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It's been a while since I had any contact to the outside world. So far it was going good for my relationship with Nana. We are closer and we both spend lots of time together. I can't say that for her relationship with her father.

"You can't be angry with her. Look at what she had been through?" I explained.
"Baby I understand why she is mad. I'm just saying she shouldn't be but what am I supposed to do as a man when I can't provide for my family. I was wrong for what I did but I still have to hustle to survive. Just cause that Nigga dead don't mean it's easy for me. I need Nana to understand that." Mister was hurting that Nana wasn't speaking with him.
"Baby just be her dad from a distance until she is really ready. Stay away from her house stuff like that so she won't get pissed off with you."
"Okay. I'll just give her space."
"Great. I still do want you to come to the gender reveal though."
"I will be there my love."
Then Mister gave me this look. Now this look would of made any woman drop her panties. Mister had a fresh hair cut so he was looking extra handsome.
"What you lookin at?"
"Whatever I want , cause these are my eyes. What you gonna do?
"Come over here and let me show you."
I walked over to him. He kissed me from my lips to my neck. That was spot and it drove me crazy. I couldn't resist. From there we took things to the bedroom. Mister pleased me for hours. We were older adults that made love like two teens.

The next morning I started my first day work. I was excited it had been minute since I had job and I happy I was getting back to the old me.

"Hey Veronica I was told you are great with people so I'll have you at the register taking orders. I'll have Niki train you today." Ms.Coleman my boss explained.
"Okay cool. I really appreciate everything that's given to me. Not many people would of gave me a chance. I won't let you down." I shook her hand with a smile.
"I will have your back if you have mine. I just ask for respect and effort."
"I got you."

Work was decent for my first day. I met a new friend Niki. She was funny and cool so we exchanged numbers and said we would hangout sometime. I was happy when I got to the house I seen Nana and Cam cooking dinner together.

"Hey mom how was work?" Nana asked.
"It was good. I got a new friend , her name is Niki. I really like her."
"That's good we're cooking dinner you hungry?"
"Yeah I'll go shower and come join y'all for dinner."

"After my shower I came downstairs and saw Cameron feeding Amelia. Nana was too busy stuffing her face. I just laughed.
"You guys were meant for each other. You guys look like the perfect family eating together." I laughed. Then they did too.
"Mom I'm so excited for the gender reveal. I can't wait to see what it is." Nana took a drink from her glass of water and began to talk.
"I am so excited too. I know you are gonna be happy with whatever GOD gives you."
"Yeah I will." She smiled.
"Well I was thinking of some names. Do y'all want to hear some of my ideas? Cam asked.
"Sure." I said.
"Okay for a girl Amanda or Malayah. For a boy Legend or King."
"I love King and Malayah. Baby those are some some good ones."
"Yeah I agree. What you think you want to name the baby Nana?"
"Well for a girl I hoping something like Lyric or Harmony or maybe even Miracle. For a boy I was thinking Jordan , Alexander or June."
"Why June?" Cameron asked.
"Well I think June is a cute name , you don't?"
"No just never thought you would pick June as a name."
"Me neither."
We discussed the baby more during dinner after dinner I went to bed for work in the morning. With everything going great with my family sort of so I was just hoping it can stay this way for the sake of my grandchild's health.

I spent days out the week planning the baby's gender reveal. I was so proud to be a grandmother. I called Tori to have lunch to talk about the planning. Also we were becoming really cool friends and it was great to have her around.

"So Semaj told me they talked and things are looking brighter for them as far as co-parenting." Tori smiled really big after she said that.
"That's great."
"So how's things with Nana and her dad?"
"Things are still rough but they will heal over time."
"I think it was nothing wrong with Semaj helping her father."
"It's about him bringing his family misery from the same things in the past and then falling back into that life again its cutting his family deeper."
"Damn never thought of it like that."
"Yeah clearly he wasn't either."

It made me furious to see my the two most important people fighting right now and it tore me apart. I knew Nana had a huge point. Mister left his family the first time
Doing the same stupid things. Now he's back after the terrible storm and I he's clearly still acting like the irresponsible man from before.

"Well Mister seems like a he loves his family but he just has problems with making mistakes."
"His mistakes in the past lead to
My drug addiction and his best friend beating me and taking my daughter away from me. Those are  the things we had to go through because of his mistakes."
"Wow I can't believe you guys went though that. Things were crazy."
"Yeah and Mister just doesn't know see how hard it really was for us when he was gone."


After lunch with Tori I went to Mister's. With our daughter still not speaking to him it was breaking our family apart. But when I got to the house I was blown away like no other. Mister had rose pedals all throughout the house laid on the floor. He had a huge flower basket on the table along with other gifts. Then I caught this aroma from the kitchen , he had even cooked. I was so surprise on what I walked in on that I didn't know what to say.
"Didn't think you would've home for like another hour so I am still preparing  the mood for my big surprise." Mister said holding a spooon in one hand and hold the pot handle with the other. He was stirring some shrimp Alfredo. My favorite.
"Mister What is all this?" I asked still so puzzled.
"I got a big surprise for you tonight. But first we are gonna have dinner then take the time to enjoy each other's time.
"Wow all this for me?"
"Yeah and not just for you for us."
"Awww this is all so sweet."
"Great dinner is ready and the table is set so let take a seat and enjoy."

During dinner we laughed and talked.
"Baby this is too romantic so say what you got under your sleeve ?" I asked. He then replied with a charming smile.
"Baby I know you and I been through a lot apart and together and I know I never had no one who loved me as much as you did. I gave up our family for the streets and that was one of my biggest mistakes that I have to live with for the rest of my life. I know it's ruff between Nalaysia and I but I'll get things right. I love her and you more than anything in this world."
Mister explained.
"I know baby."
Suddenly Mistwr gets down on one knee in front of me at the dinner table. I cover my face that held all my  tears. But I couldn't believe that Mister was popping the big question and my heart was racing. My body was numb.
"Veronica no one has ever been there for me ride or die like you have. You gave me one of the best things in this world my daughter and maybe even more to come. I want to live on forever and I want to live my life with you forever. Veronica baby will you marry me ?" Mister opens this box and it held a French -set Diamond 1 carat radiant Lab diamond ring.
"Oh my God ! Yes! Yes!" Mister slid the ring on my finger and I kissed him deeply. I was so happy.
"I've been waiting to come home to make you my wife. I'm happy you said yes." Mister kissed and hugged me.
"Baby I love you but if we are going to get married Nana and you need to fix this."
"Baby I will but I'm glad I got you by my side."
"Me too." We kissed again and held each other.

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