulla's section he was in the middle of a dance but I wasn't beat for that shit.
"Yo Mulla where my money at?" I asked.
"Nigga I know you didn't come over here while I'm enjoying myself with my boys and question me."
"I did and now what? You not like that Mulla so stop putting on this front for your little friends and these bitches."
"Look I don't owe you shit. If I feel like giving you the money I will until then go do whatever it is that you do." Mulla laughed and so did his friends. I was stuck standing there boiling not knowing if I should just kill him here for disrespecting me. I was embarrassed and ready to go off.
"Nigga I'm the boss you just some chump change worker. Don't front for these hoes when I've been the one supplying you the work to feed your kids nigga. With everything that I did for you I don't understand why you want to go to war with me but I advise you come up off some bread right now or I'll give your family a reason to dress in all black bitch."
"Oh really and what about Nana. Her young fine ass still around I might have to let her suck me dry I heard she does that very well. It's a shame how Ty had both of you're baby mother's."
I launched over to him grabbing him the collar on his shirt. I wasn't about to let some clown ass worker disrespect my family.
"Nigga I'll kil you don't ever bring up my Baby mother's or anything about my family."
"I do what I want so now what pussy?"
I quickly dropped him and then began to walk away. Then I heard a guy say " He got a gun!"
I turned to see Mulla with a gun pointed at my direction I quickly reached for my gun them shot one time
"Pow!" Then Maniac fired two. "Pow!Pow!"
Everyone was rushing to exit the club. I continuing to let if shots and so did Maniac we finally made our way to the exit and then Maniac fired off a couple shot then I saw a young girl fall. She couldn't of been no older than eighteen. Mulla had gotten away but I couldn't take my eyes off the girl laying on the floor. Maniac rushed over to her body. She bled to death in his arms I felt bad that her life was taken from what we we did. Then I saw Maniac break down and cry. I never seen Maniac like this so I knew something was wrong. I grabbed him off the floor with the dead body and I rushed to get him home. The ride to his house was silent but the silence said a million words. Maniac was really hurt and all this time I thought he was heartless but he had a heart all along.
When I pulled up to his house he looked down at this clothes covered in blood and then looked at me.
"You Alright?" I asked.
"I don't know what came over me but I feel like if that girl was one of my kids that it would be a different story. I was careless I shot my gun without looking and I hit a innocent girl." Maniac finally spoke.
"Maniac you are not the only to blame for this I played a part in it and so did Mulla. If he would I never stated shooting we would of had to retaliate."
"I hear you."
"Look go in the house get cleaned up and clear your head don't let this shit get to you bro we good and yeah she lost her life but it wasn't on purpose."
"Okay." Manaic got out the car and began walking to his door I pulled off to rush home and get cleaned up. I knew tonight was going to not end here for us.
The next morning I woke up to a missed call from one of my workers Shawn. I called him back.
"Yo?" I answered.
"Yo wassup bro?" Shawn replied.
"Nothing chilling but wassup something went bad with them drop offs?"
"Nah bro everything went good. I'll come drop the money off to you later after I drop my daughter off with her mother. But I got someone that wants to speak with you."
"Nana's father."
"Mister? What he want to speak with me for?"
"He want to get down with your team. He said he needs money and I told him you would be the one to give him a job."
"Well when you come by my crib to drop the bread off bring him with you and we'll see what it is then."
"Bet see you then bro."

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