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Sitting here on my phone texting Nana but still not getting a reply I was starting to get irritated. I didn't know if she was ignoring me on purpose or whether something was wrong.

So I decided to call up Maniac. When he picked up after the second ring I began.

"Wassup bro how the trip?" Maniac said.
"The trip isn't why I'm calling you. "
"So wassup something wrong?"
"Well I don't know. So it's been three days since I last talked to Nana and you know she pregnant so I need you to go by the house to check on her and hit back after." I explained.
"I gotchu I'll head over there now."
"Alright thanks bro."
After I hung up with Maniac I waiting for my new drug connect to come meet me. I was a little irritaged with this new plug already because he was running late. One thing I hated was people being late. If I say a time you should be early or on time , lateness isn't an option.

Finally I see a red Audi pull up to the restaurant where I had been waiting. I finally was face to face with my future connect.

He was tall and he was some papi dude. I could see that he sort or legit but it was time to get down to business.

"So you must be Semaj." The guy said shaking my hand then taking a seat.
"I don't usually do business with late people." I replied.
"Well I apologize for my lateness something urgent came up."
"It's cool but I see you reach out to me so I came to see if you was legit." I explained.

I got a random message sent to while I was the club one night. This guy gave me a mailed letter reaching out to me to do business with me. That person was Trillz. Trillz was half black and half Cuban. He had been in the game a little longer than me only cause Trillz picked up the game when his father died when he was only eight years old.

"Look I knew you when we was kids and I know you didn't have easy just like."
"That's was true but why did you want to make money with me?"
"I see you turned your whole life around and I see you doing big things. I want us to do big things together as the motherfuckers who have the key to the streets"
"It sounds like a good idea buy how do I know you are a legit profit or am I just wasting my time?"

"Bro I'm only trying to make money and live life care free. I know you would be a great business partner for that. So can we make that happen"?
"I'm down."
"Good I will agree to supply the resources for you and your team if you agree to helping me take over the real estate industry."
"Sounds like a plan."
"I'll hit my boy once I leave you and I'll have everything to you in two days max. I'll be making a trip to NYC. In a week so that we can make things happen."
"Sounds fair it was nice having this meeting but I have another business meeting to be at so make sure you stay in contact."

I was glad that I walked out with a good deal. That made me feel little bit less on the edge. But the only thing I was worried for was Nana. It had been a while since Maniac told me anything about Nana.

I got in my car and hurried back to my hotel. Once I was in I called Nana's cell a few times still no answer. I was beginning to paniac.

I began to pack up my things so I can hurry to catch the the next flight home. I was praying to God that everything was okay because I had feeling it wasn't. While driving to the airport to drop the car off at the Rental and go catch a flight home , Maniac called.
I wasted no time to answer.
"Yo bro tell me everything is okay."
"Well something looks a little off but it oddly looks like nothing."
"What the fuck does that mean?"
"Nana isn't here."
"WHAT YOU MEAN SHE ISNT THERE!" I yelled in the phone. My heart was beating so fast and so hard that it could of killed me.
"The house is cleaned like Nana always would keep it. She clearly made something to eat before she left. She got her phone and everything she changed her bag so clearly she just went out. But it looks like she has been here in a while. So I don't know but nothing seems out of the normal here."
"I'll be that soon. Just keep your eye out for anything remember she is pregnant."
"I gotchu bro."

I was starting to freak out because I just can't imagine living without Nana. She really is my world. I needed to hurry and find her which meant I needed to hurry and get home.

After a few hours went past I finally touched back in the NY. I picked up my car that I left at the airport. I didn't drive home first I drove to my mother's to check on Prince.

"Mom!" I shouted running in the house scaring Danny and Issac.
"Yo bro what happened? Is everything okay?" Issac asked.
"Not really where is Mom?"
"She is in the kitchen." Danny replied.
Then my mother entered the living room.

"What's wrong Semaj?" My mother dried her hands on the hand towel.
"Nana is missing and I have a bad feeling and I'm losing my mind." I explained.
"I don't think she is missing. Maybe she ran off with your money and left without sayin a thing." Danny suggested but I knew she was only being funny.
"Danny this isn't the time for your bullshit. She is pregnant and she wouldn't just up and leave like that. She wouldnt."
"Son calm down and breathe. Look maybe she stepped out for bit."
"Mom I've called her and texted her over a thousand times. Nana has her phone in her hands at all times so I know she would of replied by now. She isn't home that I know cause I sent Maniac to see if she was. I didn't go there because if something did happend to her it would be me next so I'm not going home for bit. I'm gonna stay in a hotel to keep everyone around me safe until I figure out what's going on. I'll check on Prince daily I came here to see him."
"Well he's upstairs sleep. I need you to calm down before you do anything crazy."
"If I find out something bad happened to Nana I will drop everybody in the city."

Everyone tried to talk me into calming down but after I kissed sleeping Prince. I went to check into a local hotel. Then I called for Maniac and Tyrome to come to my room to talk.

When a knock came to my door I rushes to open it only to see Manaic , Tyrome and Marco. I didn't tell him to come so I was wondering why he was here?

"Come in and what is he doing here?" I asked.
"I already had him with me and I thought it was time y'all talk this shit out." Tyrome explains.

"Why you acting like that bro?" Marco asked.

"Look Nana is missing and this is the wrong time to fix what we had. I want to find her before anything else goes down. I think she was taken and she didn't just leave. I need y'all to help me bring her home."
"Bro how long she been missing?" Marco asked.
"A couple of days."
"What do we know?
"Nothing really she left the house without a struggle which says that maybe she knew who it was." Maniac said making a point. That actually helped me to know who to look for.
"That's a good assumption." Tyrome said.
"Look you should go ask her friends all around if they seen or heard from her and maybe you can find out something else you don't know." Marco suggested.

"I will but. I need y'all to keep y'all eyes and ears open for anything."
"We gotchu Nana coming him soon so don't trip." Maniac replied.

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