PROJECT PRINCESSby So’Spicystories 💘📝
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Surviving The Hustle..{Lil Bibby Story} by NijahPoppin
Surviving The Hustle..{Lil Bibby K Swervo🤪🅿️💍🤞🏽
Javen has been hustling on her own since she was 13. She is now 20 and has a son named Camron. I'm not going to speak on what she does to get her money at the moment..bu...
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They Call Me lil Ghetto  by LashaHenderson
They Call Me lil Ghetto by Lasha Henderson
From having a brother that barley gives a fuck about you. To mama loving dope more then she loves her kids. A daddy that wish we ain't have the same blood running throug...
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When U Fight I Fight by lex6lex
When U Fight I Fightby Alexis Lisane
Niggas always fuckin over Keshia but what happens when one doesn't. Someone that actually wants to treat her right. What will happen will she gain everything just to los...
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His Match by reinac_
His Matchby Bratz Doll
Just read.
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PLANET QUINCY (Quincy Brown) by ovomoonstone
PLANET QUINCY (Quincy Brown)by 🍯
re·mem·brance /rəˈmembrəns/ noun the action of remembering something. "a flash of understanding or remembrance passed between them" You will remember her.. ___...
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Ambitions Of The Hustle by novelsbybcj
Ambitions Of The Hustleby bcj
(Book Two) Three years later and the On The Hustle characters are back. Read as bonds are tested, relationships form, rekindle and break, money corrupts and ambition suf...
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Hustle and Flow by KaylinJornae_
Hustle and Flowby kay j.
In life only time will tell what's meant to be, and who's supposed to be. His life and mine, where in a world full of everything, will soon collide. But when life gets i...
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See No Evil (BOOK ONE) by TwizzyTheeAuthor
See No Evil (BOOK ONE)by Twizzy
*PLEASE COMMENT AND VOTE* Forced into the game by his father, Sincere aka "Coke", had a different type of hunger for the hustle. He did what he had to do by an...
  • romane
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Hustle Project(Slow updates) by QueenHonest
Hustle Project(Slow updates)by ❤️KraveIT🤤💖
Tacoya is a 23 year old women Hustling to make it out in them projects she workin with on the drug business but when Kvng start working for her they start to mess around...
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My La Yeahh (QuincyCombs story)(Quincy brown) by Lanae_143
My La Yeahh (QuincyCombs story)( Lanae_143
18 year old Ava Amyri Cole is an up coming singer/model. After years of doing covers she's finally getting signed to bad boy records... She has the most biggest thing fo...
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Hush by trillxmerp
Hushby trillxmerp
Many mistake Xander Perez for one his sisters he wishes to be moved from the shadows of his overprotective siblings even though his many fears and childhood trauma preve...
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NYC by Clarencenyc_
NYCby Clarence White
New York, the big apple, broadway , this is what you think about when people say the words new york right? Wrong. What about the gangs, the prostitution, the drug lords...
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Typical Girl by _persiangoddess
Typical Girlby Misunderstood
17 year old Trinity Davis has no choice but to face reality sooner than she expected. Seeing as though her mother drug addiction was getting worse by the day . Her fa...
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Au delà de nos peines by alphy_mimi
Au delà de nos peinesby alphy_mimi
Après avoir passé six horribles années loin de chez elle, Yvana fuyant son bourreau miss Cho, va retourner à New York auprès de ses parents. Elle ne s'attend pourtant pa...
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Thug's Boo by KashDiva
Thug's Booby Cior 💅🏾
"Pretty bitch & a hood nigga in love, isn't that the way it's supposed to be?" Just a typical hood love story Marquise-22 Dior- 20 Vote & Comment 💋
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Remember What You Stand For by LayjahLovely
Remember What You Stand Forby 'LayBae💜
This is the story of Deka Chizoba. A young African girl that was sent away from Rwanda with her mother and two older brothers due to a civil war within her people. She...
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Gangsby NBA YoungGirl
It's about this girl name shamaiya devil who
  • gangs
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Waiting To Exhale  by BrewerNation
Waiting To Exhale by K.E. Brewer
Olivia has lived a tough life; her mother left her and her father is an alcoholic who takes great pleasure in beating her every time he thinks about her mother. Olivia w...
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The church girl who fell in love with a thug by myeisha100
The church girl who fell in love myeisha100
This story is about a church girl that is going to fall in love with a thug. She doesn't really trust him at first but she going to give him a chance and read to see if...
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