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Every since Semaj and I have gotten back together things have been great between us two.We have better communication, which is great. I was in the kitchen preparing a nice dinner for Semaj and his family. I was supposed to meet his mom and family but I took on more hours at work and I had alot to do for prom and graduation so I decided to reschedule. I was nervous to meet his mom because I was unsure of what Danny had already told her.

"Baby it smells good in here." Semaj said wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Thank you baby I made your favorite tonight."
"I see and thank you."
"You're welcome."
"My mom is gonna love you."
"I hope so."
"Yeah she's bringing Prince back tonight too."

A hour went by before Semaj's family arrived. When I walked in the living room I saw Danny sitting with Prince on her lap.
"Oh yeah everyone this is Nana my girlfriend. Nana this is my mother Tori over there. This is my little brother Isaac and his girlfriend Kenndey. And you already know Danny." Semaj introduced.

At first I stood there in silence with a smile before I said anything.
"Well it's nice to meet all you. I cooked a great dinner so if you all are ready to eat then follow me." I said guiding everyone to dining room.

Once every took a seat I did the same. Once we said grace we began to dig in. As everyone was eating I knew this was the time for me to make an effort to speak to Semaj's mom.

"So mom how's the food?" I asked with a smile.
"Well you can call me Tori and it's okay it's a little over seasoned but it's decent." Tori said.
"Well okay." I felt a sharp pain hit my chest with every word she said. I felt so embarrassed and hurt when she completly shut me down.
"Mom chill out you not even trying to give her chance." Issac said.
"Boy you better watch what you say cuz your ass already on thin ice."
"She didn't say anything wrong, she's right the steak is salt as hell it's about to kill a bitch." Danny added.
"First off You weren't invited so you shouldn't have a thing to say." I snapped.
"Excuse why wouldn't she be invited she's family?" Tori asked.
"Well after all that's already happened with us I rather keep her away from me."
"Let me tell you something this is my son's house and his family no matter who they are is invited regardless. Don't think because your the new lady in his life that you can just bump people out of his life. Trust me you ain't the only lady in his life." Tori snapped.

Danny sat there giggle while Semaj's face was filled with so much anger.
"Ma really?" Semaj asked.
"Semaj I just had to let her know how things work over here."
"You know what your right she is family and now I'm his girlfriend I'm family too. I live here just like he does I spend money on this house just like he does I don't know what your issue is with me but I'm gonna be here reguardless of how you feel. I said what is said to Danny because of what we already had been through. I hope you guys enjoy dinner and it was nice meeting you guys but I'm gonna go take a drive." I got up from the table and went upstairs. Semaj followed.

"Nana you good?" Semaj asked grabbing me pulling into his arms.
"Your mother and Danny are working my last nerves already. I'm just gonna go take a drive I'll be back."
"Nana don't just walk out like that. It's gonna get rough but you can't just walk away."
"Semaj I didn't except this dinner to be treated like shit by your mother. Or Danny. I agreed to the dinner because I wanted to meet your family. But honeslty at this point I don't even care."
"Nana just calm down and come sit down next to me and just enjoy dinner."
"Fine I'll give this one more try."
"Okay thank you." Semaj kissed my lips then we walked down to dinner together.
" You good sis?" Isaac asked.
"Yeah I'm better just needed to take a breather." I replied.
"That's good."
"So you about to be a dad huh?" I asked.
Issac looked like a younger Semaj he had the same swag and everything. He just remined me of Semaj so much.
"How far along are you?" I asked his girlfriend.
"Four months." She replied rubbijg her growing belly.
"Congratulations you too. And I never got your name."
"Okay well I'm Nana."

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