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I was trying to keep myself together but I couldn't believe I agreed to help Ty get revenge on Semaj for Baby. I honestly found myself in love Ty for some reason he was all I wanted. I knew that this would make me out to be a bad friend but I didn't care I wanted to be right by my man's side.

So far for a couple days we had been holding Nana captive to try and use her as bait to catch Semaj. I had been keeping my days a usual as possible so anything wouldn't seem so out of the ordinary.

Sitting on the couch with Sasha watching Tv. I get a knock at my door. I thought it was the pizza I ordered but when I opend the door it was Semaj standing at my door.

"What are you doing here?" I asked trying not to seem like I was hiding anything.
"Have You heard from Nana?" He asked.
"No every since y'all been together she has been in a whole new world."
"Well she's missing and I need you let me know if you see her."
"Okay." I closed the door.
I couldn't believe Semaj really came to my house to question me about Nana being missing.


Later on that day I stoopped by the trap house where Ty was with Nana. When I walked in Nana's face was all bloodied up and swollen. She looked awful.

"Ty what the fuck did You?" I asked but he didn't even budge.
"That bitch has too much mouth. I'm seconds away from killing her then going to look for Semaj myself.
"She's pregnant we said to use her as bait to catch Semaj not harm her."
"When I told you to put that pill in her drink you was harming her then."
"Ty Look at her face she looks bad. You really need to relax."

I was well aware of how Ty can get but seeing him treat Nana the way he did knowing she was pregnant it was making think twice about having anything to do with him.

"What you doing here anyways?" Ty asked.
"I came to tell you semaj came by my house."

"What the fuck did he come by for?"
"He wanted to know if I knew where she was."
"What did you say?"
"I said I didn't know where she was."
"Good he'll find out soon where she is and at that point I will make my move."

"Have you fed her today?"
"No. This so ain't a fucking hotel."
"She has to eat are you that fucking cold hearted?"
"Like I said this ain't no fucking hotel." Ty stormed out. I stood there for a bit then I followed.

When we got outside of the room Ty grabbed me by arm when I tried to walk past him.

"Ty let go of me I'm leaving." I said trying to pulling away.

"Look this my shit either you get down or stay from around. I don't need her getting comfortable with life if I plan on taking her out of it."

"I said let me go I'm not gonna say it again." This time Ty didn't even say a thing he dropped my arm then I walked out to my car. I drove home to get my mind right.

I knew I left Sasha with her dad so I had a little time to myself. So I decided to shower. I didn't like that Nana was being treated like shit by Ty. I hated that I got her invovled or that I even got involved.

After my nice long hot shower I went to make me something to eat. My hair was still a little damped. So knew I had to blow dry it after I was done. Then a knock came to my door.

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