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I am was OFFICIALLY done with Nana. It was nothing left for us. After hearing that she doesn't trust me has me thinking about where our relationship stands. I know it's all
my fault why things are this way ,but all I ever wanted was a family and to spend the rest of my life with. Many things were just not that simple. I called over Trina to talk about somethings.
"Hey why do you want me to stop by." Trina asked , taking a seat on the couch. She had her work uniform one, so she must of just got off work.
"I wanted to talk about the other day."
"Semaj I'm cool. It was just a little mistake."
"I don't want things to be awkward between us."
"Your the only one making it awkward."
"Well Nana and Danny knows."
"Danny just assumed and the told Nana. I keep telling them it didn't happen but they won't believe me."
"Cuz it did happen."
"Look I don't want to be rude but if you are just honest people wouldn't be so hurt about the things you do. Just be upfront and tell her that you are not the cuffing type. Also tell her you fucked your baby mother and it's nothing you can do about it now. Everyone will be less mad about it if you were just honest about your bullshit."
"I guess if you say so."
"That attitude isn't gonna change shit."
"So now you know everything?
"Never said that."
"That's what you showing."
"Whatever. Can I say something?"
"As long as it doesn't make me more mad."
"Your dick got a little bigger." She laughed. I couldn't help but laugh too.
"Whatever girl I'm not playing with you."
"I guess that's why Nana can't stop fucking with you."
"I was been laying pipe like that back when we made Prince."
"I hear you."
"Whatever So your birthday is coming up in like three days is there something you want to do?"
"Not really I just want to chill. Not really excited about my birthday,"
"Well I got you something."
"Yeah but that's not all that I'm going to do for your birthday."
"Why are you insisting that I enjoy my birthday?"
"Everyone deserves a little fun."
"Well thanks for everything."
We both fell into a deep silent stare neither one us made a move until I just leaned in for a kiss. Trina met me half way. She then jumped on to my lap kissing me deeper. It was just then we both started undressing each other. Then Trina went for my dick as she slid it in her wetness and I fell weak. I really loved how her pussy felt. Her pussy soaked my dick as she grinds up and down slowly. Then when I happened to look up we both were eyes locked. I for once felt just the most love for Trina in a long time, I actually for once didn't have Nana on my mind. I was fully opened to Trina.
"Damn Girl!" I cuffed her ass in my two big hands and moved her up and down my dick faster and harder. Her legs began to shake as she had started squirt on my lower body. The sex was damn too good.
After our sex session we showered together then we both got dress and I then left. I wasn't trying to be back with Trina and I wasn't trying to give her that vibe.

When I left Trina I drove home and got comfortable and then order some Chinese for dinner. I knew I was putting myself in some deep situations but at this point I was too deep into shit, it would be impossible to clear all this shit up. So it would be better for me to sit back and think about what I really wanted before I made any moves. I had two women who I was stuck in between and it was time I made a choice .FAST!

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