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When I wake I hear my phone ringing I looked to see the caller ID said Monty.
Monty was a Dominican drug Lord. He was my major connect in Miami. I saw Nana still sound asleep so I took the phone call to the bathroom.
"Hello?" I answered.
"I got that package for you and you should come to check it
" Monty replied.
"Alright I'll be there in a hour."

I ended the call amd turned on the showered. I made sure the water was just how I like it and then I stepped in. While washing with soap all over my body I felt hands touch my waist from behind.
I turned to see Nana. She was looking so fucking good. Her tities we're sitting up all on they're own. She had a tattoo of a heart in between her two breast. I guess it was something new cause she didn't have it before we broke up. I leaned in to kiss her then I gripped her ass in my hands.

It had been a minute since I touched on Nana like that.
"Good morning daddy." She said looking up at me.
"Good morning baby girl."
"Where you going?"
"I got some business to handle I'll be back."
"I really love you baby and I need you to be safe."
"I love you too and I'm good."
"I know. Can I get some before you leave?"
"You know you can." I kissed her soft lips once again before sliding inside her wetness.
"Fuck!" Nana moaned bitting on her lip.
"I miss this pussy." I whispered in her ear as I slowly grinded in her pussy.
"She misses you too Daddy."


After our amazing shower sex Nana laid across the bed fully naked rolling a blunt.
"Nana put some clothes on damn." I said grabbing my phone and keys.
"No I'm comfortable."
"You make nigga not want to leave."
"Then don't."
"You know I got to go make this money."

After I kissed her goodbye I left out. I made my way over to Monty. When I arrived at the location I seen Monty standing with his two bodyguards one on each side of him. Monty didn't look to happy to see me.

"Monty." I said going for a handshake but Monty didn't budge. I backed up instantly.
"I got word that my money didn't come through. I have been doing business with you for years and I trust you but I don't trust nobody. If I don't get my money on time then we got problems." Monty started. "So tell me what's going on and why I ain't get my money?"
I stood there shock. Monty and I came up with a system and that am was I would pay him weekly to front me work. My team would help move the wieght and everybody gets their share. I was confused for how Monty didn't get paid I made sure that the money got sent off by Baby.
"Well I sent one of my top workers like always to make the drop I wasn't aware that you hadn't got paid. I can make sure to have your money in cash tonight if you are alright with that."
"Someone who works for you took what should of been in my hands. I feel disrepected so here is what's going to happen I'm not fronting you no more work until you can find the snake that crossed us."
"You got it."
"Semaj you know I repect you and I do appreciate the work you put in but someone on your team is a snake and you need to get rid of them."
"I know."
Someone in my team was doing some foul shit and it was a tearing down my business relationship with Monty. I needed to work fast or shit was gonna get deep.

When I got back to the room Nana was in the bed watching a movie. I got undress then slid in the bed with her.
"Hey Daddy I missed you."
"I miss you too." I said kissing her softly.
"What's wrong?"
"Why does something have to ve wrong?"
"I can see something is bothering you."
"Its just work. But I don't want to talk about that I want to focus on you."


Our trip went well. We did some shopping together. We enjoyed different restaurants we went sight in seeing. Nana and I was offically back to a good place. Now that I had one problem it was time to figure out my team.

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