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Can't believe this nigga. I just couldn't. I was pissed when I heard Maniac tell me about Nana being raped by Tyreek. That nigga really did 2dome nasty shit like that? I was ready to blow his head off about that shit but I had to see my baby girl before anything.
When I pulled up to Lala's house I hopped out and walked to the door. After a few knocks Lala opend the door.
"What you doing here?" Lala asked with her arms crossed.
"Here to check on Nana. Is she here?"
"Yeah she here but she doesn't need you here putting more stress on her."
"Look I love that girl I'm only here to see if she's good."
After I said that I seen Nana coming down stairs. She looked like she had a lot on her mind. I just couldn't help but say that I miss her. I just wanted to hug and kiss her and tell her everything was going to be okay.
"Hey Nana this man wants to talk to you." Lala said before walking upstairs. I was standing there looking at Nana before she said a word.
"What you want to talk about with me? Don't you got a little girlfriend?"
She had her arms crossed over her chest it made me want to just kiss and hug her.
We talked for a bit and then I drove her to school. I talked her into going to Miami. I knew she needed a getaway and I knew I had business to handle. I needed my babygirl back and I needed her now.

After dropping off Nana I went to Ty's house cause I told everyone to meet me there. I had to handle Tyreek before I head out to Miami.
When I got there we all sat in the lvingroom smoking and talking about just regular shit.
"Yo Maj , what you call us all her for? I got a little shorty I'm trying to chill with so what's up?" Baby asked passing the blunt he took a pull from to Ty.
"I got a job that needs to be done Asap." I replied.
"What you need done?" Asked Maniac.
"I need y'all to find that nigga Tyreek and bring ass to me. It better be breathing. I want him alive so I can watch his ass die. He did some foul shit and I'm not about to let him walk on this earth after that. That's on my life." I was getting more mad talking about it outloud to everyone. I could easily get that nigga myself but I know my niggas could get him and give me time to get things ready for Miami.

"Look we got you. But how is Nana holding up?" Ty replied passing me the blunt. I took a pull before I replied.
"She strong but she hurting who wouldn't. But I'm gonna make sure she feels better."
"Well we gonna handle this and we will hit you when the shit is done."
"Alright that's what I like to hear."
I passed the blunt to Maniac then stood up and gathered my phone and keys.

After I left chilling with the guys I called Nana.
"Hello?" She answered
"What you doing?"
"Laying down doing homework."
"Be ready in ten minutes I'm taking you to get food."
I ended the call then drove to Lala's house. Nana came out in her sweat suit. She had the same clothes from earlier. Her messy bun was making her look sexy. She had her own natural beauty.
"So where are we going?" She asked buckling her seat buckle.
"Where ever you want to go."
"I want some Chinese."
"Alright you got it baby girl."
When we finally got some Chinese we decided to eat in the car.
"Baby girl are you okay?" I asked looking at her play with the rice.
"I don't know Semaj. Like I really don't know. I never thought after Ronny that it would happen again." She replied not even making eye contact with me.
I was like a bomb ready to explode. I was livid. My baby girl was really hurting and it was up to me make sure it never would happen again.

"Baby Girl I swear on my son that nigga gonna get what's coming to him. I ain't about to let nothing happen to you."
"Semaj I really miss you."
"I miss you too baby girl."
"Can I stay with you for tonight?"
"You know you don't have to ask."

After we ate our food we drove to my crib. Nana still had some of her things there so she took a shower while she was in the shower I decided to call up a few friends to find this nigga Ronny.
I ended up telling niggas to hit me back when they got something.

I laid in the bed cuddled up with Nana watching love and basketball , it was her favorite movie.
"Semaj I really miss this. I miss us being together."
"Yeah me too. Did you talk to your boss?"
"Yeah she said I can take some time off to get things together."
"Alright I'm gonna give You my card you can go shopping for the trip buy whatever you want and need for Miami."
"Alright but I dont need your money."
"I know but I still want you to have it."
Then in the middle of the movie my phone started ringing. It was Baby.
"Wassup bro?" I asked sitting up. Trying not to wake Nana who was sound asleep.
"I got info on your boy Ronny he at Club Diamond right now with a couple of his friends."
"Alright thanks I'll handle it. I'm on my way over there right now."
"Alright bet."
After I ended the phone call I got dress in my all black sweat suit with my black timberland boots.
I saw Nana was still sleep so just left out hoping to be back before she woke.

When I pulled up to Club Diamond I walked in and straight to the bar to my favorite bartender Crystal.
"Wassup Semaj?" Crystal asked wiping the bar.
"I'm looking for someone."
"Who? I know everyone in this bitch."
"Oh he over there with his guys with the blue botton up. Why you looking for him? He a crazy ass nigga forreal."
"I'm crazier and he did some grimmey shit and thanks."
I walked around making my way over to Ronny when it hit me that I couldn't do him right here because it was too many people. I got a white big booty stripper to go over and get him to go up to a private room.

Once I saw her take him up to the room I followed. I was ready to make that nigga pay.

"I'm gonna do some nasty things to you baby girl." I heard Ronny say to the little white bitch. I stepped in and closed the door.

"I came to have a talk with you."
"This can't wait until I get my nut off?"
I pulled out my gun and aimed it at his head.
"No this can't. Now I'm hearing that you like raping little girls. I ain't with that shit. It's nasty and you dirty."
"Oh wow." He laughed.
"What the fuck is funny?"
"You. I know exactly what you talking about. And I know that bitch Nana has to tell you that bullshit. I never touched her." He lied.
" I believe her and I knew you would lie. So with that being said is there anything else you want to get off your chest?"
"Nigga you ain't gonna kill me and get away with it."
"Watch me." I fired one shot to his genital area causing him to fall to the floor holding himself while the stirpper screamed her ass off.
I walked over to him and emptied the clip on him. I stood over his dead body for a few seconds then I walked over to the stripper. I shot her once in the head. She died instantly. I couldn't leave a witness.
I drove home by the time I got home it was three in the morning.when I got upstairs I seen Nana sitting on the edge of the bed.
"Where are you coming from? Out with that bitch from the mall?" Nana asked walking over to me.
"Nana chill it was some business I had to handle. Lets go back to bed."
"Semaj I'm deadass not about to deal with your old ways anymore."
"Nana You don't have to because I'm not doing anything. I swear."
We got in bed together and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I dropped Nana off at Lala's house so she can go to school. Then I went to the block. When I got there I seen my boys all playing dice and chilling.
"Yo!" I shouted and everyone turned to greet me. I didn't know why but being around my boys made me feel loved. After chilling with them I got a call from Crystal.
"Yo wassup Crystal?"
"I heard from Baby that you looking for that nigga Tyreek. And I know what he did to Nana so I thought you should know that my cousin and him are cool people. So my cousin throwing a party and I know he'll be there."
"Alright thanks."
"No problem."
I hung up the call and called up all my boys. I told them to meet me at the trap. When I got there they were all out front.
"Wassup man?" Ty asked.
"Well I got a location my target , Tyreek."
"Oh word where?" Baby asked.
"Crystal told me you told her I was looking for him and she called me and told me he'll be at her cousin's party. It's y'all job to find him there and bring him to me."
"Okay we got you." Maniac said.

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